Dreams about sex,kissing...yup part II

Part I

yeah it sucks for light sleepers, I’d recommend you didn’t try sex until you’ve got a little more control… makes for a nice waste of an LD.

I should follow my own advice, but I can’t. Sadly. But in your next lucid dream just try to stabilize it and control things (not potential sex partners mind you) to get the hang of everything. Then when you feel ready go for it. Just make sure everything is VERY clear and you’ve got less chance of waking up.[/url]

I never said leos were especially horny and prone to raping! I wouldn’t say that! I only said they have in their blood to be in charge, since leos make great leaders and love to be the boss in everything. That’s just typical for leos and I should know, I am one.
And I’ll have to disappoint you a bit: I’m not really into bdsm and stuff. I’m actually a really romantic person and even a bit shy sometimes. I just like to joke about things like that and then people too often take me too seriously. Besides it’s dreams we’re talking about, not RL.
And about cruelty towards cows… I don’t really care. I never liked cows.

I really would like to have bdsm LD’s… :wink:
What do cows have to do with this? I know some people call some women
cows, but that’s not nice, isn’t it?

As a light sleeper I can’t have LD sex either. I just wake up. I don’t get any IRL and don’t get in dreams. I just can’t win!

Well, if i’m lucky my ex-girlfriend and I sometimes get back together for a few weeks at a time, during which sex is great! Unfortunately I can never have Lucid dreams about sex! I wish I could, then I would be able to experiment more!


Learjet said…

:grrr: You’re not alone. IT SUCKS!!! :grrr:

infection0 said…

I honestly think lucid sex dreams are more trouble than their worth if that’s what you start with. Not only have most of my attempts at lucid sex failed, it seems now, a lot of the times lucid sex comes looking for me!When I realize I’m dreaming, there’s always a hot girl around, and WITHOUT even thinking about it I … you know. Sometimes it’s like I can’t even control myself, I am just automatically thinking about sex as soon as I’m lucid. This is a problem I have been trying to deal with. I want to completely remove any sexual element from my lucid dreams. Unfortunately that is easier said than done. Especially if you’re a Freud fan. I actually had my first success last week when I was lucid, and turned a girl away instead of trying anything. 1 down, infinity to go!

I wish I could have infinite lucid sex dreams! Hey, if they are such a burden to you I’m take them! Want to trade dreams? laugh. :grin:

Exactly. I’m never fully conscious in an LD (therefore my IQ level takes a huge drop) and I tend to do stupid and impulsive things during my LDs.

Oh, IRL I would never go for slutty women. They really scare me. There was this alleged prostitute in my middle school my friend was talking about… I had never heard about her and I was pretty damn disgusted.
I’d go for the sweet people. Just clarifying that, since we’re talking about sex, might as well amplify part of my personality to suit the topic. I really don’t think about sex all the time! Honest!

Oh, come on, most everyone needs to deal with that. More people are light sleepers than deep sleepers. I’ve noticed that while trying to play pranks on people at night.

Uh, we’re talking about the leather and how we need to kill cows to get leather. Oh, yes, I’d like one or two of those too… but that wouldn’t be worth it if I only get one LD per week…

infection0 said:

I’m so with you on that. The stupidest of my lucid dreams in the last few weeks have been about Grand Theft Auto : Vice City since I have been playing it regularly. It seriously invaded my dreams. I was pulling helicopters out of the sky, chasing after Mr. Whoopee and stealing bikes from people. Unfortunately I was not fully conscious and was having too much fun to think about furthering my lucidity. Of course they only lasted about 2 minutes. I do that a lot. I realize I’m dreaming, but can’t always further increase my lucidity. And even if I’m lucky enough to remember to do so, most of the techniques never really work. I will however continue with trying not to have sex in my dreams, or think about it while going to sleep… At least until I’m confident enough to stay asleep.

They’re not a burden. Like I said, I very rarely get to have a complete one.

oh, well, I guess I can’t have them either way. :sad: I can’t wait until I do have some lucid sex though! I will probably get too excited and wake up immediately. From what everyone has said, that is generally what will happen unless you have more experience.

I got very close to dream sex this night. Unfortunately I wasn’t lucid and the guy and I remembered that we didn’t have any condoms… I guess if I was lucid I’d tell him it doesn’t matter anyway, but it was just a ND, so we didn’t have sex then. Instead we were just kissing, hugging, touching eachother and it was so great and it felt so real!

sounds really good! I can’t wait till I have some nice dreams like that!

Well, great sex doesn’t require that part! I’m quite embarassed that I
have to be the first to post in the new topic… thanks a lot for making me look like I’m a sex addict! :wink:

No LD sex yet - but the few ND with sex i have had have been memorable. I particularly remember a dream i had when i was young enough to not know how anything feels or works (cough). i don’t even know if i knew anythgn about how girls look down there, but it did not stop me anyway :smile:

The dream was about me and a girl on a raft or boat drifting down a river in a warm jungle. I think it was triggered by a story where a boy nearly got off with a girl in the jungle (guess my brain changed that detail about nearly hehe). The boat turned into an inflatable matress as we were at it. It feelt weird in a very good way. Perhaps i’ll be able to recreate it in an LD sometime :tongue:

FINALLY!! Last night I had the most kick ass sex with 2 chicks at the same time. Sorry to rub it in, because like I said, normally I can’t ever stay asleep during this. This is just to say don’t give up invisigoth! :grin:

I always seem to wake up if i have sex in a dream. Tonight it was a little different. The girl walked away, she said she had to do something else that was more important :cry: . I tried to convince her to stay, but she didn’t. Usually it’s the other way around, they want to have sex and i want to continue to do whatever i was doing.

Are you sure it wasn’t a shared dream and she was busy with her lucid goal list. :tongue: ?

lol didn’t think about that. Might just be, if it was i wonder who the girl was? I have never seen her before. Maybe she’s from this forum. She had quite short and dark hair.


Try and stabilize your dreams as soon as you become lucid. Then remember that this is your dream. Finally when you interact with DC really believe that DC will do what you tell them. Also, keep in mind that if you close your eyes during a LD you may wake up. Don’t worry you dream control will improve in time. Just takes practice. Keep in mind that you have to fully expect that things will happen and they will.