Dreams in which I could feel touch

I’ve had two dreams I could feel physical touch. Both times I felt a hug.

The first time I was talking to a teanager (not that it’s important, so much, I’m not. :wink: ) and she was upset, crying. I was comforting her, telling her she’d be alright. I asked her how old she was and she said 18. I told her she’d be alright and hugged her. Later, I thought of how I heard we play all the parts in our dreams, and wondered if I was the 18 year old. (I’ve been feeling isolated and alone…no one to lean on…)

The second time was a long dream involvig several different parts…may have been more than one dream. At the end, I am talking to my uncle (he is in CA and I am in WI) about trying to remember somebody’s name. I tell him what it is and says he remembered too but wanted me to be able to remember for myself. Then he hugs me.

Both times I felt so comforted and cared for.

ALSO one time I’d visited my aunt and uncle and had such a wonderful time. My aunt laughed and giggled and had such fun chats. Weeks after I came home, I dreamed talking to my aunt but it wasn’t anything we’d discussed when I was visiting. It was really like visiting her. It was so real and comforting too.

Anyone else feel phyiscal touch in their dreams?

/me rushes in

Someone said “hugs”? :tongue:

:wave: Hello Artist Soul (and what a fine nickname! :smile:) welcome to LD4all! You might want to introduce yourself to the rest of the forum in the “Hi, I’m new here!” topic.

Awesome work with the interpretation—it is always a great idea to put yourself in your DCs’ positions and wonder if they are not, in fact, representing you. :smile:

Yes. I do. :cool: Some people dream of more senses than others, some people experience more of this or that sense in their dreams, mostly because they value them more, or because there’s a strong symbol that they relate to that sense (in your case, I’d point out that comfort and care seem to be related to the feeling or touch to you).

:yes: I have on several occasions. In fact, from what I can remember, I have probably experienced every sense in dreams with the exception of smell; I guess you could say that i don’t “value” that sense, Bruno. :wink:


That suddenly made me remember a dream from last night that I have completely forgotten!

I was in some sort of building, and the DCs there were complaining that it smelled bad in there. I didn’t smell a thing. :tongue:

I feel physical touch in my dreams a lot, sometimes it’s more vivid, sometimes less, but it’s quite seldom when I’m touched in the dream and I don’t feel it.

Hugs are great in dreams indeed :slight_smile: I got the greatest hug from my teacher in a dream once… he said we were best friends! lol.

I always have physical sensations in dreams such as the wind blowing against my skin, pain, and not only in LDs, this goes for most of my NDs too =X

I almost always feel physical touch in dreams. For example. last night I remember walking in a store and noticing that I wasn’t wearing any shoes because the floor was cold. I guess smell and taste are probably my least dominant senses in dreams.

Bruno, BlissfulBlues, OlesiaTheDreamer, Fadem, and chambered_nautilus thank you for messages.

Bruno, I do think I interpret my dreams well. They help me cope and sometimes I have more fun in dreams than when I’m awake. Being able to talk to people and do stuff is fun.

BlissfulBlues, you may have remembered your dream because you were thinking about the senses-- brought it back. And I think it was a bonus you couldn’t smell that smell. haha :wink:

OlesiaTheDreamer, I think I’m experiencing touch because it is so vivid and maybe I’m ‘waking’ up my senses. LoL about your dream! :smile:

Fadem, I havn’t felt wind blowing or pain in my dreams. I do feel strong emotions, such as the feeling of dread…once in a dream I was not being able to stop my car and I’m about to have an accident.

chambered_nautilus, I haven’t ever tasted or smelled in my dreams, at least that I’m aware of. There have been times I’ve had conflicts that I continued to want to solve after waking…such as solving a fight with my sister…that was only in my dream! Or finding my car when I was on campus. I’m not on campus anymore, since I graduated this past May (Yeah!), but I still wanted to seach for my car!

I think strong emotions is behind feeling in our dreams!

Touch is something I feel quite regularly in dreams, I think it’s one of my most common senses, after sight and sound. Although it is often dull in comparison to real tactile sensations, the few times where I have been in intimate contact in dreams: Hugging, Sexual, or general touching of a more loving nature the sensation are often more vivid than reallife.

A good example would be a dream with Helen (my ex) we were sat on the outside steps of my old house and she stroked my arm. The sensation was alot stronger than it would be in real life, it was like I could sense the feeling in each individual cell and hair on my arm and was accompanied by a deep sense of love and emotional closeness.

Is not at all surprise that Sir Hugalot, Bruno was the first reply in a topic mentioning hugs :tongue:

I was sure I posted something before Bruno. I must have forgotten to hit on the submit button =S

Anyway I do feel touch in dreams too. I had some wonderful hugs in dreams too. Though they can’t beat hugs from waking life in my eyes. Touch isn’t that great either. A lot of the times I don’t even notice the touch that was there after I wake up. That’s not really the thing that stay into my memory, expect for the fact when the thing is something that involved the dream a lot, like hugging.

Once someone else said my leg hurted, and I remember that I thought in the dream that I didn’t feel it. So that means it’s not always there, but I just forget it. It can also not be there.

I pretty much take touch for granted in my dreams, so I can’t say I notice whether it’s always there, but I assume that I almost always have the sense of touch.

This morning, for example, I had a dream of hugging a really cute guy. (Several times! :wink: Good dream!) I definitely felt that - his chest was very warm and felt like a jumper, which makes sense because he was wearing one at the time. :tongue:

I don’t get to use taste or smell as much, but that’s because I don’t often dream of eating food, or smelly things. When I do, those senses work fine. :content: I’m pretty sure those senses are always present for me, too, though. There was one dream I had involving a giant mushroom that drove me bonkers because it smelt so delicious and I wasn’t within my rights to eat it (it was someone else’s lunch)… the very next day, I bought a whole bunch of field mushrooms at the supermarket because the craving was still lingering on from the dream!

Hehe Stormy , not let the dreams decide what you shall eat ! :wink:

I ahd feeling in my alst dream tonight , moving backwards to, look what was behind me in the bus.

I nearly always ahve emotions , sight and hearing in dreams , My taste sense aint that badeither (and im a big fan of WANTING food in dreams :wink: )

Sandra, Stormy, and Petter, thanks for sharing.

I dreamed that I was sitting next to a friend, touching shoulders. It’s funny to feel that, like it’s really happening. Especially since I’m alone all the time.

Because it feels so real, it’s almost hard to believe I’m dreaming. But in this case, I knew I was. Just knew it but didn’t wake up more to that fact. When it’s so good (the dream), I would hardly change anything. Funny, I wanted to put my head on his shoulder and if I had been really lucid, I would have. I guess for things like this I’d like to be lucid.

/me has phsyical touch when in a fighting dreams …most when killing people

In one semi-lucid dream, I randomly started feeling the walls of my house. The sensation was mind-blowingly realistic. I’ve also petted my dog, felt a cool midnight breeze, touched other people (I don’t mean sexually), etc. Dream sensations are typically as vivid as the sights they accompany, although we forget them much more easily. But that’s the way real life works, too. As I type these words, I’m not thinking about the sensation of my fingers hitting the keyboard. Okay, wait, now I am. :wink: You get the idea.

Datameister, I get the idea. :smile: You are so right! :smile:

I had a dream the night before last where there was a woman that touched my hand. I felt it, and when she did it she was smiling.

Don’t you always feel touch in your dreams? Atleast I do oO

No. First time.

I often feel stuff in dreams, especially pain…

BTW: Ryu: I once told you that you normally don’t say ‘ryu’ in Japanese, I was wrong.

It’s okay.

The night before last is the only time I know of that I’ve felt something in a dream.