Dreamscape Creation

I have the perfect landscape in my mind but its hard to create them in lucid dreams. Any tips? :cookiemon:


Try Paradiso. :wink:

Hmm, Ive not done this so much, but once I tried to find Ceeia, there I drew a circle in sky and imagined the dreamscape inside circle :cool:

Its all about imaginating that the dreamscape is there :grin: and have something to get you there :cool_laugh: Good luck making your scape :content:

After struggling with this for a long time back in the day and trying method after method this is what works for me:

  1. Design the dreamscape while awake
    Draw, describe and think about it as much as possible
  2. Try and create images of the dreamscape in your mind from different places, heights etc.
    Works well when falling asleep. Make sure you almost know this place like a real place.
  3. Create the dreamscape all at once to begin - dont build it stone by stone
    Let your mind immediately immerse you into what it believes it the dreamscape you are aiming for. Confidence in your subconcious is key here, if you think it will screw up it will.
  4. Once stable revisit the places and views you drew/pictured to solidify the dream, make sure you stay confident.
  5. At this stage you can start fine tuning the detail.

Added tip: Visit the dreamscape as many times as possible within the first nights you are lucid so that it becomes a place you ‘know’, this will make it easier to return later.

good luck

Yeah I’ve been trying to do this. I find looking through magazines (especially design magazines) and cutting and sticking pictures really helpful. Good luck, keep us posted!

Paradiso is down but ive been having the same problem and just say good luck to the both of us…

Maybe you could think of your dreamscape while in a dream, go through a door and imagine it will be there.