Dreamspell & LDing ???


Hello HaiScai,

What is a dreamspell?

And it seems to me indeed that some days are better for lucid dreaming since there seems to be a natural cycle (of several weeks) with a few nights where I have less LD’s and and dream recall (im not sure yet why this is, could be a natural brain-related issue).

ask moogle she knows. ive only just started to look at em. If its the same dreamspell.

Yea… I’m as curious as the rest about what dreamspell is. Also I do think some nights are better. Often if you’ve had a stressuful long day you will have less LD’s than a peacuful day where you gte to bed early.

If you want to know what dreamspell is, look at the upper right corner of this webpage. It is a calendar based on the Mayas. I have noticed that most my lucid dreams fall on the days with the same color in my signature. Weird.

Also visit sealife forum there is a link to that forum at the top. It is very useful and there is a tutorial about dreamspells on there. Enjoy!

I don’t know much about it at all myself, but from I read “dreamspell” is created from the Mayan calender.

I’ve have yet to learn more, and havn’t actually taken time to notice how each day affects my dreaming.

What interestes me is the Mayans were a civilization that extensivly used dreaming. They also used a calender that uses the moons instead of the sun, which I think is also related to night and dreaming.

It’s very awkward and different on the outside, but if you google “dreamspell” you will find it’s derived from historic information of how much the Mayan civilization utilized dreams and even had a calender for it!

It’s part of our history. :smile: the history of dreams and their impact on civilization :content: so I think it’s very important that it’s given attention. Especially since we are coming to the end of the Mayan calender in 2012. They believed we are in a 5,125 history cycle and we are near restarting that cycle in 2012. :smile:

I also think it’s a fun part of ld4all that seems to place it on a timeline that is not normally used when I’m “offline.” It’s like a large reality check each time I visit here and see a new symbol for the day! It’s like a webpage out of time and in a place in dreamtime. :happy:

kin 176: Yellow Resonant Warrior
I Channel in order to Question
Inspiring Fearlessness
I seal the Output of Intelligence
With the Resonant tone of Attunement
I am guided by the power of Elegance
I am a galactic activation portal enter me.

so… how do I determine what days would be good for me, only the ones that match what I am? If so the next one is Jan 19, however today/yesterday (late last night, and this morning) I got my LDs back after not having them for 3 days, also, though, I exerted will in getting them…so…?

Hiya HaiScai!

Good question. Okay, so the Dreamspell works within the framework of the 13 Moon Calendar, through which the year is divided into 13 Moons of 28 Days, with a Day out of Time for global celebration of Peace Through Culture.

Within that cycle, is another 260-day cycle, known originally by the Maya as the Tzolkin. The Dreamspell is a modern planetary application of this same basic science of time, although it should be noted that there are some differences between the two.

[color=darkred]Jose Arguelles did a whole lot of research into the Mayan glyphs, and then meditated on them to come to a more universally accessible meaning. Each of the glyphs have different powers/functions, and it is interesting to explore these. Let’s have a look at some examples.[/color]

[color=darkblue]Alright I’m Kin 123: a Blue Rhythmic Night on the Dreamspell. The “Blue Night” glyph is represented by the keywords “dreams, abundance, intuition”. It’s a pretty inward-focused kind of energy, and represents the abundance of the dreaming, the unlimited potential that lies withhin each of us. You could also look at the word intuition, as being symbolic of that “inner knowing” that is so much a part of the dreaming experience. You know, how sometimes in a dream, you don’t need to hear something, to understand what’s going on. It’s like that.[/color]

Now here’s another interesting thing to compare. C’mon asked me about it a few days ago. Each of the kin, is related to the others contained within the 260-day count. The challenging or balancing power of the Blue Night, is the Red Skywalker, which is a very shamanic kind of glyph. It relates more to the power of dream flight, exploration, etc, and is more outwardly focused than the Blue Night.

[color=darkred]I could go on and on, looking at the different relationships between the glyphs, but it’s also good to come to your own understanding, by simply following the cycles… My friend Sunwolf, gives the example of how following the Dreamspell is a bit like driving a car. You don’t really understand it just by reading the manual which explains how to move the wheel and the gearstick, it’s only when you’re actually there in the driver’s seat that you get a chance to really experience it.[/color]

Here’s a look at the keywords for each of the glyphs, from my 13 Moon Calendar, which if you are feeling interested, you can view (freely) or order from this address: dreamofpeace.net/journey/

[color=indigo]I’m not sure if I would say that any days are going to necessarily be more frequent for lucid dreams than others, however I would say that by following these cycles, and attuning to the symbol of each day, you will begin to notice how these energies can be used to unlock more meaning/value from each of your dreams. It really is quite fascinating to plot the cycles, and for this reason I make available a downloadable HTML journal, for recording them along with the 13 Moon dates, and kin:[/color]


[b]Have you found out your kin yet? Check it here. How about everyone else? (I do see we have a warrior in our midst :wink:). The most potent value in following the Dreamspell, is how it empowers you in terms of the practise of “lucid living”. By following it, you’ll notice so many more cool synchronicites in your waking life; meetings with people you don’t know, but share these strange connections to you, etc, etc.[/b]

I would love to talk more about how the Dreamspell can be used in the art of "lucid living’, but I’d just like to see whether other’s are interested, before I jump in… Let me know.


Good explanation explora.

On that site it says im a “Yellow Electric Warrior”. So what would that mean/signify?


The only thing I know for sure about the connection of Dreamspell and dreams (from my experience :cool: ): if you spend a week making Dreamspell calendars, you will probably dream about Dreamspell!
In fact, connection exists, but it is subtler than just ticking off days when “a LD is expected”.

Hey everyone!

Thanks for giving me the “go-ahead”. I was very happy to receive such a positive response. I’ve had a bit of a busy weekend, but I’ll come back and post something about the Dreamspell and the idea of Lucid Living very soon!

In the meantime - I do have a few questions for you all

HaiScai - what is your galactic signature? :smile:
Ilana - what was your dream about the Dreamspell about?

Xetrov. I’ll come back with some thoughts about the Yellow Warrior glyph soon… Nick

In fact, I had several dreams, where dreamspell was mentioned. They don’t seem to mean something special, I always dream about all new things I have recently begun to do. For example, the last one was this Sunday. In this dream, I found that there are lots of standard functions in Excel to work with Dreamspell. :happy: I thought I had been stupid when using my own formula instead looking for standard means. The other dreams had even less meaning, and I almost don’t remember them. :sad:


yeah haiscai that makes a lot of sense doent it? lol 0_o

Wow. Finally I get back to this thread, and it’s all the way down on the second page! Quest for Lucidity forum is busy, busy, busy! Well I firstly wanted to share some information about everyone’s Kin. I’ve recently discover this excellent new site (well actually I think reality_failure suggested it first :wink: with some good descriptions of the kin. Which people’s signature’s do we know so far:

Dream Addict
Kin 190: White Galactic Dog

Holy Reality
Kin 176: Yellow Resonant Warrior

Kin 16: Yellow Electric Warrior

Kin 52: Yellow Cosmic Human

Kin 172: Yellow Electric Human

Kin 57: Red Overtone Earth

Kin 123: Blue Rhythmic Night

Now obviously if you click on the text, there are some cool links with lots of info about each signature. In all there are 260 different possibilities, so there is quite a large amount of room for variation… One think I like about the mythos of the Dreamspell, is that the energies are nice and archetypal, and depending on how they are interpreted, tend to leave much more room for you to be you…

Another thing that’s especially important to remember, is that the energies themselves are based on a cycle. So when you start attuning yourself to, and following that cycle daily, then new insights gradually begin to roll through from within!


Oh yes. It’s kinda cool the way we have so many people with Yellow kin. Something of a pattern going on there…

PS> Dreamaddict, what was your signature?

Now. Anyway. A post near the very beginning of this thread asked a very good question. I believe it was Xetrov who wrote?

There’s an interview which I found a few months ago, which I think sheds some very interesting light on the term Dreamspell… I’ll post a quote from it here:

Now that’s where it gets interesting you see, because in terms of lucid living, the Dreamspell opens a new opportunity, an opportunity for us all to live a New Dream, or more specifically a New Dreamspell. The more of us that can accept that we are all collectively dreaming this reality into being, the more of us will begin to resonate and hold that reality in place. And that’s when real miracles begin to happen!

I’ve had some really magical personal experiences from following the Dreamspell, but perhaps one of the most interesting is the tale I call “Turtle Comes to Teach us”… I’ll try and post this one up tomorrow! As a starter, it seems appropriate to post this page, which sheds a little light on the Turtle’s significance to the Way of 13 Moons: