Dreamviews hack situation

Hi guys, I’m a regular at Dreamviews which is currently hacked. The version up at the moment is fake and has been for ten days to farm passwords I believe. I don’t really know anything else, just wondering if there are any other DVers around here who might know anything more about it? Kinda wondering what to do and when it’s gonna come back up.

I’ve got regular blogging about it on The Lucid Inquirer (just google).

Hackers compromised the website during January. Its a detailed and shocking mess. In short, Alex is seeking legal advice and fighting to get things restored.

Rumor has it dreamviews.org will be up soon, where the website will temporarily reside.

Lucid Inquirer is your best bet.
I’m also constantly checking dreamviews.org

We have an official Announcement thread for the situation. If you have any new information on the topic, please post there.
Dreamviews.com hacked - DV members, change your passwords