Drugs in an LD

Evening chaps.
Im wondering if anyone here has ever tried taking drugs IN an LD…? A friend said he took ecstacy in a ND, and it had some effects.

Im guessing its possible for the SC to recreate those feelings based on memory… Anyone have any experiences to share?


Well I have smoked weed in a LD a few times. One time it produced a feeling of being stoned for a short while. Though it did feel quite real.
I’ve done other drugs in NDs that had much more effect, even though I have never taken LSD och Magic Mushrooms they had interesting effects. Also popped some pills, they were stimulants. I was stimulated, jittery.

why would you need to if you could just make yourself high without drugs in a dream lol

Do you mean that the answers you got were not what you wanted or that the experience was not what you wanted?
Because there is ofcourse a very big difference between the drug IRL and the drug in a dream. IRL it has physical effects on the brain that make it happen. In the dream it’s a state of mind. When I smoked weed in the dream, I only felt any effect for a very short time, because there was nothing making it happen.

I would like to remind you that this topic is about dreams :cool:

I had a dream once where someting was mixed into a tea bag, and I drank it and became very sluggish and “floaty”. Even if it eventually turned lucid, I couldn’t shake the effect off.

I don’t know about drugs, but I’ve been drunk in several of my dreams. The sensation felt real but short :eh:

This is a quote from a friend who tried dream drugs and had a similar experience to mine.

"I felt a cold emptiness spreading through my body. I felt that my body wasn’t solid anymore, my body and the room it was in were just an illusion. There was no comfort to be had in touching objects, because everything was composed of energy, energy that existed in a void of emptiness.

I felt a cold panic as I gazed at my husband. A thought formed in my mind of how much my husband resembled me in every way. Suddenly I realized that he was me, there was no separation. We were pretending to be individuals, but in reality there was only one presence. Then I realized that I am god and I am the only being in existence, a being who is alone and will always be alone. Though I divided myself into billions of pieces, in reality I am the only being that exists. I felt then, the most horrible void… a cold, sharp feeling in the pit of my stomach, as if a black hole was centered there and the universe was being sucked into it.

I was so lonely, tears were pouring down my face. My husband tried to comfort me but I told him that he was an illusion, he was just a part of me and not the individual I had thought him to be. Suddenly my thoughts turned to the world at large. In my mind I saw a giant wheel, and all manner of beings were lined up on the wheel. The wheel kept turning, and the beings on the wheel experienced life and death over and over again. They kept coming back, after death, to experience the wheel again, there was no escape. This was life for all beings, a ceaseless turning of a giant wheel, with no way out."

Just like everything else I see it as a possibility, and after experiencing it it seems more plausible than ever before. Kind of a depressing revelation which is probably why so many people hate them.

WOW. That is pretty sick now isn’t it.

in a dream, all the dcs are a part of your own subconscious…so the revelation was probably true in your dreaming state.
it is widely accepted that the earth is full of different people in real life :tongue:

An alien held out 6 pills in his hand in an ND of mine, just before I was about to have an LD. Check my DJ for details:Click here

Never taken any xtc or other drug IRL though

Title of my dream = School re-union party

JesseRevis. Your friends dream was incredible. Is your friend a Buddhist? You said it was similar to your experience. I fail to see it around here, did you post it somewhere? That sort of experience fascinates me.

No I haven’t posted them anywhere. Theirs not much to the experience I can actually form into words. All I did was think about mushrooms(extremely potent ones DOH!) growing out of my wall in the dream. Then I started eating them off the wall and then I sat down to wait. Then it gets truly bizarre and I start to receive information even though I hear no voices. All my senses in the dream kind of oscillate and shoot off in a thousand directions.

But I recently had a string of bad experiences with it that left me truly alone. The first one gave me a full spiritual awakening, I always thought it wouldn’t be that intense. But I was terribly wrong. It wasn’t bad but very strong and unexpected.

I wanna try it. In fact, I WILL try it. Though I have doubts about it working, since I only have superficial ideas of what to expect. But maybe it’ll just be tailormade for me.

I smoked weed in one of my LDs, i think becuase i read this topic before that LD. Nothing happened, and i tried twice in the dream. But that may just be me.

i just had a dream where i was driving drunk and got pulled over by the cops. I thought hang on, i only drank on NYE, and its been at least 12 hrs, i MUST have sobered up by now…

Did a RC and had a LD :smile:

I think I’ve done all the drugs in my Normal Dreams and Lucid Dreams. The most interesting are when I mix drugs in my dreams and when I make my own drugs. Once taking the drugs in my dream, the dreams get pretty wierd from there. I can remember manipulating gaia and the sky.

I only took weed in a Normal Dream and i only took 1 puff but i guess i got what i thought it would be like to take it in real life before I thought wait I don’t take drugs!!! Strange I didn’t become lucid afterwards.

Well, your body releases small amounts of DMT (halucinagin) into your brain when you enter REM i think, so when you think about it you are on drugs!

Isn’t that just a theory? I think that the pineal gland produces serotonin and melatonin, but I’m not sure (haven’t Wiki’d it :tongue: ).

not sure- i saw it on wikipedia so it’s like a 30% chanch, and even then I think its still being researched.