Dying in dreams - Part II

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I’m sure most of you have heard the old wive’s tale about dieing IRL when you die in a dream. I have died in dreams haven’t really thought this possible; but yesterday I read a part in a book that interested me:

This is after the author questions a scientist studying gunshot injuries, about why people will die instantly from a gunshot wound to the heart when it takes up to 12 seconds for the brain to run out of oxygen when not receiving new blood.

The book is Stiff by Mary Roach, if anyone wants to read it, not much else to do with psychology though, more to do with stories about dead bodies and their contributions to science (for an anatomy class)

Yes, that’s why the entire myth about dying in dreams got started, because it is phsycological.

People on PCP who don’t feel pain at all, When they got shot in the heart they will, as he said; use their last ten seconds to come after you, they’ll barley know they got shot, they might feel a lttle vibration in thier chest for an instant, that’s all, this is why they seem invincible untill you shoot them in a completley vital spot, such as the brain or the heart, and evem that takes a minute. When normal people get shot, more times than you’d think it completley misses all vital organs, and they die because they ascosiate getting shot with being killed, they think they’re fataly wounded, and so that becomes the case.

Now in dreams this doesn’t always have to apply, when you get shot in a dream, your subconscoius knows that it is a dream, your subconcious is making the whole thing, your subconcious made the Dream Character that shot you, so it won’t be fooled by it. Also, feeling is different in dreams, I’ve had my head torn off, been shot with a crossbow, shot right in the face with a pistol, fallen 200 stories, and sure it hurt, but not nearly as much as it would in real life. But anyways, my main point was the subconcious, since it knows that you’re dreaming, when you get shot in a dream, usualy you just wake up.

I used to believe in that dieing IRL thing, until I was shot and died in a dream.
Funny thing is that even though this thread is trying to say you can’t die from a dream, dreaminghamster post’s is getting me scared again. :neutral:

I died in a LD once (or more), after i had died (cant remember why…) i found myself outside a church. I saw some people lowering a large stone coffin into a hole.

I asked someone who died. Then the said ’ Liam remove '.

I was like, :eek: i know that guy!

After my funeral (which sucked) people were talking to me and saying things like, ‘How ya doin up there?’ and ‘I havent seen you for a while…’

And as you can see, I’m alive.

When I die in ND’s and LD’s I usually wake up. Although I think one time in a ND I turned into a ghost…

once in an ND i died and woke up into an SP feeling like i was in hell with demons trying to posess me

I’ve never actually died in my dreams.

I’m scared to see what would happen if i did.

I haven’t died in my dreams yet. Whenever I’m close to die, however, I wake up. Well, whenever I’m close and afraid to die, if I think about it carefully. I don’t really think you can die when you dream about it. But, I cannot know for sure…

I dreamt once that I died in a fight, and then I called each of my friends to tell them about how I was dead. When I woke up I was pretty depressed, but certainly still alive.

I think the whole idea of dying IRL when you die in a dream is pretty laughable. I died a lots of times in NDs and nothing happens, I black out and either wake up or “respawn”. In LDs however I usually dont die, because I firmly believe that I’m invincible wich makes it reality (the beauty of LDs right?). And as someone said before, your subconcious knows whats going on and wont fall for its own illusions.

Just remember its all in your head, no harm can be done to you.

I get killed in dreams every once and awhile and most the time I like it. It makes me question things more, and sometimes appreciate what I have.

Last night the world ended. Twice.

And I enjoyed it.

When I woke up, I realized it was one of the best normal dreams I’ve had in awhile. I could post what I wrote in my DJ on here, but what’s the point. It didn’t happen to you, so you’ll never really know what it feels like.

I just hope one day someone can maybe recreate a dream or a memory you’ve had and make it into a movie clip. It would be the best invention ever. I could finally share what I’ve always wanted to share, and maybe someone could truly appreciate for what it’s worth.

After I woke up, I remembered this quote. I don’t know who said it, and maybe I made it up.


I started a dream out dead. it was a nightmare, in some respects actually…

Here’s a link to my DJ: [community.ld4all.com/t/dreams-from-shadow-dreamer/30924/7)

Cloest encounter I recall is being shot during what seemd like P.E. Glass of dodgeball at the beach with guns instead. Funny. I saw my stomach open up the size of a watermelon. Just kept attacking like “Cool, didnt die…” Weird,

Yhello, it was along time ago i died in a dream, i was chased by a man in a black coat and everything was in like black/white old movie kinda style. The dream it self was really foggy. The man in the black coat shot me like 10times in my back, I was running away from him at the point. Than i fell to the ground, and it fellt like i was shaking, the pain flew away and everything got black. The feeling as i was shaking ,like electrecutet(but no pain)has i (experienced after the dream when i was close to a out of body experience). Than i woke up in cloud of dust, I was glowing. I was made by like fairys, millions of them. At the time i was shot everything became really foggy, and i was an invisible glowing fog my self. Well i dont remember so much more, i flied around for a while than i fellt a light. I dont remember the last part of the dream, anyway.

tell me yours if you have experience any deaths in our dream(s)

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I die in my dreams a lot, which has brought me to lucid dreaming.
My weirdest experience was after one of my more gruesome deaths, I woke up unable to see anything as if the room was spinning and it also felt like my heart had stopped beating.