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what do you guys think is the most simple LD’ing technique. I have trouble since I already find it hard to sleep, and when attempting a technique, for the most part it’s just about impossible to fall asleep

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Well, this really isn’t an easily answered question. Everybody has their niches with techniques, along with their different reactions to them. While I can’t tell you specifically what’s best, I can point you in the right direction.

All you need to do is look at what you are, and what you aren’t. You say you find it hard to fall asleep? Well, take out WILD and any other technique that requires something done before sleep. If you still wish to persue those techniques, try WBTB so that when you perform those techniques while falling asleep, you’ll be much more tired and subject to enter a dream. Otherwise, if you don’t wish to persue those, maybe try hypnosis before bed using BrainWave Generator or any .mp3 file that you can find, or maybe just stick to reality checks or simple methods like the hand method (staring at your hands prior to going to sleep, repeating the phrase that every time you see them you’ll do a reality check).

You just have to look at all of the techniques out there and see which fits your category as a sleeper.

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I’ve been doing the lucid dreaming thing for a while. Years in fact. But I’ve haven’t stuck to a regiment or anything. In fact this is the first time I’ve checked into this website in a looooong time. But I have been lding the whole time. Not at night, mind you. I’m sure if I worked at it, that would happen. But I’m really busy, and, truth be told, kinda lazy. Anyway, I’ve noticed that my lds come more often when I’m taking a nap during the day. I guess that falls into the WBTB thing.
But there are those nights that lding happens. Those usually come when I’ve thought of lding during the day or right before bed.
These are all methods I’m sure you’ve heard before. But again, this is just me.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the “hard to fall asleep” thing. You’ve probably tried many things but here are a couple that work for me.
How about a natural sleep inducer. Like chamomile tea?
Also, there are a couple of relaxing methods in Laberge’s book.
I think it’s all a matter of being calm and relaxed. Believe me, I am the queen of staying up and worrying about things that need to be done tomorrow, that can’t be changed, and have bothered me my entire life. There are practices out there that can help. Alot of them focus on focusing on yourself and clearing your mind. I hope everything works out.

well it seems my main problem is relaxing, I just feel wide awake when I go to bed, I feel more energized than I did just seconds ago

Well, the easiest technique I can think of right now and doing now is to wear a watch to bed. Before U sleep or during WBTB get a good look at it…adjust the strap, do a few checks with it to get the idea of it. Then go to bed as normal…I have seen the watch on my wrist appear in 3 dreams in 2 nights of trying but I haven’t got to the part of doing the check in the dream yet…maybe U would.


My easiest way to determine my own dream for the night, is to find a good sleeping position, and wait until I get a steady breathing rhythm. I’m not trying to start thinking about what I want to dream, I’m rather starting to tell, inside my head, a story as if I wanted to do it as if I had someone listening. As if I had an audience I talk to.
I have a goal with the story, but I have to start with an introduction that builds up to what I want as a theme for the dream. This works 4 or 5 times during the weeks nights. This also causes me to fall asleep before 5 minutes have passed. We all have our techniques, and this one requires no practice or training, just start doing it. And as a bonus, i remember almost all my dream. Might not be lucid…but still

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