Eating in a dream

Is this possible?

I mean now that I think about it I’ve never really seen food in any of my dreams. If I did would it be possible to eat it?

And would it have a taste if it did? I mean I know there is no actual food in my mouth but couldnt the dream send signals to the part that determines taste and theoretically let me taste the food?

I know this is a stupid question but I was just curious. Some times I have a craving for a whopper but never actually have money to buy one.

And to be honest if I when I do LD I never do things I do in my waking life, I’d like to try that. When ever I LD I almost always fly and look at the sky.

In my experience it tastes great. I had a lemon candy once… to die for. :cloud9: There was a steak once too, very nice. Guess you’d have to try it for yourself though. :grin:

I eat all the time in dreams. I had a milkshake at wendy’s in a dream just last night. I enjoyed the milkshake too.

Look Lobo, another Floridian.

I’ve eaten in my dreams Garlic. Not too long ago I was with someone and we each split a room with a table full of treats. I know there was chocolate but I couldn’t remember the taste and I know there was a green cup cake so I figured that was pistachio.

I also ate a piece of taffy not too long ago and it was soooooo good.

:waves: /me waves to Flordonian. (my dad’s word for Floridians) :razz:

Ain’t dream candy good? :grin:

can you eat? Yes you can! I have too i didnt really eat it was drinking pulp orange jucie. Oh my cow was it so good i could really feel the plup flowing down my thorat! I say dream food is the best it makes food perfect each time :happy:

I don’t think I’ve had anything to drink… That would be cool.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually eaten in a dream but just last night I had a dream about frosted cinamon buns and I craved them all freakin day! I’m on low carbs so it was torture!

If I go to sleep hungry or thirsty, I can get dreams about eating or drinking. Usually, the eating or drinking isn’t helping against the hunger or thirst, because it is all going on in the head and the real hunger is still there. Food usually has no taste in my dreams either, but that could be a matter of habit.

I once had a dream in which I purchased an overstuffed pita with eggs, ham, salad, and all sorts of other related things at the beach, and then preceded to enjoy it. Some of the best dream food I’ve had by far; it tasted just as real as food does in waking life, and had a very heavy, complex flavor. Highly tasty, to be sure.

I gotta stop reading this topic! I’m starving now! :help:

Is it possible to taste things that you never tasted before?

Like human, I always wanted to try raw human flesh.

J/K on that by the way.

But thanks for your guys input, you’ve actually gave me something to do.

/me kicks Garlic… that is just gross!!!

No… I don’t think you can taste what you don’t already know. Well, you can taste it but it won’t be accurate


Thanks for giving me a direct answer though and in some parts of the world it isn’t considered gross. The reason I asked is because dream characters really make me mad and I want to vent my frustrations, eating them seemed feasable.

Eating DC’s :eh: Just pretend you are some anime character and kick their butt until they are in pieces.

/me walks away after suggesting such violent behavior…I blame that on Lobo.

BTW, your sig. Isn’t it “Hey you! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!”

No, the song in my Sig is from the song called “Hey You” which is on the album called “The Wall” IIRC correctly. You are thinking of a song called Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, IIRC.

The song hey you has lyrics like “Hey you, out there on your own sitting naked by the phone can you hear me.” It’s much better in my opinion.

And the one thing I actually want to eat is Abba Zabba. I’ve tasted taffy before but Abba Zabba is filled with peanut butter and actually takes an hour to eat.

My dream is to bite into one and make it stretch outrageously long and probably jump rope with it or do some fun things.

A friend of mine, which I told about LD, has got one LD. And in this LD she wanted to eat. But she couldn’t cause it was sold out.

I have never eat in dreams, I only looked at the food and made food. Before I could eat it, I was awake.

This was one of the first things i tested out in a LD.

In a high level LD, you taste exactly like in waking life! If you drink a cold soda, you will even feel it being cold. I have eaten various kinds of food in dreams, from pizza to icecream…

So yeah, i think you could enjoy a whooper in your LD.

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten in a LD… But LaBerge mentions somewhere in his books that LDs might very well be the ultimate diet :smile: He tells about a woman who decided to use LDs to help her in her diet: during the day, when she got hungry, she told herself “hold on, just a couple more hours and you’ll be able to eat as much as you like”… so during the following LD, she could eat as much as she liked: she will never gain weight! Apparently it really worked and she lost quite a bit of weight irl :grin:

WOW, that would be a good way for me to lose some weight, I’m fairly over weight and looking for a way to lose weight.

My problem isn’t that I haven’t seen any food. I’m just almost always flying or doing awesome things.

My favorite thing I ever did in a dream was fly at supernatural speeds into a body of water, it’s so exhilirating, I do this alot actually, it’s like a ride I can go on when ever I go to sleep. Or free falling and stopping an inch from the ground, I just have a flying fetish I guess.

I LD all the time, perhaps I’ll eat in my next one just to see what it’s like.

My only one problem is dream length, they last only about 5 mintues. I was reading a topic about a guy who created a pill that made his dream last longer. I’m going to attempt to conjur one up my next LD.