Eating in a lucid dream

this was split off from the “lucid nutrition” topic :cool:

I like to eat the dry walls in lucid dreams. Is that what you mean?

Because they are delicious. They taste like whatever you expect them to taste like. First time I tried, it tasted like strawberries :smile: (Rocks taste like red licorise btw)

ya, but your dreaming… you could eat some ACTUAL strawberrys! So why would u wanna eat a wall?!

Mwahaha! It’s a wonderful idea! Eating the dream background and the landscape! I wonder if it’s possible to eat the whole dream and make it then disappear… :rofl:

I wanna try that! That and eating the sun.

Hey, has anyone here ever eaten any people in their dreams? That’s always fun.

Eating yourself would be fun too. Firstly leg, later hands, chest and finally head (its phisically imposible, but anyway , it’s a dream =] ). It must be interesting feeling. I wonder how would i taste…

I tried eating for the first time last night. But I just made a 3 Musketeers bar appear and then my friends and I fought over it! :cool: I won of course because it was my dream! It was delicious!

Eating/drinking was one of the first things i tried in my lucid dreams. I still do it from time to time, since it is so damn vivid. I have personally eaten everything from pizza to muddy snow “and yes, it tasted what i expected snowy mud to taste”

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Now, just for the sake of keeping this conversation alive, I’d now like to try eating the sun in my next lucid dream, just because someone has mentioned it. :roll:

:hmmm: /me expects it to tasted like barbecued wings. :wink:

Hmm, I think the sun will taste like something I’ve never tasted before. I’ll let my subconcious mind figure it out.

Don’t limit your dream tastes to things you’ve tasted before. That’s just BORING! Taste like you’ve never tasted! It’s very possible, just like experiencing emotions that have never been experienced by any human being.

I wonder if the Sun is so delicious that when you taste, its such a sensory overload that you wake up. Hehe. I know what Im doing in my next lucid dream :smile:

To be honest, forget the sun, I have something better on my mind. I’d like to eat a particular member of LD4all, that’s what I’ve been thinking of. Who? Bruno. :ebil:

I really want to know what he’d taste like in a lucid dream, and I’ve been thinking about hunting him down so much that I must know!

Hmm, or perhaps this could be the beginning of hunting down different members one by one and eating them, just to see how each individual tastes? :hmmm:

Why, yes…:plotting:

I ate one of the pink circles that I use for RC/teleporting once. It tasted like candy fluff. :tongue:

That’s such a good idea! writes it in list :devil:
I ate my friend in a LD once. Didn’t tell her that though.

heh come to think of it I don’t think I’ve ever actually eaten in a dream, sounds very interesting.I think I’ll try to eat a cloud, hopefully it will taste like funnel cake… :cheesy:

I had an INTENSE LD last nite. There were some pop tarts in the closet of some abandoned mansion. but I was too preoccupied with other stuff. So I’ll hav 2 endulge my taste buds some other time.

I’d like to eat that chocolate castle from Willy Wonka. The one Willy made for the Indian guy. Gotta eat before it melts, could be a game of sorts, hehe.

I like the idea of hunting down and eating random members of ld4all. Now thats interesting, haha. Delicious :wolfbite:

I wonder if Q actually tastes like cookies? lol.

Great idea:

Get a real LD4ALL COOKIE

once I took weed in my ND and it had an avocado flavored aftertaste. A really creamy delicious avacado that is.

If I could eat anything i wanted in an LD i would have to eat…PIZZA. Not just any PIZZA, the perfect PIZZA for me. I’ll let my SC order for me.:content:

Hope I don’t spoil this for anybody, but… the sun tastes like strawberry pop rocks :razz: