Electical charges

My dad told me that sometimes just as he’s going to sleep he hears an electrical kind of sound in between his ears. I think it’s related to hypnagogic imagery but sound instead of pictures. I’d appreciate any commentary.

Sometimes when I’m going to sleep, I hear VERY LOUD voices in my head, mostly of people I know. They speak very loudly and clearly and I can understand what they say. It’s at a moment when I’m about to go asleep, but they jolt me awake.

These used to happen a few weeks ago, but oddly not anymore. I don’t really recall any “electrical” sounds…

You’re quite right in that they are related to HI dreaminghamster.
Some of the times when we see HI they are accompanied by sounds or voices. Together, they are sometimes called Hypnogogic Hallucinations, and some people even find them scary, especially when you get them and you’re in a state of sleep paralysis :eek: