Energy and chakras and stuff like that


Quick intro: I’ve never been religious or spiritual. The last year has been very interesting, since I’ve discovered Lucid Dreaming and other weird things :content: These things have opened my mind very much. Before I used to not believe in anything after death, or in things like telepathy. I can’t say for sure if I believe in them now, but I sure am more open to anything. I don’t doubt anything anymore. But, on the other hand, I won’t believe anything just because people say so. :tongue:

So, one thing that I have had trouble understanding (accepting might be a better word) is the term “energy”. For me energy has always been electricity, magnetism, etc, or something more metaphorical. So when people talk about energy in a more spiritual sense, that confuses me, I guess.

I was kinda interested, instead of rejecting it all, in trying to learn better, without judgement. So I was wondering if anyone had any information or links about this “energy”, or anything related to it, like chakras or any kind of way to work with these energies.

I was hoping for something as “scientific” as possible. :shy: I know this sounds ridiculous. I don’t need proof of the existence of chakras, for example, it’s not that. I’d just like a more, how should I say, “feet on the ground” (?) explanation.

I hope I was able to be clear enough… :tongue:

Anyway all this is because a couple people have told me about something like “increasing” my energy or whatever (I don’t remember the word they used). My therapist talked about it too, she said there are a few psichiatrists that believe depression is related to low enrgy, or something…

thanks for reading :smile:

look into the book “Vibrational Medicine”
there are many energies,

prana is the energy connected with breath,
chi is different,
each chakra has a different elemental energy within it,
if you want to experience energy try breath of fire, or
drink a cup of coffee !
you can google breath of fire and figure out how to work it its like panting ilke a dog, until your energy system is awakened, making the inahle and the exhale the same amount
the breath can work magic, there are breathing techniques that will fill yous o much with energy you can’t even move your body until it discharges,
especially if you figure out what happens when someone cries, and they suck in air while whimpering, and they keep doing this , sucking in,
it will flood you with grace.

tai chi works with chi and yoga works with prana, there are so many different energies really ,

all and everything is in motion even if it appears solid, so it is not a mystery energy exists,
one way to look at it, see a child, they are full of energy,
if you go jogging and get a runners high, this is a form of “yoga” you could say,
drinking coffee is a certain type of energy flow, all is,
but generally the energy with chakras and enlightenment comes from being very pure and clean inside, the ancient ones will fast, and only have maybe a few pieces of fruit and milk now and then, so they vibrate high,

but the best way you can think of it is just reflect on a time you really cried very hard, and how you felt clean after.
really the type of energies, they are infinite in variety, each crystal and gemstone will have a different energy, for instance, and a different function,

what is funny is, if you say “it doesn’t exist” then you are right
and if you say "it does exist, " then you are right,

also if you drink lots of water, 4 glasses or so, you will feel your energy levels purify.

hello Mattias

I was delighted to read your post.

Let me start by saying that believing in anything is always counterproductive.
Beliefs are a result of some fear/s.
Believing that telepathy/energy/whatever does or does not exist is counter productive, either way you go.
Until you find out the answers for yourself, maintain an open mind while keeping skeptic.
that is the only way.
Knowledge, real knowledge, comes from experience, there’s no other way to get it.

Let other people, books, any information you get from external sources guide you in your quest for knowledge but no book or person can give you knowledge, only you can.

You have to go out there and find for yourself.

Regarding to energy,
I will avoid giving you a link for something to read (for now).
It will be better if you just try something very simple.

Sit/lie down, just relax, take a few deep breaths, and start focusing on some area of your body, preferably your hand, or maybe even a finger in that hand.
Concentrate on it, focus your attention towards it, try to feel how it feels, feel the skin wrapping around that finger, feel the blood moving in it, feel whatever you can.

Within a short time, you will probably start feeling the energy.

How you feel it is different for every person.

It may feel like a buzzing sensation in that area, maybe a tingling sensation, heat/cold, heaviness, there’s lots of other options. Do not try to expect or experience something specific, just concentrate your attention on that area and keep at it.
You will feel something quite soon, and then you’ll know how you feel it.

After you do that, try focusing your attention to your whole hand, then to other one , both of them, switch etc… experiment and have fun with it.

After you become efficient at this (which is really very easy), you can try a very simply drill.

Get a friend to help you.

Sit down with your eyes closed (by the way, if you do this whole thing with your eyes open, move on to doing it with your eyes closed and just thinking about the area instead of looking at it, or maybe start off with your eyes closed), put both hands in front of you, in mid air, some distance apart from one another, in a relaxed fashion, and tunnel your attention towards them until you can really feel the energy in both your hands very clearly.

Then , and only then, tell your friend to place one hand of his over one of your hands,
(without telling you which one he chooses) usually, you will feel a change in that hand instantly or relatively a short time afterwards, if you don’t, remain in your position while keeping your attention on your hands. When you feel the change in one of your hands, think about which hand is it and open your eyes to see for yourself.

This whole training drill can take from 5 minutes to 30 minutes (and that’s being generous).

So I recommend you just get to it ! :smile:

I’ll be happy to further assist you if you’ll be interested after you performed this very simple drill, which is just enough to show you the basics of energy.


The low energy - bad moods thing is probably related to orgonomy, the science of ‘orgone energy’.

here’s a couple of links

Wilhelm Reich, The inventor
Orgone energy

hah, I knew you two would be the first to reply :content: and thanks for the replies.

Eyelids, I will look for that book. It’s true, I have noticed the sense of lightness after crying real hard. Hadn’t thought about it…

relV, I totally agree with what you said about experience and knoledge, specially in these more… subjective things…

Now that you mention this exercise, with the friend, I remember something. Some time ago I realised that if, with my eyes closed, I would aproach my finger to my forehead (the so called third eye, I guess) I would feel this funny feeling, like a tiny pressure. The thing is I wasn’t able to figure out if it was just the fact that I was using my own finger (thus knowing when and where the finger was), the expectation, that made me feel it or not.

I also remember now that this feeling seems close to what I’ve felt when very relaxed (if you remember I talked about it in another post, a weird pressure on my forehead…).

Interesting. :happy:

im glad it makes sense to you,

especially the part about knowledge,
and I think the things you consider objective are probably not at all of that nature.

The problem with belief is that they are laying down at the bottom where the individual considers them to be fundamental truth , therefore his ego will make any attempt to rationalize , as absurd as it may be , to keep his beliefs in tact.

I suggest questioning all of your beliefs, which are the things you never thought of questioning or doubting. Yes, it requires you to stand face to face in front of your cloud of ignorance, but that will be much more productive than sweeping it under the rug.

anyhows, the drill is very simple and easy to do .
Getting a sensation to your hand will probably take no more than a few seconds.
you can do it right NOW, just close your eyes and focus your attention towards your hand/finger. Very very easy!!

I do not recall (consciously, at the moment) the post you are talking about but a pressure feeling in the forehead is usually , if you ask me, related to an intensive energetic activity in the brow eye chakra.

about the exercise

in high school my friend and i were goofing off
i convinced myself i was psychic and looked for evidence of this very strongly (and it came)

so we would guess numbers, this one guy asked me to pick a number, his range was in the hundreds, and I picked like 364 and he was like “dude no way!”
was he joking with me, or did I get it ?

at this point my friend had me close my eyes and he was all wacky and so goofy and he said “feel the chi! feel the chi! feel the real ultimate power!” and he mvoed his hands by my face, and I was like “whoa!” cus i could totally feel it, it tripped us out, we tried on each other !

we were goofy back then for sure!

I tried the hand thing now but got nothing :sad: Or perhaps something very very subtle. I’ll try again tonight when I’m relaxed in bed. LaBerge says that in the 61-point relaxation you feel a warmth or pressure in the spot after a while. I’m not sure if I’ve felt it. But I’ll experiment with this :smile:

goofyness for me is very important :grin: I’ve had a few experiences like that, where I’ve been conditioned to believe it’s “coincidence”. “Guessing” numbers and things like that. Lately I’ve had some of these, and some small small experience with remote viewing and the “law of attraction”, I guess, that are, indeed, making me question lots of my beliefs.

It’s pretty hard, you know. :bored: But fun and inspiring :content:

Yes, yes. :tongue:

When you do that exercise,
don’t expect to feel anything and don’t worry if you don’t,
just keep your attention and make it as strong as possible on your hand / finger.
If you don’t feel anything after a minute or 2 , try harder, really try to feel how the skin wraps your hand, maybe how the fingernail is sitting on the top of your finger.
If all doesn’t work, try with your legs.
If that doesn’t work either,
try touching very easily, just barely, some area of your body, preferably arm/leg, and move your hand across it very gently for a second or 2 then remove your hand and feel that area. That is very helpful, and might give you a very good kick start.
do that a couple of times until you can easily maintain the feeling after you are not touching that area anymore, then try to create the sensation without touching the area at all, just by thinking about it.

Im glad you are having those experiences that make you question some of your beliefs.
That’s good.
As always, keeping a skeptical approach with an open minded is always the right attitude.

And yes, beliefs are very hard to let go, probably a lot harder to imagine.
If you want to get a picture, just try to think of something that is ‘undeniably true’ to you, and see if you can shake that. Yes , Belief (traps) are hard to overcome, but there is simply nothing more rewarding.
The limitations imposed on you by your beliefs can only be understood by someone who does not share them.

Oh, yes. one thing I thought was undeniably true was our reality. Then I got into LD’s and BAM “what is real?” that made me think I’d actually go insane! But it was great. :content:

I tried the hand thing again. I felt nothing or something very very subtle. Something like a little stiffness, like a very faint SP, maybe. I also felt blood the pumping.

You could also try a very simple exercise that should result in your feeling the build up of energy for yourself.

Sit quietly for a few minutes thinking about what you’re about to do.
Hold you hands slightly away from your body with your palms facing each other, about a foot apart.
Close your eyes and begin moving your hands together until there’s only about an inch between them and then move them back again.
Breathe rhythmically as you repeat this over and over without touching hands.
You should begin to feel the build up of a pressure between your palms, an exaserbation of the air molecules if you like.
You are creating an excess of energy between your palms that, given an intention, you could then use toward a goal.

Energy is what binds and powers everything in the Universe it is a once one thing and everything.

Enjoy your journey. :content:

random experiment

touch the thumbs to index fingers, palms facing down
state “Higher self, please attune me to the highest spiritual energy, love, and light”
focus on the top of your head a while
if you feel energy,
after it is at the top of the head, release your fingers, that it will flow down into the body, and esp into the hands
you’re done,

I was on a bus today, on a 2 hour trip. I was listening to music and tried to meditate and/or just relax. I usually do this, I get into this state where my mind seems really calm and sometimes I feel like I’ve fallen asleep for a few minutes but I’m almost sure I didn’t…

After a while of this, I was just sitting there with my eyes closed, my mind was wandering, I guess, and I felt something on my forehead. It was almost like a fly had landed there :tongue: and then I was really aware of my forehead. I focused my attention there and I got a feeling I’ve gotten 2 or 3 times before. A little pressure, in a funny kind of way. I’m not sure how to explain it.

It was interesting at first, and I kept my attention there. After a while I got tired of it, it got a bit annoying… so I opened my eyes, and was able to keep the feeling. After I decided I would stop whatever it was it took me a few seconds to get rid of it. I had to totally focus on something else and try to forget it.

Anyway, the other times I got this I was in bed, half asleep, and this time it came out of nowhere! Any comments on this? Should I have done anything about or with it? thanks :content:

(It does feel like the best word to describe it is “energy”… :shy: )

what to do with it ?

have fun with it! :smile:

experiment, have fun, see what it feels like, try to do all kinds of things, whatever makes you feel good

The forehead is often associated with the third eye as I’m sure you’re aware. It’s one of the energy centers of the body and can facilitate many spiritual experiences, from visions to Out of Body Experiences.

There’s nothing to say that you ‘should’ have done something with it but you certainly could have done from that point, although I have to say that I personally wouldn’t have been comfortable going any further than you did when I wasn’t in a safe personal place purely because you never know what might happen. :tongue:

The feeling persisted afterwards because the energy was still flowing through that point and the best way to ground yourself at a time like that is to eat and drink something. It’s a very humanising action.

I would suggest practice and finding how far you can go into whatever presents itself by taking very baby steps, one more at each sitting and by being aware of the consequences of your actions. Every thought, good or bad, is amplified in that state and you wouldn’t want to get carried away with something negative.

Hope this helps and remember to enjoy it in Love and Light. :colgate:

thanks, I will try to experiment. I’m just not sure how to do it…

“baby steps”, for example. ok, baby steps, but “in which direction”? Is there a direction? Don’t know if that makes sense… :tongue:

Like, what can I do? think about something? try to visualize something?

It’s hard to find the words to describe my question… :sad:

it’s a delicate individualistic thing. No one can tell you what to do . Try concentrating on that area, try to move the sensation elsewhere, try to make it stronger, weaker, wider, etc… anything you can think up, experiment. It’s your learning to do, just enjoy it.

all sorts of visualizations can work… you can, for example, visualize a white sphere in your forehead whilst its shining, make it brighter, dimmer, etc… move it…

Experiment. That’s the key. No one can tell you what to do .

oh ok, thanks :content:

I’ve done the Chakra test I found here on ld4all and, acording to that, my root and navel chakras are under active. I read the part in that website about openning the chakras, and I’ve searched the web a bit too.

I was just wondering, is the hand position (mudras, I believe) and the sounds necessary? (If not,) are there other ways to open chakras?


Nothing is necessary.
Don’t get caught up into performing rituals and similar events. And don’t treat a ‘chakra test’ too seriously either.

Focus on the things you want, do what makes you feel good, achieve balance in your life.

That’s what will make your consciousness glow in harmony.

I think before you move into chakras you should start off by learning how to sense energy because what will be the point of trying to feel or open the chakras if you dont know how to sense it? I say sense because to me it is a SENSE like seeing and hearing an in order to sense the energy you have to practice for a couple of months. I have taken a awakening healing energy class which has helped me sense energy. Now I am able to direct energy(sense of warmness) into any place of my body. It takes practice so I suggest you find practices to awaken the energy. The practice that I do are The Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds and the Microcosmic Orbit all of these are taoist practices but that doesn’t mean you have to be a taoist, any practice will work like the ones that have been mentioned here. The main thing is to find an energy sensing practice that you are comfortable with.