Entering WILD

Sorry I’ve been posting a lot recently about WILD, but I feel I’m getting so close to succeeding. I just have to ask a few more questions about it. I hope I’m not annoying anyone! :sad:

I have to ask - What do I do once I enter SP? Twice now I have laid there as my heartbeat raises and my eyes pulse like mad, but I dont know what to do. Should I wait a while or something? I’ve never gone long enough without opening my eyes and ruining it all.

Also, I’d like to ask about the times you can WILD. Does it make any difference if its day or night, and how tired I am?

Thanks for reading.

I’ve read somewhere that you should see a white dot or something (HI) and you just get the knowing when to enter the dream. I don’t have experience they just told me that knowing is the best to describe when to enter the dream state. It just might be a feeling to be a little more specific. You would try to grab that object or walk into the light to be able to get into the dream state.

I think i can help you with this, last night i had my second lucid dream. I’ve naturally had SP in the middle of the night a few times a month for the last year, and only a few days ago did i realise i could use this freaky phenomena to enter the world of LD’s.

I was lying on my bed and i was trying to get to sleep normally, sometime in the night i found myself facing upwards (i don’t know if i had just come out of a dream or if i had been like that and not realised :tongue: ). A buzzing, tingling wave engulfs my whole body and i can no longer feel anything but this strange sensation. I start to hear intense tinnitus in my ears that seems to go up and down in pitch. after a few seconds i know that it’s SP again, but this time I’m not scared because i know that anything i see/feel is all in my head. I don’t see anything but Pitch black and a few faint waves of colour here and there.

Surprisingly, my heart is not racing like it did last time, i just sit and relax and see what happens. eventually i hear breathing, i feel someone breathing onto my face, and i don’t want to open my eyes :sad: . I try to ignore it but after what seemed like about 15 seconds, i think that just sitting and doing nothing isn’t gonna get me any lucid dreams, so i try and visualise something to grab onto to bring me into the dream world. I’m not very good at this, and my attempts at visualising an orange (yeah, an orange :razz: don’t ask) didn’t succeed.

I think again of another technique i read on these forums, and i try rolling out of my bed. Oh no! i thought that id managed to move my real body out of SP and ruin my chances. I do the finger through hand RC and to my surprise, i was DREAMING! :happy:. I looked around the room and every thing looked like it did IRL. It was dark and i tried turning the light on, but it didn’t work ( a nice RC but frustrating when you’re already lucid :down: ). although the LD that i did get was rather short, i was very pleased that i managed to do it.

I hope that you succeed in your WILDing soon! :content: good luck

Thanks for the replies! Very helpful :grin: Last time I did it I saw a white glow but got too scared to do anything… next time I reckon I’ll do it. Thanks again!!

I don’t see a white dot, but more of a white blob thing. It’s like a cloud. I wonder why everybody see’s roughly the same thing?> :crazy:

I see little white dots.
I wonder the same thing, has there been any research conducted on HI?

I haven’t seen any on it. GOOGLE IT!! :content: :tongue: :wink:

so, these hallucinations are only in your brain and you don’t really see them, because your eyes are closed?

and thanks for the information

I think I’ve read that they are from your brain and you don’t really see them.

‘so, these hallucinations are only in your brain and you don’t really see them, because your eyes are closed?’

yeah, well for me I knew that my eyes were closed so I knew everything I was seeing was in my head, although I didn’t really see much :razz:. I think part of it was because I didn’t want to see what was breathing on me. Perhaps if i opened my eyes (which you can in SP) I would’ve seen whatever it was! i didn’t want to wake up from the shock if that did happen, but if SP does happen to me again I’ll try and open my eyes and tell you what i see :happy:.

I’ve reached SP in attempting a full WILD… I focused on this scene that I wanted my dream to be while in SP, and I found it becoming brighter, not really clearer, but like it had a white veil over it. I pretty much snapped out because my heart rate was too high because it was my 1st try at a WILD.

ALSO, remember, this didn’t happen after I woke up from sleeping… this was when I went to bed at my usual time, after playing on my PC for like 4 hours lol. You can still get dreams with this way right?

but at the beginning of sleep, there is no REM-stage, is it?
so, how can you get a lucid dream, without REM-stage :uh:
theoretically, this must be impossible.


cresun I sometimes get these red dots in the bottom left corner of my vision sometimes IRL while having them open of course. I forgot what they were called. It is weird though. For me they stay for more than just a second it seems.

I didn’t say I actually entered the dream, its just I could see it in my mind’s eye. Entering SP isn’t dreaming, which I had experienced. I did see the scene I was imagining though, very faintly.


So is this with your eyes open?

I sometimes get weird microbe-shaped structures float around depending on which direction I look. Quite fun sometimes :razz:


Haha i think most people get those weird floating microbe like things in their vision at sometime. I see them usually when I’m looking at the sky. i heard they were mineral deposits on your eyes. Or inside, i cant remember which. :razz: