entity upon returning from astral travel. help please

I began to float out of my body. As I got out I was flying around my room uncontrollably and I couldnt see much. As a person having few experinces im not sure how to make it to higher planes. Well. I did. I shouted. Take me somewhere. I was in a room and on the ground I seen what appeared to be a color spectrum. With numbers like the periodic table. It was huggee. I seen a door. It was like a gate and something was pressing numbers. I knew there was a meaning but I couldnt see the code. I said more clarity…uhh oops. I was then in the chair by the gate with codes. And this was more real then real life. The clarity was so high it made our reality seem like 10 megapixels. I thought holy crap this must be what happens to some people when they think their alien abducted. It was so real I was scared what may happen. Plus im in a chair lol. I think of my body and the second I return im in sleep paralyis with a big black dog on my chest growling ( have never ever seen an entity in sleep paralysis out of numorous experinces) I cast it out in name of jesus and it left and I snapped out of sleep paralysis) what was that thing!! What happened!! Was it a demon. Was it a spirit entity. Is it attatched to me now. HELP. Please

I would say it was a product of the SP and your fears.

Even if you believe it was an entity, you cast it out in the name of Jesus so it CANNOT be attached to you now.

Well the thing is. Ive had sp two billion times squared to the ninth power lol!!. And ive never seen something on me. But the only time I have ever confidently made it to a higher realm in the astro plane. I find something sitting on me. So it mustve came from that realm. But I suppose its ok cuz I cast it out. Also when I was floating out of body and threw the experince I was feeling a Sharp pain in my upperback about the size of a pen head. Not sure what that was

[color=#F781F3]Sp, astral travel, anything like that. hallucinations in any form of hypnogogia, or sp doesn’t mean they are entities. if that were the case, i’d have an armada of a following. none of them have ever been persistent.

i have only had sp once, and it didn’t have any hallucinations involved, but from what i hear of others, hallucinations of things like that are basically almost always there. that’s perfectly normal and there’s no entities involved.

i wouldn’t worry about it. and i would really recommend you didn’t. the more you focus on it, the more likely it will give you problems in the future. [/color]

I agree to not worry or focus on it because our fears can produce hallucinations. What is weird that im getting at. Is ive had SP tons and tons and tons of times. And ive never seen anything. Only felt a body on my back a couple times. But the one time I absolutley astral project. The vert second I get in my body. Without anytime to produce a fear to produce a hallucination. There is a big black wolf dog on me. It was not made from fears because I had no time to think. I went from astral plane then back to body with this being on me. Ya know? Lol

Maybe it was a guardian of sorts if you want to view it as that, your home alarm, You go back it growls to scare of unwanted not knowing you are you yet.

Like Loah say, don’t focus to much on it. Also SP’s are very much about impressions and thoughts, Being your very first astral your subconscious can have cause the hallucination cause you instinctively take astral as more than a LD causing anxiety.

And your subconscious had plenty of time to produce a fear without your conscious mind knowing it. You’re conscious mind did after all get scared(Or you would not have mentioned casting it out in the name of Jesus, nor ask for help). And your subconscious mind works far faster than your conscious, you would not even perceive it. And it still frightens you making you tell your subconscious mind to focus attention to it, causing your subconscious more likely to give it to you again. Therefore do not focus that much attention on it.

I’d like to point out that isnt all that logical. If its a higher realm, its not going to have nasty beings in it to follow you back. The nasty stuff is in the lower astral realms not the higher ones.

I’ve encountered a black dog as well when semi-lucid or in weird states. (Not sure if I’ve made it to the astral yet)

I got pinned in dream by it once. I was on a dark, misty road with the hulks of strange, rusting cars/vehicles. Something moved in the darkness and I saw the blur of a shadow darting around. It solidified into a large black dog in the mist in front of me and ran at me. It was too quick to do anything about it and it jumped to land on my chest, growling and pinning me against the ground. I thought I was going to get my throat torn out but I followed my belief that everything I encountered was a part of me and attempted to meet it with openness and love. It licked my face and then left back into the mist. Someone handed me things and I woke up confused.

I saw it again on my back porch when I was in an OoB state but it just left into the night.

I like the idea of it being a “watchdog”, checking to make sure you’re you before it lets you back in your dream/body/local area. Kind of a cool concept. :smile:

Hello Yamattscott12

I have had thousands of obes, and thousands of astral projections some as real as the world around us but in worlds not of here. The entity you saw is what I refer to as a sparteil or a shadow person. The sparteil is an angel but one that is not of here and is out of place within this world. An angel can not find information about our world in their minds so they use sleep paralysis to enter into our dreams. Now sleep paralysis happens in two ways ether they pull you into your higher mind or you can disconnect form your self experiencing and enter into your higher mind to experience your soul records. The soul is separated into to parts the part experiencing and the part that is your higher self and is contained in a treemend on the head of the soul. When we astral project we can enter into the treemend and become ourselves there to find memories of past lives and other experiences.

The entity was only trying to find information about you and found something else that was not your memories. If something else is inside of your treemend it is possible for you to enter into it also to become it there. The starseed misconception.

I am looking for these shadow people or sparteil try to remember my user name if you encounter this experience again. Tell this entity to find powessy