escape out of a lucid dream

I don’t know if there’s a difference in experienced and non-experienced lucid dreamers, but I never had totally control of my dreams. Simple things, like flying, I could handle. Eventhough I wasn’t always flying (more like jumping very high)while trying my best to get it right.

I have never managed to change my surroundings with my thoughts, not the buildings and stuff nor the people/creatures I faced.

Sometimes, when having a lucid dream, I encountered many things I really didn’t want to see, like huge scary monsters and stuff. Eventhough I knew it was a dream, I was still shocked because it looks so real! So I was wondering if some of you guys have discovered a way to escape your dreams and wake up. I’ve read something about a “spinning-method” which you can use to change the “scene”, but I didn’t get the chance to try it out, yet. But are there any other people with own methods?

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Besides the spinning around method that you already mentioned, you could try to think of a door. (You can also use a door which is already somewhere in your dreamscape.) Imagine a whole different dreamscape behind it, the dreamscape you want to be in. Instead of using a door you could also use a mirror. You could even use a wall to walk trough :wink:

Another method would be flying to another dreamscape. You say flying is more like jumping very high for you. So you could jump very high on a way you can’t see any details in your dreamscape anymore. When you fall back to land, you imagine the dreamscape will be different.

If you want to wake up, you could close your eyes and say to yourself you will wake up when you open them. Just make sure it’s not a FA where you end up in. I also heard from someone that when she shook her head hard she would wake up too.

close your eyes and you will probably wake up :content:

Well, spinning stabilizes the dream, not changes scene =o

But if there are mosters and some other scary stuff, shout “This is MY dream and I control it” Then make them disappear - they can just vaporize or something like that.

To wake up : You can try (like lironyan wroted) closing eyes saying/thinking “I will open my rel eyes now” and open it. BUT you may have a FA - you will just dream about waking up. I once done something between squint and slowly opening eyes, i had very weird dicovering - while my eyes was open i saw things near me, when they was closing (my SC was trying to close my eyes or something :razz: - they was very heavy) i saw my dream. Try that, it should work.

I think I may have read somewhere that breathing in a dream controls your “real” lungs as well. Maybe holding your breath would wake you up.

And, of course, there’s the “going to sleep in a dream” thing :smile:

I was drowning in a dream the other day, and I kinda locked my lungs in the dream, but the weird thing is, is when I first hit the water, I breathed perfectly, which struck me as odd in the dream, I didn’t really get the RC aspect of that though. But when I breathed in I woke up and my lungs were kinda stiff in a sense, but not at full capacity.

I don’t have much experience with changing scenery. But I did create a doorway once by holding up my hands in front of my face(, I didn’t want to close my eyes) and willing it to be there. Ofcourse I had already walked through the mirror then and was in a peculiar place.

The problem is that the subconscious runs your dreams, so when we are lucid we have to fight for more control.

Spinning will help if you think about what you want to accomplish while spinning. Be it removing the monsters or just changing the scene completely.

Controlling aspects of dreams like DCs/monsters and changing whole scenes in the blink of an eye requires alot of concentration and control compaired to flight. I would suggest thinking of your own way to confront these monsters.

If you are lucid enough to take some control, try changing small things about them. Such as, their personality. Walk up to them and say hi instead. Just because they look mean doesn’t mean they are :wink:

Alternitively try conjuring a door/mirror to pass through to another place.

Waking up is usually easy. Closing your eyes and opening them usually wakes me up. But practice from time to time conjure a person then practice changing them instantly into someone else. That way when the monsters come you will be more used to doing it and be more able to change them.

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and thanks for all the replies everyone! :content: I’m sure this will help me a lot :smile: give me those ludic dreams right now! I’m ready for it! :smile:

a method of escaping dreams? just focus on ripping your eyelids open. This should work… if that’s what you really want. Remember, big scary monsters are your subconscious’s way to tell you something is bothering you. try to face it next time, and ask it why it’s haunting you.

As for the dream control. yes, it comes with experience. one thing I can say, it helps to expect. If you expect something to happen, it will. Just will yourself to believe that you can fly proficiently, and you will (if not, you’ll get it after a few tries)

Dream scene change. The spinning technique is great for a lot of people, but it always works on random for me. It’s main purpose it to stabilize the dream world, but I’ve found that at the beginning, you can use it for tele-porting. I use the door/corner method.

Simply expect your desired place to be behind a door, or around a corner, and it should be. Kinda like the Matrix doors.

Again, escaping from nightmares doesn’t solve the fear, just puts it on hold, and usually makes a bad start to the day.

Good luck, happy dreaming :content: