Ever read your older posts?

Hey all,

Have you ever gone back and read your old posts, like, your really old posts?
I just did, I read some of the oldests post I’ve ever made on this website. It’s interesting how different I was back then, and how differently I communicated on this site (at times I was kind of a jerk :tongue: )

How about you guys, have you ever gone back and read your old posts?

I do it every now and again… I don’t think I have changed that much.
Just for fun my first few posts…
the BIG “Hi, I’m new here!” topic III

same topic

Newbie Advice - Helpful Hints For The Aspiring Lucid Dreamer

same topic

So do you think I have changed? Except for being able to handle BBcode now :tongue:

You definitly have a good handle on BBcode, what with all the quoting and large fonts and everything you just used :tongue:

Her self esteem improved a lot too. Look at her first post.

Josh, quote your first posts here too!

Very well, I’ll go find some…

This one is me correcting Jeff after he accidentally called me John…no smilies or emoticions…I feel like such a jerk, writing so stern like that :tongue:

And here is my very first post on the philosopher’s cloud, talking about the meaning of life :smile:

Anyone think I’ve changed or do I seem the same as always? :tongue:

You became more scanable. :grin:

Also, I think you’re a bit more friendly now, but that may be just the lack of smileys in your first posts :content:

You still start your posts positioning yourself in relation to the other posters—I agree, I disagree.

Funny to see how you moderators began your journeys through this forum. I mean—look at this! By the time of these posts you both were just… Yet two other n00bs. :razz:

Do you think I should quote my first posts? I may be only 11 days old, but the first posts won’t change much. :grin:

Nah, I batter wait till I changed to ask people if they think I changed. :razz:

I agree (I’m positioning myself in relation to another poster again…:tongue:)
You could wait a while and then go back and look, it’s more interesting that way :smile:

Several times when people have replied to very old topics and i see one of my old posts i don’t even recognise that it was me writing it let alone remember writing it. I’ve even thought “was there another alex on this board?”
I don’t think i’ve changed that much since i first joined but maybe i have and just haven’t noticed it

I have seen some of my old posts now .

Especially my first .
I started wilding accidently and it scared me in here ! :cool_laugh:

I also noticed that I aint that formal when osting as I was and post more .
I aint “afraid” of the forum anymore :shy:
And I have went more to the lounge the gathering and playground :shy:

I have over 600 PG posts

Wow, if playground posts counted, you’d be well over 1000 posts already :cool_laugh:

Yup I would :content:

But I havent spammed playgound .
Noooooooooooooooooooot at all :tongue:

I haven’t been here for such a long time, but I think that I’ve changed. I have found certain smilies I like to use, and I also know people more. I’m not as formal and I post less
“That sounds intresting”. :tongue:

It’s weird, but I laugh at myself.

My first post since i got my internet back was this:

That is still my favourite RC :cool:

The second post was this:

and Q was the first to reply to something I posted. :cool: I haven’t dreamt about her for quite a long time now.

and the first LD was this:

I remember moogle’s welcome post to me well! I was surprised when she had been reading my dreams…it added a lot to the friendly impression of this place. :cool:

I’m pretty sure that’s my first post.
I don’t like it. Only a few months ago, but it still seems far away.

After a request…or should I say I was black mailed ?.. :slight_smile: I m here to post my old me :smile:.
I had no intros or so :grin::tongue:

So check how passionate was poseidon :

Fri Aug 01, 2003

My english still suck ^^,that never changed…

Aug 13, 2003 12:31

Ok and now ladies and gents … I present you …I m so Good DR bad FR(need help)exited…my first topic YAY!!!YAY!!!..so proud~!

Good DR bad FR(need help)

:smile: The greatest part is old dreams, just coOOoLzzss.


At this point I want to apologise adults for being so bad with them :cry: … I know …I m so sorry …

MWAhahahahahaAHAHAHAHA :mrgreen_hat: :puh: :tempted:

Before, I wasn’t sure about everything. “What if this happens? I’m not sure of this happened.” I also posted less. But look at me now. :content:

To stop the post from stretching out, I’ve made the quote a bit smaller. This was my second post. (first was short and uninteresting, this shows the old me more)

Ugh, I sounded so odd… (still do, but I trust everyone now and can be myself more :content:) Look at the progress I’ve made! pats self on back Funny to see how much you change, isn’t it? Another thing I noticed is how paranoid I was back when I started my first DJ. If I ever said something offensive, I would write long explanations saying that I was sorry and didn’t really mean that.

Fun stuff, eh? :grin:

You sound much more ‘comfortable’ now :content:

I wasn’t telling all the truth. I had a Death dream the day I joined LD4all again, that’s what made me look for the site after over two years…

Heh back them I did strive to make it clear in my dreams about Shin and my synæthesia. After a while I dropped it and started just narrating the cold facts, but I remember trying to make as many remarks as possible about the sky being silk or velvet and some people being allegretos while others felt more like grey tangos etc. Above all, I did record my back of mind thoughts in the dreams, that was very rich. After a while I got full of explaining my mind is weird, and started just behaving like the ordinary person… I should try to disclose those sensations more often again, especially in my dream journal. d=

My third post was in a topic regarding drugs. The post motivated a user to leave the forum. After a few months of inactivity, it was unfortunately deleted. Some of what I said there— I’m really proud of what I wrote in those posts, and I’m proud of the other users. It was a friendly discussion, very rich and reasonable, very civilized. I remember two members volunteered to stop doing drugs for a while and see how it affected their dreams. Real shame the topic is now gone.

Anyways. Those were my three first posts. Cheers. Did I change a lot?

[color=#cc3333](Heh feels funny to use my mod edit colours… :razz:)

Here’s my avatars, I think they kind of tell a story too. My first ever avatar was a dragon tattoo thing:

Which, after a few weeks, Filip kindly turned into a nicer, fancy animated version:

Back then, my username in SeaLife was Shin because I didn’t want people from LD4all to know straightaway it was the LD4all Bruno. So my first SeaLife avatar (whose image I lost) was a big ش (shin, 13th letter of the Arabic alphabet, initial of the Arabic words for “poet” and “demon”).

Later, I asked for T to transform my wallpaper into an avatar and he made this:

Accordingly, I changed my SeaLife avatar to that same Moon. After a while, some people were a bit annoyed because this avatar was slightly smaller than 80px, and looked weird under the rank image (the stars above one’s avatar), so both Fey and Q made fancy 80 px sized avatars for me. I started using Q’s version, saving Fey’s for an especial occasion which never came:

By that time, I changed my SeaLife avatar into a nicer looking shin:

When Moogle gently offered her help to change my SeaLife nick (the option is disabled by default) to Bruno, I changed my avatars again, into pictures of a writer I very much like, called Jack Kerouac:

Finally, when I dropped moderation and the Cloud was merged into the Lounge, I felt I needed to change things again. I wanted something black and blue to match my yellow stars in the rank (the black and white photo used to look cool with the colourful stars, but got rather dull against yellow). I found a brilliant pic of a bottled and a cloud, which was most appropriate, considering Q had given me a bottled piece of the Philosopher’s Cloud in the topic in the mod forum where we were discussing its deletion.

I also made this one a version for MSN messenger and my secret online journal:

Those things really tell a story, don’t they? Perhaps I could post my sig history too. I made post in “Why your sig?” for every signature change except for two (including the latest), explaining the motivation and the sentiment that led me to change it. Anyways. There you go. Forum history. :bruno:[/color]