Ever read your older posts?

Wow…I found my first post. Nearly 2 years ago, it doesn’t feel that long ago.

God did I use the, “!” way too much… Ugh…grammer…

I can’t find the energy or guts to find my first post. But I must admit that I have gone to old posts of mine and read them. Sometimes I’d laugh and other times I wonder “wheretf did that come from”?

I’d definitely say I’ve changed since my first posting. Props for posting such a fun topic.

Thanks to a good little doobie, I saw my first post.

Boy, I have changed and the post was made almost 2 and a half years ago…

I think I’ve stayed the same, but become more active in other topics coughTestingForumcough. Except my DJ entries. I shudder at the sight of my old ones…

These past 516/7 weeks have been quite the ride for me, and I’m sure plenty of people who have been around during that time know how much I’ve changed. :content: First of all, I started out as BlissfulBlues—(Or BlissfullBlues for that matter, as I was careless enough not to check the spelling of “blissful” as I created the name). :tongue:

Oh right! I became a notorious spammer coupled with the one and only Huey, and I’ve learned my lesson like a good little troublemaker. :yes:

Before then, I had at least one well-mannered post, and that turned out to be my first post here! Lucky me.

It was somewhere around here that things started to go downhill. :tongue: However, at least moogle promised to protect me from Wolf, Huey, and Bruno. :scared: Afterwards I had my share of immature posts, but then again at the same time I was well behaved in my first DJ. :grin: Maybe both personalities helped to balance each other out, at least I hope so. :uh:

ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.p … 660#210660

AWWW! :dream:

Look at 16–year–old Bruno saying “(remember I’m 16 and hadn’t been in love many times).”

Awwwwww :yay:

My first ever post…

My second ever post.

Third ever post.

Have I changed since then?

I don’t have any old posts :confused: . I’m still kinda new :grin: . But, this is my first one…

It ended up my dream recall sucked :tongue: . lol. :smile:

i was reading my first dream diary post

It’s funny what 6 months can do to a person, eh?

Ahhh 3 posts for one dream :razz: And i remember i didn’t understand what moogle meant by editing posts :lol:

and it seemed i was highly enthusiastic or hyper when i wrote that one.

I used to be such a dumb stoner, and it was highly reflective in my posts. I joined around 3 and a half years ago, and have been active here on and off for a while. But i think ive changed a lot.
When coming back the last time, i almost created a new account, because im slightly embarrased by how i used to talk/act around here.

I changed too if I look at my first posts, about a year ago… But that’s because I’m still 15 and everyone changes around that age. :tongue:

Hehe, my first and second posts consisted of me thinking I had an LD then realizing it was a broken fan. :rofl:

I was a BIG jerk before, and my writing was horrible too :grin:

Your spelling was indeed not too often correct, but I kind of liked it that way. :grin: I really, really did.

No need to worry, my writing was often poor also (English being my first language, I find that sort of shameful :tongue: )

I just looked through a sampling of some of my oldest posts and was surprised that I wasn’t embarrassed at all by my past actions. :tongue: Well, to lighten the burden, I never had spelling and grammar issues. :whew: But I’d forgotten how goofy and entertaining I could be sometimes, and I feel like I’ve only changed minimally since then. :content: Not that a year and a half is exactly a long time.

Well, I may have grown a little bit. :colgate:

Well, my first posts were all about lucid dreaming and my old self.

I have learned some lessons IRL and I’m different now. Mostly worse, ie more cynical and selfish. But besides that or a meteor, I see little other choice when dealing with people.

I haven’t in a while, though it’s always a lot of fun and kind of excruciating to go back and see how I used to write and act. The sad thing is that some of my oldest posts aren’t around anymore. My DJ was tossed in the archive, and the LUE thread was “magically cleaned up” after several years of existence. It still makes me weepy to think about it. :tongue:

This seems a good place to make post 10000 and take a quick trip down memory lane :content:

It only took 2 days to feel comfortable enough to declare my age :eek:
How old are you? Part II

I don’t think I had to go for that many lie downs :tongue:

Before 2 weeks had passed, I felt safe enough to talk about my faith and the result was the personal spiritual beliefs topic … the only drawback being a cringemaking first post … since I wasn’t sure if the other member would be willing to discuss the subject.

:shy: ooo I was a naughty chatspeaker!!!

And the post where I admitted I was an addict!
Site was down,- 2 weeks of posts lost :sad:

The beginning of my online DJ … it looks a lot different to my current one with only one or two smilies…
I was surprised I started one so soon since sharing dreams is so personal :eek:

I think that’s enough of my secret history being revealed :peek:

Yes, and I’m almost dumber then than I am now. :tongue: Seriously though, at least then my mind was so cluttered and stressed, and for good things, at least now I hold back on some things I type up.