Extraordenary experiences in a LD. (Emotion boost!)

Extraordenary experiences in a LD. (Emotion boost!)

So I have read a little about what people like to do, but I see most of the same stuff every time, and there is few really extraordinary things that I have seen people do, and I’m also gonna give you in for a method to have the best times of your life.

List of the basic “fun” stuff.

And the list goes on…

List of extraordinary things to do

1.Emotion boost:
Now imagine your regular emotional experiences trough the normal day, if you think this is anything compared to what you can do in dreams, you are VERY wrong my friend. You could increase the emotional experience by 10 billion.
Now this I want to say is the biggest thing you actually can do, emotions basically controls how you feel about things, it’s really emotions who gives you good/bad experiences.
If you have no emotion while watching a movie, the movie will suck. So HOW does one do this? Well, use your imagination, I remember the most passionate kiss i ever had, it was in a normal dreams, I had years ago, not to go into telling the whole dream, but the feelings I had.
Not like any other feeling I’ve had again. The mind is very powerful, and if you have yet to experience the thing I’m talking about, I must say you have missed out on something big. The ONLY one problem, is that high emotions tend to wake some people up. How to come over this problem is just to focus more on the dream than you usually do. And if you are lucky, you’ll have a long good emotional experience.

So let me give you a little guide.
1. Like any other task, set your intention. This should be done before and in a LD.
“I will myself to have an beyond experience, that will feel better than anything I have ever experienced.”
2. When you are in a LD, take your hand and put it over your heart. Then you might want to feel a feeling go trough your entire body. If you just ask for a good feeling while doing this, you sure will get one.
3. Now, what do you want to do? Want to experience the kiss of real love? Find yourself a subject, and just ask for the kiss of real love. Make now sure that the subject agrees, you can’t get it without the agreement. If the subject doesn’t want to, find another. It’s that easy.
You can find more things to do on the bottom.

2. Meeting one’s SG:
Now this is a different experience for most, some have bad experiences, and others have very good.
How to do it? You simply ask for your SG, you could ask other DC’s, or imagine that she is behind you and check.
You could ask your SG about anything. If you want to know more about SG’s read (The BIG Spritig Guide topic) lot’s of suggestions to what to do.

3. Meeting Dream Gods:
Now I have heard a little about these, apparently they will have as much power as you. Please do not comment that that is impossible, cause it isn’t, anyway, not here to discuss about that. Well, same method as the SG, just ask for him/her. If anyone know more about dream gods, please post a commend about it.

I will give you a bigger list of things to do regarding the emotion topic.

Emotion hacking - to do list.
[color=blue]Remember. You got 5 senses that you also could use to trigger high emotions, try touching, smelling, watching, hearing.
Kiss of death
There is one i know here who experienced this, but totally forgot s/he’s name. Sorry :meh:
What you do here is kiss death, how it feels, I have no idea.
Kiss of real love
Get the right person and experience real love, ask for this kiss, and feel actual love.
Remember to always ask for emotions, or it’s just regular sex. BOORING.
Beautiful sightings
Like any other things, try watching something beautiful. I once saw the park that is right down my road in a LD. I have never ever seen something so pretty before. The colors, the details, everything. Love it. How to get them, ask ask ask. Or if you really want, take it. Go trough a mirror and some place nice.
Become one with the music
Another great example that I’ve read on the forum.
Just ask for the best music you are about to hear, and just dance with it, become ONE with the music.
Eat things
Ask for the best thing you can eat, and eat it!
Touching life
Now this I can’t wait to try. What you do is you go somewhere trough a mirror, ask to visit a place with life, imagine a little nice place with beautiful nature, warm and delightful, this place also holds life itself.
Use your imagination to find more things to do.

And please be sure to report any experiences with this.[/color]

Well most beginners do the ‘same’ sort of stuff, but I’ve seen a lot of other dreams where people did ‘extra-ordinary’ stuff. Some of the Quests are things you mention in your list too.

Do you mean Bruno and his dream “The Kiss of Death” or do you mean someone else?

This is scientifically proven to be very correct.
No emotions = No good experience.

So basically this means that you can’t get any better dreams than this if you do it correct.

You’re absolutely right. The emotions connected with any experience is what makes it important to us and memorable, no matter what emotion that is. I will definately keep this in mind in the future.
Though I sort of think Hacking has a negative ring to it, I’ll call it ‘tuning in’ or something i think.