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This is weird: when I asked to see my dream/spirit guide, my granmother showed up. Has anyone had that happen to them, their spirit guide shows up as someone they know? I doubt it was actually my granmother, this version spoke a lot differently…

woo my first post



Actually, my SG is also someone I know, but not someone I met. It’s another member of this forum—Wolf!

I think it’s most natural that some people’s SGs are people they know, especially a family elder, like a grandmother or something.

enters room

people yell and chant, “WOLF! WOLF! WOLF!”


Yeah, yeah, I’m Bruno’s SG. IN THE FLESH! screaming of fans But seriously, it’s really cool to see how I react in Bruno’s dreams. The more he gets to know me, the funnier it becomes to read his DJ. (I react more realisticly)

'Tis sweet, indeed. :cool:

That’s… Interesting, to say the least. :happy:

I suppose it would be natural for it to be my granmother, I mean, I talk to her about dreams a lot since she’s around so often (and I dream a lot…) but I never considered that fact she might pop up in one of my dreams. And seem so short-tempered, too. Actually, people I know appear a lot in my dreams.

But I never seem to be in anyone elses. :sad:

In my must humble opinion, I have another theory. I’ve done some research about the ‘game’ ouija, where you can contact dead ones. (I have not tryed it.) And after reading a bit about it, I came to the conclusion, that you can talk to your spirit guide through the board - if this works, and if this is true. As i’m pretty much new to dreaming (I’ve had a few more LD’s after I started practicing) and havent tryed ouija. Im a little sceptical to ouija, simply because it sounds decently scary.


:happy: Usually, when I hear about people meeting their “spirit guide,” I kind of blow it off… But now I may have met mine, and I realize that it feels pretty cool XD

Note: I don’t really think Spirit Guides exist in real life, but I do believe that everybody has kind of… made up their own, subconciously or something.

I’ve been trying to WILD the last week or so, hoping to meet my spirit guide to see what he/she was like. About 2-3 nights ago, the WILD still didn’t work but the night was FULL of lucid moments. Every time they happened though, everything would fade black and I’d wake up… This has been happening a lot, lately… The final lucid moment I had that night, however, ended with an FA instead of a real awakening. (I was not lucid at this point, but I look back and realize what happened…) I was sitting on my bed, and I was talking with somebody else sitting at the foot of my bed. I don’t recall what they looked like, what they sounded like, or even if they were male or female. Now that I look back, I think it may have been my Spirit Guide. I felt like I had known the person all of my life, too… I told the person about my recent problems with lucidity, and he/she said this: “Try using the portals…”

I suddenly found myself floating in total darkness, a void of nothingness. Off in the distance, there was a giant door. (Think “The Gate of Truth” if you’ve ever seen Fullmetal Alchemist.) It opened up to reveal a giant, purple, swirling vortex inside. I then woke up.

hey, i have 1 question.
are spirit guides “there” in every dream you have? maybe disguised or something?

No, though my SG shows up in a lot of dreams and also pesters me IRL :content:

hmm, guess i’ll need to succeed in LD-ing first:P

what do you mean pester?

Hmm, think he’s a crazy person with multiple personality disorder. :grin:

Yup, yup, that’s it… :mrgreen:


I’ve had success the last few weeks contacting my SGs from a WILD state (which I’m able to achieve nearly every early morning lately since I’ve been doing regular morning and evening meditation).

The first time I asked for a message from my SGs, immediately against a very vivid blue sky came a heroic-looking man riding Pegasus (which was later interpreted by a radio show dream expert as inspiration for writers, apt since I’m starting a book).

The night after that I asked for another message and I immediately saw a commercial run for beauty products that enhanced clarity and brilliance (I laughed since I used to produce commercials) and I heard a loud female voice say she was my beauty guide and she had a message for me (a psychic reading later that week confirmed this by saying I had a beauty guide which I never knew existed). The voice was surprising since I’ve never heard a voice in my head before, but it was a great breakthrough since it was so clear.

The night after that I asked to actually SEE one of my guides (not just a message) and a smiling handsome man showed up immediately, said he loved me and gave me a hug. I felt a very strong sense of love and warmth that almost moved me to tears, it was quite moving!

In every case, the scene was relatively short and went to black and I woke up with a start. I think this was to make it easier to remember instead of just melding into another dream.

To sum up, if you want to contact your SGs, start meditating (since this has made LDs, especially WILD ones, more regularly attainable), and to trust your instincts that it is legitimate if you feel the being is full of love (and you can always ask them if they are from the light, and ask for ‘protection’ from lower entities before you go to sleep since I ran into one once).

Hope this helps!

I’ve been dreaming alot lately and haven’t been able to discover my dream/spiritual guide, what I thought about the bird might still be true. I havent seen it lately, but its either my awarness or I don’t beleive if its true. I’m starting to think that it may be something invisible, or… is it possible to be your own guide? Maybe I just need to do more work. I’ll post again soon!

Most spiritual teachers agree that spirit guides are:

. one or more people that you knew in a previous life that have signed on to be with you throughout this lifetime (although you can have guides that come in for a short period to help you with a specific thing – at the moment I have three, but usually have two)

. spirit guides are not the same as guardian angels (angels or ascended masters may also be with you, but they were never in human form)

. spirit guides often communicate with you in a subtle way in your waking life by giving you flashes of inspiration or a repetitive thought/idea that doesn’t seem to come out of your normal awareness. You’ll learn to identify these in time, especially if they are intuitive hits (for instance, you keep thinking about a long lost friend who calls you that same day). But in LDs, you can have a more visceral experience with them so don’t give up trying. Patience, patience, patience.

And before anything else, let us remember that spiritual leaders (even the pope) are only humans :smile:

What if I called for my SG and the guy who showed up said he was my angel?

I have one of those too, and it’s definately NOT my spirit guardian (look for Shin in my dream journal to see what I’m talking about). d=

Thanks for help dakinidreamer. I’ll keep an open eye and patient mind. :smile:

This is actually very common in many cultures. I have not seen so far a lot of reference to the subject of dreams in traditional cultures here, which dissapoints me. Among many African cultures and not infrequently in African American’s dreams, ancestors, especially fairly recent ones such as grandparents are frequent visitors to dreams and may serve as spirit guides. This is common in quite a few other cultures, notably also Asian ones. It is pretty common in any culture where those who precede us are held in reverence.


Hello, Im somewhat new to this forums (recently registered actually, and really didnt know where to post this so…).

I’ve been wanting to meet my spirit guide for a long time and yesterday night I finally got my chance. I became lucid about half way through my dream. I was in a restaurant and as soon as I realized I was dreaming I instantly walked up to a hostess and asked him where my dream guide was. I asked the question three times with slight variations until he finally pointed him out. He seemed suprised, and then extremely excited and began talking to me about my dreams. We talked about my dreams for awhile good ones and bad ones, and then I asked him, If he was responsible for the dreams. He replied, “That it was his job to gather information.” The reply was confusing to me but I didnt push the issue (After all I was really excited to finally meet my spirit guide!). We went to his house (this area seemed alot more real and clear than a regular dreamworld) and started to talk again. He was still kinda shady on how I found him, and I said that “My subconsious pointed me to you.” He seemed shocked at this news. We began talking again after that for a short time until he suddenly stopped talking and his jaw kinda dropped (like in a, “Oh My God” kinda way), And I was suddenly ripped from my body and was floating above his house looking down. I saw these men and a women wearing black approach, they were armed (the women was very fast and had some kind of light envelope her fist). I felt the dream start to fade at this point, and tried spinning around as fast as possible in circles (read somewhere that it helps you stay dreaming), it didnt work and I woke up, laying in bed.

:confused: Im just kinda confused on what happened in my dream, did I lose lucidy somewhere? It felt like I was in control of the dream up until the end when I was floating and I was concious of dreaming the whole way through this episode. Some :help: or explaination would be much appreciated.
Much Thanks



Congrats on meeting your SG! :boogie: They’re the coolest people, don’tcha think? ^^ You probably lost lucidity with a random dream happening, don’t worry about it. The dream sounds pretty long and detailed, good job! :ok:

Next chance you get you should introduce yourself in ‘The BIG “Hi, I’m new here!”’ topic in the Gathering. =]

Happy lucids, hope to see you around. :wave:

Zoch, you just lost stability in your dream. Next time this kind of weird stuff starts to happen, rub your hands, or spin around your body, it will stabilize the dream again.

And, by the way, congratulations on the SG dream and WEEEEEELCOME to the forum! :cool:

Haha, Wolf! ^^
Nice try. :tongue: