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Ditto. :grin: My SG/sub-c/reason’s name is Theo and he’s a Burmese python. I call him a daemon, but only because it’s a convenient term. (though elsewhere on this site I’ve called him my CALD character, he’s one in the same) He’s been in one or two of my LDs. I also wouldn’t call him my SG, but he’s helpful and somewhat… different… Other prominent DCs that could be SG include a green dragon named Shehlow and a strange Great Gray Owl I’ve only seen a couple times but is usually there to give me advice.

wait so spirit guides can be relatives, friends, etc? lol wait what if they turn out to be animals? lol that would be funny. :woo: not trying to be stupid, but can animals also be guides of the spirit?

wow! i just posted asking the same question! ok that was weird.----- :eek:

that is hilarious! lol no offense i bet you laughed at that too. i mean it can be true but that was random. i mean they just said it : Angelina Jolie. lol :lol:

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There is one DC that showed up in two of my dreams, his name is Ralma and i have no idea what he is =/ He has light green skin, purple eyes that are black where the white should be, blue lips, and snake-like fangs 0.o I think he might be my SG because I really felt a conection with him. Anyways I read in an earlier post that somone had a “dikini” for a SG and they explained it as a green woman…but Ralma is a guy =/ i iz confuzed.

I believe your guide can be in any shape it wishes to be in.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

If you already had a LD,and you know you’re going to get one soon,
Check this tip:
Find an elevator or a door,
If it’s a door,expect to meet your SG when you open it,
If it’s an elevator (The better option)
get in it,and press on the “Meet Spirit Guide” button.
And after the elevator doors will open you’ll find yourself somewhere you should find your SG.

OMG!!! am so jealous of u ppl!!! i don’t get any LDs and i need support from my guides! where r they when u need them? right now i hate being a human!!! i never wanna be a human again!!! ugh!!!1

Hi, what’s wrong? If you are going through hard times, you can get support from humans, you will find dream guides to not be very satisfying most of the times.

As everybody know, Monroe has written the famous trillogy about his out of body experiences. In third and last book of trillogy he writes a lot about meetings with his spirit guide.
I believe, than spirit guide really exist and we can contact him trough the ld. Why? Because of my first ld of my lucid dreamers carierre. I really need to meet my SG, but is it possible at all?
can you say something about your talks with your guide?

ps. answer , please :smile:

no experiences like that? nicee ;]

I had today one more huge ld and meeting with SG. She was black girl, really sexy sitting in front of me. Can`t remember what she was talking to me i guess it was bullshit. And i forgot to answer her for questions like: are you real? tell me something i dont know?, just forgot.
Was she real sg or stupid hallucination? ;/ dunno, i have to wait to the next ld

ps. are you all noobs?? anyone didnt try to meet their SGs?? ;/
cant believe…

You missed the BIG SG topic :wink: merged your post in there now. So read through it and see everyones comments. Also check the main site (guide) and there you can read about my own SG experiences.

And dont’ call people Noobs, it’s not nice :tongue:

Im sorry :wink: please forgive me :wink: Ill read this topic :smile:

So ill tell you about my ( i guess ) second meeting with spirit guide, today
Cant remember many from my ND`s, because when i became awake at 6 o clock, I thought only about what happend in my ld… so…

It was one of the longest lds i have ever had ;]
first I started to use the door as teleport, but it didnt work, because i had my eyes opened!! :smile: next i was a little pi**ed off, so I was flying and jumping around. Next I tried to stop the time, so i looked on my watch and i stopped it :tongue: I dont know what results of this were, because a couple of seconds later i came to the another door and yalled " let there be my guide! " . I closed my eyes and came into the doors.
I felt moving ;] but like a little jump, not huge space travel.
Then i saw her ;] She was a black, sexy girl ;D and she sitted in front of me xD
she was talking to me but i guess it was nonsence or not important, because i was not listening.
She said " listen to me " . Then i heard voice of my mom and said, than i have to go. " Give me an ld tomorrow, we have to talk. Then i kissed her in cheek.
->> FA and normal dream…

I doubt, than that girl was my real SG. I will write about my first meeting with (i think) SG, it wasnt black girl…
I hope the next ld will give me some answers :smile:

peace :smile:!

Theres this little girl I’ve had in two of my dreams.
When I saw her in the first one, I felt like I had a really strong connection with her.
Let me Explain. When I was in fourth grade, my house burned down. Very tramatic. One night years later, I had a dream that I visited the hill my house used to be on, and it was all jungle and the girl lived there now. That’s why I connected with her. We talked along time about the hill and how great the hill was. She also told me about herslf, but I don’t remember that part. Anyway. She’s recently turned up in another dream, she was in the woods calling to me. Trying to get my Attention. Saying “Hey it’s me!”, and stuff. She also called me “earwig” wich isn’t my name :eh:
Is she my spirit guide? How can I tell?

relax… take it eeeeaaaasssyyyy :razz:
try to love your life, im sure you have many things you can love :tongue: Enjoy living because if you will not be happy here, you probably will not achieve happiness anywhere :razz:
we have sent here i guess “for living on earth” experiences :smile:

No! Mikeh Dear is gone! :cry: I got a new SG though! :grin:


I want to say that I’ve finally met mine but not in any type of introduction or shaking hands formalities.

It’s only in my dreams that he appears and I can never see his face. He is always guiding me or showing me something and his voice just surrounds me and becomes part of me. I say it’s a he because the voice feels so powerful and deep that I just assume it’s a he.

As I was saying, he’s always guiding me and showing me different things. One time, and I think I posted it, was a dirty lake and the effects human carelessness has on life, or he’ll be the driver of a car I’m in but I can’t see his face or body and the places he takes me are life’s lessons.

The experiences I come away with when I have those dreams are very much wholesome and give me renewed faith and hope.

I remember this person who appears in my dreams occasionally, and I have never seen anyone like him in real life… but I can’t tell if he’s a recurring DC or a SG who is really good at disguising himself (I think I saw him slip up at it though). I have yet to learn his name.

The first time I saw him he simply helped me do something in a dream that helped avoid a nightmare (ND). The second time he asked me how to walk on water, as if he was testing my dream skills, but I still didn’t know it was a dream. The third time, I said I was going to do a reality check, it failed, and then told him I thought I was dreaming. He then said “You sure?”, but I think it may have been a little sarcastic… testing my belief? He did not in any way seem to look at me like I was crazy. The fourth time, I knew he was going to do something, and when I got near him he sort of attacked me, (still no knowledge that I’ve seen him before) after which the dream scene changed. I ended up fighting a bunch of people who I could just defeat with ease because I knew I was dreaming (this has yet to enter my DJ), but because I had no time to reality check, I just kept fighting. (I figured, that if it was real, I had no time to waste on a nose plugged RC and potentially die) I ended up yelling that I thought it was a dream at the end, and that I thought someone was pulling strings if it was/wasn’t.

So, if he is my Spirit Guide, I’m going to get some sort of playful revenge on him for testing me for so long! :sly:

Edit: 100th post! Ha, maybe I can tell my SG in a formal discussion when the time comes I’m a somniologist now, that will surprise him…
pictures scene

i want to meet my spirit guide and just ask him/her so many questions… i think that if i try to meet him/her i would have already thought of an animal which mighy make my spirit guide that animal because its all in my head.

Don’t be so sure, I had an animal that I was sure that my guide would take and she completely surprised me by taking the form of a deer, and one with antlers even though she’s female. Besides, they can take any and as many forms as they want to. I met her a while back and she’s helped me through a lot since then.

I had a dream where I was at a local amusment park, and was riding one of the bigger rollercoasters there, alone, with no one else around. This was kind of special to me, as I had recently overcome a near-phobia of rollercoasters and falling. I was holding my breath as it neared each peak, and suddenly, I noticed someone sitting next to me. I turned to look at them, and it was a teenage boy, with sandy brownish-blonde hair, wearing an old-style white shirt and pants. When I asked him who he was, he replied that he was me from a former life, and that he was so excited to meet the current me for the first time. When I asked why he was in my dream, and how it was possible I was meeting myself, he just leaned forward and looked over the edge of the rollercoaster seat at the oncoming drops said something along the lines of ‘all you have to do is pass these last few drops and humps before you make it! I’m so excited for you!’ Then, I can’t really explain it, but we sorta… merged. When I looked ahead to where he was looking, and I went back to look at him, I found him doing the same, and slowly he faded from my vision, and it was as if I could feel he was still with me, but in me. Then as we went down the scary drop, it was as if he was next to me, comforting me out of sight.
Since then, he’s been a character in somewhere around three of my other dreams

Is it really possible to meet your former life in a dream like this? Or was he maybe my spirit guide? What do you all think?[/i]