Eyes won't open in a dream! Help is appreciated!!!

Recently, in dreams, (usually to the end of my dream…) I find that actually in the dream I can’t open my eyes. And although I don’t realise I’m dreaming, I’m still thinking “this is weird, why can’t I open my eyes?” it’s like my eyelids are really heavy! Then usually still in my dream, I force my eyelids open with my hands but as soon as I do this I wake up. Hopefully I’m going to start and use this as a RC as it occurs in a lot of my dreams… But it gets annoying! Why is this?

I also have found that when it happens, when I wake up, I can’t open my actual eyes either. Sort of like SP but just with my eyelids!

While on the topic, I once achieved lucidity through WILD, but found that once I was in my dream the same thing happened; I couldn’t open my eyes!!! It was as though my eyelids were heavy and they just wouldn’t stay open. Could this just be being aware of my physical body whilst in a dream so I’m still in dream state whilst feeling my physical eyes?

Any help is appreciated!!!

well… there was a topic like this before and one guy or lady, said one funny thing… if you can control your dream take your eyelids off! :smile:


i would say that you should stop thinking about that! it happened to you once and than your “fear” and “obsession” with that made it happen again…

Next time that happens use it as a dream sign, do the rc, become lucid, smile and say to yourself: “thanks brain, you tricked me, now ill trick you”, open your eyes and have a good time!


good luck

Yeah, thanks for the advice! Problem is, I can’t take my eyelids off because I’m not in control!

To me it sounds as the closed eyelids is just your interpretation of what happens when the visual part of the dream fades. Wich explains why it’s hard to open them, because there is nothing to see. Doesn’t explain why it’s hard to open them when you wake up though.
If you become lucid from this maybe you can revive the dream, and then you gotta remember that your dream eyelids aren’t real, and they can be transparent if you wish. Better though is to just wait for an environment to appear on it’s own. If the dream want’s visuals they will soon appear.

Yeah that makes a lot of sense actually, because I usually drift out if soon after.

I heard that taking sunglasses off might help. You can take them down few times, until everything will be back in normal. Even if there is nothing to see right in the moment, there propably will be some random dream scene after it.

Is it just the eyelids, or is it that you find it hard to move also?

Because for me, sometimes when I WILD, I find it hard to physically get out of the bed (dream bed, mind you) and do something. It’s like feeling sleep-deprived IWL for 3 days straight. But after I get outside of my room, it stops…

Maybe you need to just start doing something and not worrying about them, but then again, I don’t know if your situation is the same as mine…