Falling asleep during WILD?

So I’m in bed in a comfortable position, trying to count (1, I’m dreaming, 2, I’m dreaming, etc.) and visualizing stuff to keep my mind awake. The next thing I know, I’m awake the next morning (or after the nap, whatever), and all I can remember is vague foggy fragments of dreams. Also sometimes just repeating a mantra, the same thing happens. I’ve been writing in my DJ for at least two weeks now, with approx 4-5 entries in total so far cause my recall is so bad.

Would anyone have any tips on staying awake during WILD and on further helping my recall, beyond simple DJ entries? Thanks alot.

WILD-ing is a delicate balance -for me at least- between being aware and passively experiencing things. I would say just practice, practice, practice. I’ve only successfully WILDed once.

4-5 entries? For me, thats amazing! :tongue: I normally remember one dream a night.

I would say it takes practice, you could try visualizing things as you count, or switch off, still trying to focus and stay aware your visualizing things,
but I guess it takes will power to try to keep your mind away, practice practice practice :smile:

Haha, this is my biggest problem with WILD. I can lay still forever, but if I relax enough to where I can fall asleep I’m out cold. I guess I just need to stay more conscious. A long time ago before I knew about lucid dreaming, I would have some music playing as I fell asleep and would focus on that while falling asleep. It greatly increased my dream recall. I wish I could do that now but I share a room, and I find it hard to sleep in headphones, =/

That’s not per night, that’s for 2 weeks. :razz: Though one of my first nights after getting back into LDing I had 2 entries in one night. That was the one and only time for that though. :meh:

I do =/ I always seem to fall asleep no matter what I do. But like you guys are saying, I need to practice.

@Dreamjutsu: Yeah I used to sometimes fall asleep with music on, but not only am I never comfortable with earphones on, I don’t like sleeping with music cause it always wakes me up in the middle of the night and stuff, and idk, it’s a weird feeling. Plus, even if I did, I’m not in possession of an mp3 playing device. :down:

Though I do appreciate all these replies, thank you for your posts. :ok:

You need to find a balance between concentrated and being relaxed.

You see, if you are too concentrated on HH and not relaxed, you won’t be able to fall asleep.
If you are too relaxed and not concentrated on HH, you will fall asleep too early.

So, try to pay a LITTLE more attention to HH :smile:

To be honest, I don’t think I get to HH. All I can remember from before I fall asleep is just laying there trying to visualize to keep my mind awake. But still, thank you. :smile:

Also just to update, last night I fell asleep, as usual :razz:, then at some point during a dream, I was at my work, when suddenly it clicked that I was dreaming. In the blink of an eye the dream vanished. I had a LD before and it lasted around 3-5 minutes, so I found it kinda weird that it was insta-gone, but oh well, progress is progress. :good:

I had the opposite. I normally fall asleep very quikcly, but when trying WILD I was still counting after 1,5 hour and still didn’t fall asleep, so I gave up. :neutral:

I have this issue too. No matter how I try to WILD, I always end up falling asleep. The closest I ever got to WILD ing was WBTB combined with FILD.

Perhaps having a LITTLE bit of caffeine in your system might help. I’ve never tried. I’m always too afraid that I’ll end up keeping myself awake.

Actually, that’s not a bad idea. I would try it tonight, but I’m going to go to bed in a few minutes (I always browse the forum before going to bed, it helps me focus on my goals of the night :smile:) So I’ll probably try that tomorow. I’ll post an update on if it helped or not :razz: