Falling Dreams...

Who here has had a falling dream, did it end when youhit the ground?

I’ve had this dream a few times, where I fell from up high, hit the ground and then bounced really high in the air, and it was so scary while I was falling, but I just kept on bouncing.

I’ve also had a dream where I was walking home from school, and suddenly it was forcing me to take huge steps and I ran way past my house.

Anyway, post your falling dreams. :smile:

I don’t normally have non LD falling dreams, so I don’t know if this counts:) - but I had a really great LD the other night where I was jumping off this ledge & allowing short free falls, but trying to stop in mid-air right before I hit the ground. It was lots of fun, but I ALWAYS eventually bumped the ground just a little. Its actually really hard to do!
I’d never make it in the Matrix:)

I had this one dream, where I was lucid, and I jumped off my deck to try to fly. The whole scene streached downwards and I started to fall. The image turned into a huge cliff (which I was falling from) with an ocean at the bottom, with lots of rocks. I hit the bottom, not feeling any pain, just the thud of my impact.
When I looked up, I saw that I was below my deck, in a puddle, soaking wet.
This is the only falling dream I remember having, and I always thought it was cool, cause it really shows how changeable dreams are.

I’ve had dreams where I deliberately jump down, but haven’t had one for a few months now. Its an amazing feeling and I get a major rush, although I am scarred during the dream.

Well besides the fun, I think there’s a reason for the intense falling sensation. Last time I recall falling; I walk up some wooden stairs and one brakes and I fall through, and I awake suddenly. Is it possibe that it happens because the heart actually skips a beat (possibly maturing) and your mind associates that by falling? I know the timeframe is tight, but this might have happened more often than I remembered when I was younger, because I often fell asleep quickly after.

I wasn’t lucid in this dream…but I once a dream where a ton crazy stuff was happening and I eventually got stuck to one of those theme-park dropping rides. It was pretty much infinitely tall and scared me to death. When it dropped I was pretty much scared out of my wits and I could feel the whole stomach thing going on and I felt helpless the whole time.

I cant remember any falling dreams I have had, or if Ive had them. But one thing that I would associate with the falling dreams is sometimes I awaken to a violent twitch. When Im sleeping my body suddenly bolts, and I wake up. I cant remember seeing any dream or anything before I wake up though… One time though, I think I slipped in my dream and thats why it happened. Its very odd sensation and it usually comes when I havent been asleep for too long.

i’ve had few. they are usually very short dreams where i’m falling… like last tuesday-night i had this dream where i walked on a bridge, and it was so high, and i was little scared…under the bridge there was this train going by fastly. then suddenly i had a bike, and for some reason i just drowe through the bridges edge and fell all the way down. :eek: … i wasn’t lucid btw…

Cyril, that happens to me occasionally. I never remember a dream before it, just the sensation of falling. And I wake up suddenly, clutching the matress or something to keep from falling. It’s usually when I’m half asleep, so I’m not even sure if it’s a dream.

I had a falling dream when I was 2. I was falling down the stairs, but it was more like flying about 2 feet above the stairs. I kept falling and falling until I woke up…never have landed in a dream. More recently I had a dream where I was sort of half falling, half flying. I was scared cuz I couldn’t really control myself and there was telephone poles, not to mention the baby sitting on top of the wire which I had to safely get down. Since then I’ve had no falling dreams but 2 flying ones that were really intense.

I have had quite a few falling dreams.
Especially when I was young when I had a preoccupation with it.
From the time I was 5yrs old till when I was 9 yrs old I had dreamed of
Falling off:

The side of an apartment building balcony.
Off the upper level of a mall.
Out of many trees.
Off of an elephant.
Off of a merry-go-round.
Off of the John Hancock building.
Off a moving train.
Off a moving car.
Off a moving motorcycle.
Off a moving school bus.
Off 2 different schools.
Off of a 8 story hospital building.
Off of Mr Ed.

And the list goes on and on.
Not to mention the Dream I had of dying when I was 8 yrs old.
In dream I have been:

Shot(several different ways).
Stabbed.(several different ways).
Had my throat slit.(several different ways).
Been hung.(several different ways).
Impaled.(several different ways).
Stabbed, cut up, impaled and dragged through the streets of a mid-evil town to death.
Electrocuted.(several different ways).
Dismembered.(several different ways).
Lobotomized.(several different ways).
Been bludgeoned to death.

Not to mention many times before I had usually been dreaming about taking a bath. WTF is up with that?
But oh well. I dont have those dreams anymore.
Flying dreams are another thing I have had many more of those.

Wow you certianly have had a lot of gruesome dreams. Glad that they’re over for you. Maybe the bath dream happened because your subconscious thought you were dirty.

psykotichypnotic: I dont even remember im falling, I just wake up to a twitch and thats it. once I just had a thought in my head that I slipped, and thats why I twitched…

…feels wierd in stomach when u fall, doesnt it? nice actually, but wierd…

I still remember my first and last falling dream. I used to be terrified of falling until I read a book that talked about dreaming about falling and actually allow to continue falling.

I’m dreaming that I’m in the tornado, going higher and higher. All of a sudden, the sky become clear and I’m falling rapidly. I’m so high and I can see the landscape with an ocean becoming bigger and bigger. I become afraid, but for some reason, I become lucid. I become very brave and decide to allow myself to fall. You know what? It doesn’t hurt! I wake up, wanting to have more falling dreams! What a rush! By the way, I never have falling nightmares anymore!

I just love it when I become LD and conquer my own fears and the nightmares disappear afterwards!

the worst falling dream i’ve had was in the worst and only true nightmare about 8 yrs ago. at the end of the nightmare, which i still remember vividly and still scares me to death, i fell through a sinkhole down into a huge cavern toward a shallow stream with lots of rocks. right before i hit the ground it went 3rd person and i saw a splash. i think i would have rather just hit the ground than watch it. what a horrible nightmare.

my first dream I fell of a cliff and I felt wind blowing against me. It was the first time I felt stuff in my dream. Now I like to jump off huge cliffs(some times doing tricks)and then I stop in the air right above the bottom,then I fly back up and do it again. It took awhile to get it down but it sure is fun.

In one LD I fell from a high building to the ground. The first second I was really scared, but then I remembered it was a dream, so nothing could really hurt me, so I just relaxed and let it happen. The sensation of falling was VERY real and gave me some extatic emotions. I landed very gently on the ground, which felt just great :smile:

i have had SOME dreams like that…also when i trip over things…whenever i WOULD fall or trip, it would feel SOOoooooo real its not even funny ! …i would get this weird feeling in my chest and stomach…whenever i would trip over something(in a dream)…my foot would actually MoVe in real life ! …really weird !

I get dreams like right after I go to sleep where I’m walking then I fall or trip and I try to stop myself. Then I wake up exactly when i move my leg and it’s like BOOM I move my leg and I’m awake it’s cool but weird, and uhh I’m a ne member, hi

I’ve had those dreams too. They’re strange, because I skip all the stages of sleep and go right into REM sleep.
And the leg jerking thing, that happens to me too. There is a name for it, a Somethingorother Jerk, I cant remember, but I read about it on the spiritweb FAQ.

In some of my dreams I jump out of windows for fun :cool_laugh: I always fall very slowly downwards as if I’m using a parachute. In a flying dream I tried to fly downwards rapidly, but it made my belly feel wierd as if I was on a rollercoaster. I didn’t like this feeling so I stopped and continued flying around.