Feeling a sort of second heartbeat

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Hey this brings up a very interesting question I’ve been wanting to ask but haven’t remembered to.

Sometimes when I wake up from my sleep, especially when I’m napping or something wakes me up in the middle of the night, I can feel like I have two heartbeats :eek:

The other one is very fast beat, this kind of pumping feeling on my whole body, or at least my torso. It’s actually quite pleasant, like my whole body is vibrating or moving a little to this beat. I talked about it with my mom once, and she feels the exact same thing when waking up. What is this?

When it happens, I can feel my real, and much slower heartbeat as well.

Waw! This observation is very interesting. :happy: I noticed it sometimes yet rarely and very faintly. I suppose it’s what yogi call the “prana” (and tai-chi-chuan practitioners the “chi”). They describe it as a flow of energy which could be compared to the rythm of heartbeat or breathing, but with energy. It’s curious cause I’ve never read anything describing this in western scientific or medical litterature. :eh:

I’ll make this question this own thread cause it’s interesting and it’s not directly related to the WILD topic.

Yeah its just your chakras at full ball. LOL

really, its your chakras and energy working, when you are in a sleeping state you sense it more.

I wake up very often with that feeling of a fast heartbeat, it scared the hell out of me once but since then ive grown to accept it, now i love it, feels awesome:)

There’s a book you ought to read.

“Astral Projection” by Robert Bruce.
He explains it all in a metaphysical sense. Despite my attempts I have failed to project, but I still have had this “heartbeat”, and I get it whenever I attempt to meditate. Just never as strong as when I made my first attempt at WILD. Since then, I haven’t gotten it. It might’ve been successful if the guys in my dorm were quiet at night. Bunch o’ fools.