Finding your Spirit Guide while you're awake..?

I’ve been reading up on this. I really feel like I need to find my Spirit Guide, but I want to be awake when it happens. I feel like this is possible, but I don’t know where to start. Has anyone on this forum ever done it? :help:

Sorry this doesn’t directly relate to LDing.


have to be careful of the replies here as some people think that dream guides and spirit guides are the same thing and thus would be extremely confused as to how you would do that hehe.

Finding a Spirit Guide while awake is not easy, it generally requires you to be psychic (clairvoyant if you prefer) as the Spirit Guide is someone who has past over. If you are clairvoyant then contacting them shouldn’t be too difficult however normally a Spirit Guide would come to you rather than the other way around.

I suppose a deep meditation could be a good method to do this, i suppose knowing someone how can contact theres would help. There are many books on the subject that maybe availible at a library.

unfortunately i’m not psychic. damn. :neutral:

i’m bad at meditation, too.

well, thanks a lot for your input! :content:


bad at meditation? lol
good one!

seriously! i think i’m A.D.D.
i try to clear my head, but stuff just pops in there. it’s pretty frusterating actually. i try to dismiss the thoughts, but sometimes i can’t. if the goal is to focus on just one thing, my mind wanders to something else. grr!

any tips?


My tip is…

Practice. It’s the same for everyone when they start, just keep going.


if meditation is not for you, then that’s ok :smile:
but as far as I know, all benefit from it

Hendrixlee said it.
don’t worry too much at the start, over time you evolve and gain experience

thanks, guys. i’ll keep trying. :content:


The Indians believed in animal totems, we each have our own inner animal based on our characteristics and instincts and that of the animal. One way to find your animal while semi-awake is to lay down and wait for HI to enter your head, and then ask that you be shown your animal totem. The first animal that you see will be it. It’s kind of like an inkblot test, whatever you see out of the assortment of shapes and colors first describes your personality.

The best way is to look for it in your dreams though. I find the animal totem to be better for a guide than a person, but that’s just me.

how does your animal totem guide you?

sounds interesting/fun.

what is your animal totem?


I’m not sure if this is relevant, especially considering that Dark Matter says there is a diff between dream guide and spirit guide, but a DC once telepathed me the idea that your entire dream world is actually a spirit guide. Each dream character and each DC is an extention of the spirit guide and only rarely will you spirit guide materialize into one being.

I suppose that this related directly to the waking world, especially if you believe in God. Every single bit of the real world comes together in your spirit and in a sense guides it. According to the DCs theory, some where some how your spirit guide will materiallize into one thing. Perhaps this is just a revelation you experience from a particular situation of person.

Who knows :smile:

As far as the mediation goes… I used to experience the same thing… the key is focus on your breathing. Breath in and out slowly and focus on it… this will help clear out all the extra thoughts. If a thought comes into your head don’t pay attention to it, keep focusing on your breathing. You’ll get it sooner or later. I used to keep myself up all night long thinking and I’ve gotten much better at falling to sleep.

the first step to shutting down thoughts is shutting down internal dialogue

don’t worry about thoughts or pictures yet, first focus on not verbalising them in your head…

hmm…interesting info toadstool.

dude, chi - my brain never shuts up! it keeps me up all night sometimes. :eek: i haven’t even tried to meditate for soo long but i think i will try again.


well i do have one suggestion for you to aid silencing the mind it’s something that helps me.

masturbation. (seriously)

I find after orgasm that my mind is quite still, normally i can’t stop thinking about anything. I’m usually very active to the point it keeps me awake for 2hours after going to bed until my mind shuts the hell up even if i am really tired my mind just doesn’t get that i want to sleep.

it does make meditation difficult as after a couple of mins my mind is all over the place. But after orgasm i find my mind is quiet enough to relax myself and try to meditate.

rockallmystars… i’m the same way with the brain never shutting up… you may enjoy more active meditations when moving chi around in your body instead of just trying to quiet your thoughts… if i may suggest:

Taoist Yoga and Sexual Energy by eric steven yudelove :yinyang:

Mine is the fish, it’s agile, loves solitude, ability to camaflouge and represents emotion. Your animal totem can talk in your dream, I have only met it in a dream once, and after a minute of talking to it I had a false awakening (ugh!) so i’m not sure how it will guide me.

You can find your totem another way by skimming through this list of animals and their characteristics and choose which best fits you… but your choice isn’t always accurate.

I’ve always felt my animal guide was a white wolf.

although i’ve never really found out for sure, it’s something i should really look into because i would like to know.

i’ve always felt mine would be a wolf or a dragon. i’m not really sure why but they seem to draw my attention. even thou i don’t think a dragon can be a totem animal can they?

fear if you click the link in brians post dragons are actually on the list. :smile:

wow a dragon may be my totem animal :cool_laugh:

Dragon: Ability to move between worlds, power of fire, protector, represents the connection of the birth of the Universe, exists between the thoughts, longevity, wisdom, infinate. The Red Dragon lives in the center of the Earth.