First Big Lucid Dream- Some questions

Ok, so I had my first vivid, Controlling LD. It was so great. It honestly felt so real. I will try to sum it up shortly. I had a FA, and I was like, “I should do a RC” So I looked at my toes ( :eh: ) and I was like…eh Im going back to sleep. So, as I was trying to go to sleep, something still felt weird. So I opened my eyes, and plugged my nose. I Breathed in, and I knew I was dreaming. I did a few things:

2.Asked a DC to tell me that im dreaming in my dreams.
3.Flew again
4.Changed Night to day (didn’t work too well)
5.Tried to walk through a mirror.

During all of this, sometimes it felt cloudy, or blurry, So in my dream, what I would do is open my dream eyes. After doing that it would get clear, as if it is real life. Although this helped, it ended up being the reason I woke up. (I opened my eyes IRL instead of in my dream. What is there to do to accomplish the same result.

Also, I always get these 2 things messed up:
Spinning around
and Feeling the floor. What does each one help for. When I spun in my dream, it made it kind of blurry, and when I felt the floor, It didn’t seem to do much. ( I was testing out these to see if any would improve lucidity, or vividness)

A lot of people wake up when they open their eyes in dreams. So it’s not really a strange thing to happen. Instead of opening your eyes you could call “Increase vividness!” in your dream and really believe you will increase the vividness of the dream with it. (If you want to improve your lucidity you could call “Increase lucidity!”

Spinning around is used when people are almost waking up, just like rubbing your hands. This is done because then you still have a sense in your dream. When one of the senses (vision) is disappearing another sense like touch (spinning around, rubbing your hands) can take it over. As soon as none of the senses are left in the dream you concentrate on the outside, your bed and you will wake up. The last thing is what we do not want to happen so that’s why people spin around, rub their hands, feel the floor or things similar to that.

About the vision getting blurry I suggest you to not open your dream eyes, instead think that you are wearing some kind of glasses that blur your vision, and take them off. Or shout something like “increase graphics 1000%” :smile:

What is meant by “dream eyes”?

Close your eyes and open it. You just opened and closed real eyes.

Fall asleep, get lucid, close your eyes and open it. You just opened and closed dream eyes.

That is all the thing. But sometimes, like it happened to Madshadow and being explained by Sandra, instead of dream eyes, people opens their real eyes. They are waking up, and LD ends. Because this is[i][u] thing that we don’t want to happen[/i][/u], method with closing and opening dream eyes is dangerous.

I get it now, but why would people close their eyes in a dream anyway?

Some people close their eyes to go to a different location. Madshadow used it to increase the vividness of his dream. It’s a ‘dangerous’ option, but it can help sometimes. Luckly there are different, less dangerous, options we can use instead. Some people train so they can open and close their eyes. Sometimes you don’t know about these other techniques or you have forgotten about them in your dream. There can also be other reasons for using them, where I can’t think of right now.

Thanks for the help, Im glad to know that its normal to do the dream eye thing. So instead of doing that (I wasn’t actually doing that on purpose. :tongue: I just did it out of habit in my dream.) But anyway, instead of doing that, I should say “Increase vividness”. I remembered having to say something, I just didn’t remember what. lol

And a few more questions.
Do you have any tips on getting through the mirror? When I tried, I felt as if the mirror was too small, then when Took my hand out, it was a tiny mirror. Should I just run through it next time?

Also, I believe Sandra said that some people close their eyes to get to a new location. Since closing your eyes isn’t good, what else could you do?

Getting through a mirror depends mostly on you. If you don’t think that you can get through it, then you won’t. If you belive that you can, you will. You might also be worried about what is on the other side. You might try saying befor you go through the mirror something like “On the other side of this mirror is a forest that I want to go to.” naturaly you need to pick the location you want to go to.
there are different ways to get to other locations,
Go through a door.
Beam yourself there like on Star Trek.
Spin around and expect yourself to be there when you stop.

That is all that come to mind right now.

Stepping trough the mirror was the first Quest on LD4all. You can read it here. You can read different person stepping trough the mirror, maybe you have some advantage in reading it. The most important thing is believe that you can do it.

Going to other locations:

  • Like don said you could step trough a mirror. Imagine or say what will be behind the mirror. You should be so precisely as possible, since that will give the best result. Your SC can be tricky sometimes.
  • instead of using a mirror you can use a door with the same thing.
  • You could fly to the place. It’s most of the time not the fastest way to get there, but flying itself is a great thing to do anway.
  • You could step into an elevator an click on the button with the place where you want to go to on it. (this can work for persons too) Imagine a button with the name of the person/place on it and click on the button.