First Lucid Dream!! :D

bad enlgish

So its not really the first one, but in my first lucid dream i wasnt so aware in what i was doin so my really first lucid dream was that i experience last night. before i go to sleep i was reapiting the mantra “when i dream, i will realise that i am dreaming, i will realise that i am dreaming” i was saying two times the “i will realise that i am dreaming” because i thought that saying the word “realise” will help me more… So when i was sleeping, i was in my house and i realised that i am dreaming… so i did reality checks… the hand RC didnt help me so i pinched myself and i didnt hurt, so i closed my nose and i could breathe… then i was so happy! i told to my mother that i am dreaming and she said that i am crazy haha! it was so realistic so i did RC every 30 sec in my dream .Also i saw that one finger hadnt bones so i was sure that i was dreaming!

so in the dream i was trying all the time to fly but i couldnt :sad: … i thought that i could jump from the window but i was scare because the whole thing was so realistic…

so guys, im F**king HAPPY!!! :woo: :grin: :smile:

I know why you couldn’t fly!!!:smiley:
I got the answers to my post yesterday and I had lucidity problems too.(that didn’t occour in my second LD, last night)
I recently had my first LD too.
You must have more lucidity
Try shouting “More lucidity NOW” in your native language IT HELPS!!!
In my second LD everything was bad detailed.
So I shouted this, closed my eyes, opened them and It was so unbelieveble EVERYTHING was realistic.
Also, congrats for your first LD!!:smiley:

thanks!!! i will check your post! but my dream was SO SO realistic! i was doing reality checks but it was so realistic!
condrats to your LD too! :content:

can you link the post? :smile:

[url]Please answer my questions (first LD)]
Here you are:D