First Steps to WILD part IV (Basic WILD Q&A)

i get really itchy trying to do WILD, but i just focus on walking around my house as much as i can and the itching goes away

Wow… last night went a little crazy when I attempted to WILD. It started when I randomly woke up at 2 in the morning. Well without moving (besides my head to check the time) I decided to just go back to sleep and try out a WILD. Well in what felt like seconds, my body had that tingling feeling and then I saw a fan appear above my head, the only difference was that the fan did not have blades but bloody hands spining around. The part that freaked me out the most though was that they were still moving and it looked like they were trying to reach or grab me. After the fan I heard loud thumps on my staircase and I imagined it was a random murderer with a handaxe that wanted to kill me, the worse part was that I knew I was dreaming so I knew it was going to be what I thought it was. Everything seemed like a big blur though and there was a really high pitched sound in the background the entire time :bored: . After I heard the door crack open, I forced myself to wake up. The whole time I expereinced this I would estimate around five to ten seconds, it was all just to fast and blurry for me to react or calm down. I think that if I had took a second to take a breath and was not shocked so quickly by what happened it could have been a nice experience. Anyway… I was just wondering if you guys know of a way to keep clam or avoid these kind of situations so I can fully get into a dream for longer then a few seconds. So… um… yeah… :help: please :content:

Tell yourself that nothing can harm you.

hey guys :happy: . I have had lots of success with Mild but now, sometimes i try WILD. I plan on developing my Wild skills to that of my MILD. SO: I’ve had success once and i need help with…
1.I usually only get vibrations through my head and lesser vibrations throughout the rest of my body. I also get buzzing. Well, last time, i went through all the vibrations but only got one HI. It was a faint green arrow and a voice that told me to tell the arrow where i want to go. I said “Take me to NYC”. I felt my body shift and had the illusion of movement. Then…nothing. I opened my eyes. What was going on near the end and did I fail once i everything went away. Should i have not opened my eyes yet?
2.Once i get vibrations, i should relax and not tense up and i’ll move on. Is this right?
3. Does HI and HA(sounds) happen everytime, because i don’t get much at all.
4. What comes first, vibrations/buzzing, or HI and HA?

Thank you so much for your time and any help would be greatly appreciated. bye :grin:

I got one question about WILD 'ing, what are you doing with your saliva?? after i spend one thought about it, i always got the strong desire to swallow… does this interrupt WILD 'ing or should i just ty to think about something else??

thx, any help appreciated

Well, swallowing doesn’t interrupt me at all. If I have to swallow, then I swallow. I haven’t thought about it though, so maybe it’s because of that. Some people say that it disturbs the process of WILD. There have been times I’m relaxed and I suddenly swallow, like a reflex action - and it disturbs me.

This morning I was trying to do WILD after waking up, but I was stuck; blame someone and his TV. The only times I succeed doing WILD are at night, because everything’s pretty quiet. What would you advise me to achieving WILD at the morning? Also, has anyone tried to sleep with his/her eyes being covered by a pillow/has been able to enter hypnagogia with some light? (one of my blinds is broken and doesn’t close properly, so a bit of light filters to my room)

Thanks :smile:

Ok so I have experienced HH once, but I have never successfully WILDed. What I am wondering is where does SP come in? When I experienced HH I still didn’t have any SP.

remember that WILD can be different deppending on the dream and the dreamer! I don’t usually get SP when I WILD… :wink: For example, I had a WILD this morning. I was lying there, trying to WILD, and a friend came in the room. I was like “man, I’m trying to WILD here!” but then I realized it was already the dream. :tongue: No HI, no HH, no SP. :content:

I have a couple questions…
When laying completely still, can you move your eyes? or do you just stare at the celing?

And how long does it usully take to start seeing HI or being able to step into your dream?

One night I woke up at like 4am and I just sat there on my bed, going :sleeping: And I had some Hypnogogic Thoughts. There wasn’t imagery, but I was definetly getting some input from my subconscious. Is that the same? Does my subconscious think differently?

@ Winter Depths
With laying still, you need to relax. You wouldn’t be moving your eyes all over the place when trying to sleep, but on the same hand trying to lie totally and utterly still with no movement at all will mean you focus on your body, that’s counter-productive for WILD in my experience. Try not to think about your eyes, focus on whatever you are doing to stay aware, if they move a little just let them.

With the time take it will vary depending on how tired you are, if you are really tired or you are using WBTB the time will be much shorter. It can also be tricky to judge times when you are in such a state anyway.

@ Zukoca
It wouldn’t be classed as HI, but I must admit that my thoughts seem to begin going in a direction of their own just before I get vivid HI. With what relation those thoughts are to us, whether our sub-conscious is separate etc. Any answer is probably going to be an opinion, since I don’t believe we don’t have a conclusive answer to what dreams are, or what our sub-conscious is / how it works.

Okay, another question here, more to do with the phase before entering the dream.

I’m having problems with the whole falling asleep consciously. I know how it all works and the VERY first time I tried it it worked for me (about a year ago now, been off LDing for 10 months due to life getting too busy). Last night I tried to WILD again (I’m still working on building up a good dream recall and making a habit of doing reality checks for MILD, since this is now day 5 since I’ve started again).

I woke up at around 5am (went to bed at 23:30) and quickly recorded a short dream. I thought it was an ideal time to try to WILD. I lay in bed, on my back, from roughly 5:05 till 6:21 (1h16m) without moving AT ALL (not even swallowing etc) while focusing on my breathing and, when that didn’t work, counting (1, I’m dreaming…) Normally I don’t sleep on my back, but the only time I got into the dream transition phase was when I did it on my back, so… I’m the kind of person who can take a long while before falling asleep (but not usually in the middle of the night…)

Anyway, after what seemed like an eternity I simply quit and fell asleep for about 15 minutes. Had a short dream that I didn’t remember and woke up again. I thought I might as well try again. This time on my side (more comfortable), but then it’s the complete opposite. I fall asleep TOO fast (within 10 minutes) and am unable to concentrate very well due to my mind wandering off. Also the HI is so barely noticeable (in both situations I might add) that I can’t well concentrate on it.

So if I lie comfortably on my back I stay too awake, but I CAN concentrate on keeping my mind awake. And if I lie on my side I can fall asleep more quickly, but as a result I can barely concentrate.

Any way to get around this?

In both cases this is without moving my body AT ALL (basically not paying attention to it). I know WILD takes practice and it’s not really to be mastered in a few days, but I’ve got two more “weekend” days to practice, so if possible I’d like to practice with some tips to be more efficient :razz:

P.S.: I read the previous post. Completely still is counterproductive? I didn’t have to put a whole lot of effort into it if that’s what was meant? When I tried it on my back first I barely even noticed my body was there.

wake up at around 4am and turn on your back or a side your not used to I find it helps doing WiLDS and staying conscious if your in a position your not used to

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You need to be in a passive observance state. What I mean by that is that you need to watch the HI, but with no desire or intent, just watch what floats by, maybe note it but don’t take interest or get excited. I found that when it took a long time to WILD its usually because I was expecting something to happen with HI and was essentially getting a little impatient. As a result, I was never able to WILD with that frame of mind.

As far as positions go, I would go with whatever allows you to fall asleep the fastest, provided that you CAN stay awake. As a final note, the HI won’t necessarely be very impressive until you get close to REM at which point it typically develops into maybe a moving scene or a dreamscape.

Thanks, Lucidity_master, I think that the “impatience” might be part of the problem.

The VERY first time I tried to WILD (last year around this time), I didn’t really know what to expect and it just sort of happened. I failed then because I didn’t manage to get into the dreamscape (I think I tried to get there too early). But since I didn’t know what to expect, I just sort of went with the flow. It’s also the only time (that I remember) that I had any vivid HI. SP followed and after that I started seeing a sort of starry tunnel and heard weird sounds. I also did it on my back that time (which isn’t normally my sleeping position).

Perhaps I’m waiting too much for certain signs. So much so, that my mind is too awake (in a way that it even keeps my body awake). I mean after that I didn’t experience SP anymore, nor did I get any vivid HI. But as you said, that’s probably because my mind is so active that it keeps my body awake, even if I don’t move. I’ve always wondered why I almost succeeded the very first time, not knowing what to expect, and every time after that I didn’t even get far enough to “improve”. And the answer is so relatively simple… Well, over the next few days and weeks I’ll try to detach myself some more and try to be more passive.

Reading this thread surprised me. I thought when we started to experience HI we were supposed to try and go with it in a more active sense than just letting it happen.

Last night I was actively trying to shape my visuals into a tunnel to go down into my dream. I guess this is not helpful, I should just let it happen?

It’s just another way of going about it. Some people, especially those that are good at visualizing things, actually try to induce HI or otherwise visualize and actively imagine dream scenarios. But it depends on the person. I’m terrible at that stuff, but for some it works wonders.

You just need to find what works best for you. I’ve yet to have and LD through WILD, but I haven’t really been trying hard the last few days. I think I’ll give it a rest for a week or two and then come in fresh, so to speak.

During my last BTB+wild, today, i had a feeling of falling of my body.
I guess it could be provoked by my sleeping position, i slept on the right side
the question to Lucidity Master : what do you think about that?

The falling was probably some sort of the typical vibration or HH that come with the onset of REM sleep REM/Sleep paralysis. Additionally, for some people this is what triggers a myclonic jerk (essentially a random jerk of your body, usually as you enter into a slighter deeper stage of sleep than waking life - myclonic jerk is 100% natural and expected).

Both experiences are completely natural and for many people expected with the onset of sleep paralysis.

As far as sleeping position, I prefer my back, but if you can stay awake on your right and and its more comfortable by all means go for it.

ummm well, I don’t know if this would be the wright place to ask but I’ve been trying to WILD and I will be laying there for like an hour ( if not longer) and nothing happens. I was wondering what you guys think about that and if you have any suggestions on it.
I do relax and lay still on my back, stay focused but i don’t know its just not working. I don’t go into SP. :neutral: