First Steps to WILD part IV (Basic WILD Q&A)

dear veronika :tongue:
go to my dj and read about my last btb experiment :tongue: there is an instrucions how I did it :smile:

Im pretty sure this question comes up quite often but what the heck can I do to prevent/ stop my heart from racing while trying WBTB?

when I tried WILD one and a half years ago for the first time my heart relly started pumping when I got to the “drifting back” sensation. This night I was close to a hearttattack when my body got numb ^^

saying to myself to stay calm did not really work… do you have any ideas what mantra or thechnique there ist that might help? Beacuase I was on a good way but this really got me back into the waking world…

just calm down :happy:
say to yourself : This is happening with my astral body, there is not anything can hurt me

i also had heartbeating one time in my first OOBE :smile: :tongue: funny things, really mystical :smile:

I had a similar thing with out of control heart beat and “just calming down” is unfortunately not an option. I haven’t been able to come that close to WILDing since though.

I was having trouble getting LD past last few months. I recalled that I was going sleep pretty late so I decided to go sonner to get more sleep time. Yesterday I went to bed earlier and I was thinking about the same thing as usual. Some time later I was feeling little closer to the bed (like on the water bed <- is this how it is called?). I also thought that my heart and breath rate were higher than normal. Was I entering alfa or WILD?

your body is supposed slow down when going into Wild and Alpha

Yeah, you’re supposed to relax and, if anything, your heart rate etc. would decrease.

I have experienced my heart rate increasing when trying to WILD too, I put it down to my thoughts being, “I might be getting somewhere.”; that I could feel something. I think that the best advice to avoid this, would be to try and detach yourself from the experience. To try and say it as if it’s happening to somebody else, when acknowledging what you are feeling. For example to say that the body is feeling ‘whatever’ and so on.

It could also simply be the reaction to the feelings, with that I guess the best thing would be to learn about what you might feel. After feeling it a few times your reaction should be calmer.

Okay, so I tried to WILD with napping… Results:

First I didn´t feel anything. Then I started to see patterns of violet light. (usually it´s green) Then my thoughts started spreading around, I couldn´t really control them. Then I imagined (though I didn´t realize it), that I would see a burning house. After some time I realized that my face felt very hot and weird, but when I moved, it stopped.

So was that of any good?

EDIT: And btw, Is relaxing needed, if I see the HI without it?

Definitely sounding like you’re getting there, although I wouldn’t know for sure as I haven’t got that far myself!

I just had the weirdest expirience last night :bored:

ok, so I was doing WILD, when suddenly, bright flashes shone in my eyes. Millions of pin-pricks of red light also shone. My body started feeling…Fake, I guess I could call it…You know how you can sorta tell if your in a dream or not? In dreams, you need to do a reality check, to see if it’s a dream or not, but in real life, people can tell, but they do em anyway. Well, I coundn’t tell! I felt fake. I touched my face, and It didn’t feel like it was mine. I did a reality check, but it said I was still awake. this feeling lasted for the rest of the night, untill I fell asleep. :eh:

same here no HI but my SC seems to chatter when i WILD in fact it has conversations some are so amusing i LOL and get disturbed

Well, its hypnagogic and it is a relatively common experience. It also likely indicates that you were getting close.

Is it dangerous to WILD? I mean can it have an effect on your health if you WILD when you go to sleep every night?
I read about narcolepsy yesterday and that’s when you enter REM sleep immediately after you fall asleep, instead of later in the night. Alot of people with narcolepsy can fall asleep in the middle of the day at the craziest places, like real deep sleep too, because they don’t have that deep sleep at night.

Anyone looked into this?

I havent… why dont you? :content:

Oh, and i have the problem of waking up when im too tired… so a just fall to sleep, as for me im lying there for about… 40 minutes ? before anything happens. Ive WILDed before but that still took as long. Is there a way of shortening this time span?

It sounds like an OBE to me… :tongue:
Or maybe AP? Cause people who have them tend to say they see lights of different colours…
As for the RC… idk. Maybe cause it was your OBE body…meh.
Hope this helps… maybe you could look up OBE’s and see if what you experienced matched with anything to do with OBEs :cool:

I get that, everyone does. What i do to stop getting all panicked about it is say to myself, WOW… one more step im going to WILD! For me its like the sign that in about 10 odd seconds, you’ll be full on WILDing, so its a good thing for me. Though i know it may be hard…sometimes i get really tense when it happens, but now i see it as a good sign. Maybe you should repeat the mantra in your head ‘once my heart starts beating fast… im almost there!!’ & try and enjoy the experience, adrenaline junkies do millions of things to get that buzz … so enjoy! :content:

No, it can’t really unless you just spend too much time WILDing and not enough time sleeping. I have been WILDing on a regular basis now for at least 3 or 4 years and I have noticed zero changes in health. See, the thing about WILD is that it doesn’t cause you to enter REM sleep directly in and of itself. There is a reason why WILD isn’t done and works poorly at the beginning of the night, which is that the body goes into deep sleep first and it is near impossible to stay awake in deep sleep. When one WILD’s + WBTB or with a nap it’s a different story. Later in the night and during naps people tend to fall almost straight into REM, so WILD is merely going along with the natural sleep process.

Thanks for the advice. I’m going to try and combine the WBTB technique and WILD tomorrow morning. :content:

Erghhhh…Woke up past my alarm and then realised I had to get up to go out.
No practice for me. :cry: