First Steps to WILD part IV (Basic WILD Q&A)

think i got close last night, i got HI for the first time, looked like the phosgenes (summin like that) when you press against your eyes, but i couldnt concentrate and fell asleep…

Lucidity_Master, thanks for explaining!
I always wake up during the night naturally, often more than once, so I’ll try to go WILD tonight! :smile:

Hello there. I’ve been practising WILD for some time, but I’ve got some problems. I tried it at night to see what kind of sensations I would get. I got HI, HH, sounds, etc. But when I try to do WILD at the morning, I have a hard time. If I wake normally (i.e. without an alarm clock) WILD takes a very long time and I can’t relax completely because of noises, etc. When I try WILD after sleeping for ~6 hours, I can’t keep my mind awake, and finally, I fall asleep fast.
My question is, is it really important to remain awake some time before going back to the bed for WILDing?
Thanks :smile:

No, the reason this is recommended is that for many people if they don’t wake up enough they fall back asleep to easily instead if WILDing. If less time awake is making it easier for you to get dream of hypangogic imagery, then by all means go with that variation.

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