First Steps to WILD part VI (Basic WILD Q&A)

I guess i just need some training.
I will try other kind of wild then like fild or sild.
thank you anyway and congrat for your 1000’s post by the way

Yeah, experimentation is the key.

Thanks man! :grin:

Yay! I did it!

Hopefully, with more experience Ill be able to help others trying to WILD with more helpful tips, but for now I’m excited and can just tell you about my experience this morning.

So I woke up today after about 8 hours sleep–i didn’t set my alarm. :bored: I’ve been trying to WILD every morning with no success. I had some tranquil music playing.

I found myself in darkness. I don’t remember feeling a transition at all, but I knew I was dreaming. As I learned to do here and at the other site, I rubbed my hands together and tried to visualize a place. I also yelled “Clarity now!” but I don’t think that helped much. Eventually soon I was in a restaurant and I found some old friends and sat with them. I rubbed my hands on the table and even took a sip from a glass of water (wow!). A waitress made an announcement about some kind of tragedy, and I decided to get up and leave, so as not to waste my time.

As I walked out I rubbed my hands together, but the dream started to fade. I spun around to try to stabilize but it was no use. I think the problem was that I heard a song (IRL) end–it had been playing in the restaurant.

When I woke up I was desperate to do it again! I turned off the radio, I relaxed, stayed still and felt the SP after a while. I let it ride out while staying aware. As it subsided, my external hearing shut off and I heard a “Swoosh!” like wind and white light of a camera flash. Again, I found myself in blackness. I rubbed my hands, yelled for clarity, and just woke up in my bed.

However, when I did the nose pinch test, I was shocked to know I was dreaming! I got up and opened my front door. There was a bowl of cat food on the porch and it was evening in the neighborhood. I think i may have been scared to go out because I came back in the house and walked around. I said “Hello?” and “Only good energies, please!” LOL.

I had another bout of SP, in which I tried to ‘roll out’ and ended up in darkness again. But i don’t think anything came of it.

I’m just so glad. Now maybe I can focus on how to prolong and accomplish things. :grin: From this first WILD success, I learned that I likely need silence to do it. I finally know what the transition feels like. And I’m less afraid and more curious and excited to learn things and develop more control.

Congrats KimokaJane! I very happy for you right now! :content:

That’s why I don’t like music while falling asleep, even though it helps me a lot to relax and neutralize outside noise. I can’t imagine my life without music but it’s not good for me falling asleep while listening to it…

As it goes for dream control you did very much but I think that what matters the most is experience after all. With more experience you will have confidence which is a background for good control, those trick are just tools then which will help you stabilize and prolong the dream but you’ll feel and get a much more stabilized dream…

Good luck! Enjoy! :content:

Thanks! :mrgreen_hat: I am so ready to do it again!

Does anyone have any tips for “waking” in darkness? During the session I described it happened about three times—where I knew I made it to dreamland but it was just me in the dark (no sound, no imagery) as if there was a blank canvas and nothing to work with. I frantically rubbed my hands and tried to see them, but the clarity command didn’t work and it seemed to take a while before the restaurant appeared or I had that FA.

Are there any tips to escape the blackness very quickly?

Well I don’t have any experience with this but I saw people talking about the void, very similar place to what you described. So try in search under the void and see what will find…

is it OK To Swallow while attempting WILD?

please help

When it comes to swallowing, you can do it if not swallowing is more distracting. If you’re stuck in bed going “GRAH MUST SWALLOW NOW!!!” there’s no way you can keep focus.

Here, this is an article I made about personalizing WILD, you should take a look: clicky

Hope that helps :content:

last night i was going to sleep and thought why not give WILD a try?

So as i was laying there i could feel my senses being “screened” of from RL (wind blowing outside, etc.) but then got distracted as it felt as if my eyelids where beginning to open(but they where not. makes sense?) i tried to ignore it with difficulty and trying to keep “screening off” RL.

This is where my body started to feel wierd, as if it became warmer and shake mildly, i kept trying to focus but after a while the feeling faded out?

what should i do at this stage and what exactly was it?

i’m new to WILD but it seems very interesting.

thanks and sorry for any typos that might’ve come up.

Thanks. Searching ‘the void’ right now…

Hi there! :content:

Basically, what’s happening here is that your body is starting to go to sleep. A lot of people who WILD report vibrations before SP. I find it to be interesting. At this stage, however, its important to try and not focus on your physical body. If you focus too much on the shaking, you’ll stay awake. During this part, I like to imagine a dreamscape, with the hopes that I’ll eventually be dreaming that I’m in that dreamscape.

Other dreamers take a completely different approach, and try to “roll over” into a dream, “sink” into their beds, or “floating” out of their bodies.

Its really all about what works best for you. Keep trying and eventually you’ll get it :content:

The WILD FAQ article and WILD - A User Friendly Tutorial are really helpful! Take a look!

Ok so last night I was not trying to WILD, in fact I was trying to avoid it because I was scared of the hallucinations. Anyway last night though I did not get to sleep till really late and even then I had trouble getting to sleep. Anyway when I finally got asleep I woke up and it must of been pretty early because it was sort of bright outside. And then I realized I could not move and straight away I knew it was SP but I was scared because I am not a big fan of hallucinations. So I kept my eyes closed. And then straight away I went into a faddy dream it did not have a vivid color at all I am guessing that’s because I did not do anything to stabilize the dream or do any visualization. Anyway but what happened was I felt like I was holding on to the dream with one string. Basically I was watching over the dream at the DC’s and I could still feel myself back in bed and the dream kept fluttering. Then I woke up and it was bright and I could move again.

But what this has really told me is that WILD is not scary as long as you don’t open your eyes in fact i am trying it again tonight and as long as you don’t open your eyes everything is 100% not scary. Also another question what is the best method for entering the dream? im not really good at visualization though, :content:

@ rustydreamer:

Ok, you did everything right it seems. Basically, don’t be scared of hallucinations; they’re just dreams trying to form, and as your mind is dozing off it can add them in. Biggest thing with them is that if you expect them to be scary they will be. Just let your mind do its thing and you’ll be fine :content:

But that aside, yes, keeping your eyes closed also works. In fact, you have to have your eyes closed for it to work (debatable but let’s keep it simple). WILD can lead to really unstable dreams, in fact they’re my least stable. It’s very important you start rubbing your hands, feeling around and doing anything you can to interact with your environment. Live the dream and keep your senses going.

Pro tip: a lot of times you feel your “RL body,” or a lot of times when rubbing your hands you might get the idea that your RL hands are rubbing too. Don’t believe it. A lot of times it’s a false awakening brought on by your expectations of losing the dream. Even if you’re 100% sure you’re awake, do an RC. Trust me, you might be surprised.

When I start to feel vibration or floating sensation I let myself fall asleep or sometimes I roll over or sink in the bed, it’s really up to you which tech you’ll choose… I think that by just letting yourself fall asleep you actually make things much more simple, why? Because in my theory whenever you do make transition somewhere on the way which takes a very little time you do fall asleep, even though you have a feeling that you made conscious transition I think you did actually fell asleep on the way, you are just not aware of that because it lasts a split second maybe…

Hi there! I hope I’m not necroing the topic too much… :eh:

Anyway, I tried WILD last night, I don’t think I succeeded but I guess I’ve made a big step. I had a weird feeling when I was up to 50, and it would go on until I’ve tried to visualize myself in stairs (cf the guide), then I fell asleep, hadn’t enough concentration.

I don’t think I can describe that feeling, but I can say it wasn’t unpleasant. It’s like my body was sleeping but not my mind, even if I could move myself if I wanted to.

I think I’m gonna try again tonight. :content:

Just keep with the experimentation. You’ll get there…

Good luck! :content:

Can anyone plz tell me what to do with Swallowing reflex i feel it very hardly any trick or advise thnx

Can anyone of you guys tell me that can i do WILD on my right side sleeping position Would it be as useful as sleeping on back position?

I heard that it’s very well possible to do sleeping on the side. I only try it on my back though :tongue:

@Marvin then what you do with swallowing reflex well i can sleep on my back for 2 hours but the problem with me is swallowing reflex i cant control it