First Steps to WILD part VI (Basic WILD Q&A)

Yeah I also have issues with that. It’s probably even much worse for me than normal because I have issues with swallowing even in normal waking life.

I should probably also make clear that I never successfully WILDed, I’m only echoing things I’ve read about when it comes to how you should go about it. It’s not based on my own successful WILD adventures :joy:

@Marvin :grinning: hehe Your condition is worse than mine because it happens even when you are awake

@dB_FTS☺ congrats man yeah your are right focusing on body sensation leads to LD hey what to do when we totally blackout i mean no thought’s no HI just a state of nothing it is occur when i focus on my breathing its a good state but no LDs

Friends, have any of you experienced this? I mean when trying WILD no HI no dream nothing just blackout i am using WILD for some days everything is okay but the problem is here that i dont see any kind of hypnogogic imagery just blackout no HI no dream nothing why i dont moved any part of my body nothing
Although I slept 1:30 hours what’s happening with me can any of you plz help me thnx

Sounds a bit to me like you didn’t really get much REM but rather moved on to deep sleep only without much brain activity. When did you do this WILD? Was it during WBTB, as a nap during midday or when you first went to sleep at night?

Yeah this happened to me in the morning 6 hours of sleep and during afternoon nap i think i focused only on breathing that’s why i got the deep state of blackout may be

In the morning after 6 hours of sleep tis should usually not be happening. You should have lots of awesome REM if you do WBTB. The only explanation I could think of is that your body was still very tired so you still get a big amount of deep sleep. Then, depending on when exactly during the sleeping cycle you wake up, you may get this blackness kind of feeling instead of at least vivid dream recall. The same explanation can be applied to the naps. But I don’t know if this is plausible from a somniology point of view (sleep science).

To further diagnose what happened, how do you feel after those 1:30 of sleep?

Yeah @Marvin thnx for rply i will try WBTB+MILD+FILD thats awesome mixtures of LD technique :blush: