First time attempting WILD... failed

Had this been successful, it would’ve been my second LD. I attempted doing the WILD method and felt my muscles twitching, which would be expected. I think I got pretty far along with the method but my minds eye went black… blacker than usual, which startled me. I figured after this would come the hypnagogic stuff. So I snapped myself out of it and got up. Afterwards, I was twitching and shivering like crazy… I decided that it was nothing and the blackness/hallucinations wouldn’t cause anything since it’s just a dream. I attempted to WILD again (same night, right after failure). This time, I couldn’t reproduce the effect at all. Not even the twitching muscles. Any pointers?

Eh, sorry for the crazy long first post.

Welcome to ld4all, plazzy! If you want to, you can introduce yourself to the community in this topic.

It seems you have to relax deeper. You can try working with relaxation techniques few times a day, like meditation - it will surely help. There was also a recent topic on WILD that has more info that could be useful.

And don’t mind your post - if you stick around long enough you’ll see many that far outreach yours both in size and crazyness! :spinning: