Flotation tank!

I recently read an article about these flotation tanks. ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isolation_tank ) And I have also heard that these can really help you have lucid dreams. Im planning on trying it close to where I live soon, mainly because I feel rather stressful these days and it is said to help alot against stress.

So, I was wondering if anyone tried this and could maybe tell me what to expect? It is said that you are able to have lucid dreams in it. :smile:

Not tried yet, but i will soon :smile: Found one very close to where i live. I will be in it for 45 minutes and i dont think thats enough to get LD, I think youre supposed to be awake aswell.

Here is what one guy think. youtube.com/watch?v=YEjTXX2rHgA
And here you can find one close to where you live. floatfinder.com/

Awesome reply, thanks! After hearing the “Fear factor” guy talk about it, I guess I have a better picture about it now. :smile:


i dunno if his results are typical unless you do what he did, hes a far out kind of guy

there’s a lucid dreamer who built a float tank that he sleeps in for LDs inside of a pyramid !

It sounds relaxing and stuff, and you probably would have a very good chance of WILDing in one of them, but from what I’ve heard, you’re not in there enough to sleep

Man, not a single one in Italy :sad: I see they’re pretty concentrated in MiddleWestern Europe.

That’s actually one of the most awesome things I’ve ever heard.

True, seems that you should not fall asleep, but just let go and relax and you will pretty much be carried away automatically. Im lucky they got one only 20 minutes from where I live ^^ Gonna give it a go soon.

there are just 2 in israel…really bad…
It costs 60 dollars…(230 shekels)

About the same in sweden where i live (450kr or 65 dollar to be exact) for 45 minutes. If you only try it one time its cheap compared to a lot of other stuff, but if you do it every weekend it will get expensive. There are lots of more expensive “life experiences” such as skydiving. So its really worth the money to try it one time :smile:

350-400 Swedish kronor for 1 hour where I live. :o

I actually experienced one for the first time a few weeks ago, it cost me $20 USD and a piece of art (which was a reaaaaallly good bargain.)

I have to say, at first, it was a bit uncomfortable, and I’m not even claustrophobic. I was a bit frightened of hallucinating (since I was told that some people may have them) or having any sort of frightening experience. The man who owns the tank says that he has never had anyone really have a negative experience, unless they drink coffee first.

At first, it’s difficult to relax, but in order to have a better experience, just let go.

After a while I DID begin to hallucinate ( almost my entire “Potentials of the Human Consciousness” class participated, and it didn’t seem like a lot of people hallucinated when we discussed it later.) They were very similar to the short dreams and hallucinations when you have a WILD experience. Some were very, very vivid, but only lasted until I became aware of them, and then they faded.

Your sense of time and space is becomes really distorted. I was in the tank for a single hour, but felt like I had been in there for four hours. Some people felt like they’d only been in there for thirty minutes.

After a while I got to a point where I can’t recall anything, but I KNOW I wasn’t asleep. A lot of my classmates experienced this, and I believe it’s called Samadhi, I may have the term slightly wrong. In fact, it’s called a Samadhi tank, so I wouldn’t be surprised if several people experienced it.

When I got out, I felt completely stoned. I was beyond relaxed, I was SO relaxed that I couldn’t bring myself to talk to anybody, I just couldn’t process words. I had an incredible sense of well being (though I think I would have to call it fantastic being). Also, my shoulders (where I hold a lot of tension) felt amazing for a few days after, as if I had had a full body massage.

These are pretty common experiences it seems, since a lot of the class had them. Some others people mentioned were:

Out of Body experiences
The feeling that they had slipped into a completely different plane or dimension
Seeing auras ( I actually thought I saw mine for a few moments, but passed it off as my brain trying to put information there since it’s so used to seeing my body. The girl who said that she’d been seeing auras, mentioned that it’s continued after her time in the tank.)

I would suggest meditating while in there, it helps you to relax, and probably heightens the experience. I couldn’t hold the mantra while I was meditating, so I just let it go.

Since I’ve been told that the experience gets better after the second or third time, I’m probably going again this December. I’ll fill in anyone who wants to know more of my experience or would like to know my experiences when I go again. Just message me.

Also, for those of you who are having trouble finding tanks, try searching around for someone who owns one personally. A lot of people own them, and that’s how our class got hooked up with one.

Sounds awesome Crow :happy: I have booked a time for tomorrow^^ Would really like to hear if it is better then 2nd and 3rd time as you said and i may do it again too.

I think i have experienced this Samadhi once. In the middle of the night i became conscious. I know i was sleeping, i didn’t feel anything, and everything was black. Lasted maybe 10sec, cool feeling^^

Let’s see if I can give it a better definition… Samadhi is the fourth state of consciousness according to some eastern philosophies. It’s the state of consciousness that underlies the other states (waking, dreaming, deep sleep). It’s experienced when the mind is cleared of thoughts completely, and one experienced consciousness without content, or pure consciousness. It’s most similar to deep sleep, except, you are not asleep.

If I’m wrong, correct me. But I believe that’s a quick summary of it from what I’ve learned in class.

The location in vienna is called “Coffin Factory” :eh:

And they think it’s their obligation to…guide…beginners, which costs more of course…
But not so bad…62 Euro is ok.

I guess i didn’t experience Samadhi then. But maybe i will tomorrow when I’m floating :smile:

Yeah… when you’re in one it can be reminiscent of a coffin, which is why it was so uncomfortable at first.

I think in the US, Sensory Deprivation Tanks cost about $50-60 USD on average.

WASD: Yeah, I’m not sure if what I experienced was Samadhi, often when you come out of Samadhi you have an intense feeling of joy, and some people even cry. : / All I know is I don’t remember half the time in there, but either way, it was very relaxing.

Enjoy yourself! Relax, have a good time, and share your experience! I look forward to it.

Wasn’t as awesome as i expected. :sad: The only cool feeling was when i first got there, “cool I’m floating!”. I felt pressure on my shoulders or neck all the time, never found a comfort position, changed position a lot. Fully awake all the time. Was in there for an hour, felt like 45 minutes.
Was relaxed when I got out, about the same as after usual sleep.

But I recommend it. An hour was too much for the first time. Don’t think I’ll do it again within at least 5 years.

edit: Forgot to add that i had the lights on all the time… I thought they were so weak so it wouldn’t matter, but i heard that it apparently does matter.

Thanks for the feedback man.
Hey, let me ask, do you practice any relaxation-techniques?
That might have a something to do with it…experience(not blaming you, just asking)

Well, I’ll see when I’m going to get a chance…

No I don’t. Other then “trying to sleep” when i go to bed.