Flying and center of gravity

When you fly, where is your center of gravity? Or do you have one?

I have this “problem” that when I fly (or fall) I get this really intense feeling in the stomach (just like when you drive down a hill really fast), but it’s really annoying and uncomfortable! :sad: Anyway, last night I floated up in the air a bit and one second later I felt it. It feels like I’m not floating but hanging on a fishing line that’s stuck in my gut! :eh: I then, by accident, changed the “center of gravity” to my hip area and then to my foot. It was a lot more comfortable…

So I was wondering how it is for other people… or do you simply float free and peacefuly? :eh: If you have some kind of center of gravity, does it simply exist or do you put it there consciously?

(sorry for the long boring post and if it doesn’t make sense :grin: )

ive only flew once nd i didnt really feel ANYTHING i was jus high in the air

I know the feeling!
It’s like you go straight or up, and then you suddenly fall down.
But I usually fly well in dreams…almost always.

I sometimes have problems like this Mattias, which sucks, however it’s more balance of stability rather than a conscious awareness of a centre of gravity :sad: That’s great that you were able to shift your centre of gravity so it was more comfortable for you. The only thing I can suggest is practice until your new centre of gravity becomes automatic when you’re flying ^^

Thanks for the replies :smile:

Tundra, yeah, I guess it’s just practice :tongue: I’ll put flying at the top of my list for a few LD’s and see if I can get any progress.

I also had the idea that props might help. I remember one LD where I was flying and it felt great. I was holding onto something, like a piece of wood that got caught in the wind. The problem was holding on! :content:

u could try and use a jet pack too XD

Hehe, jet packs ftw…

But, I kinda know what you’re talking about. In the one lucid dream I’ve had, in order to start flying I had to kind of swim through the air first in order to gain some altitude. Once I was going, though, it felt like I had some kind of weight in my lower body. Except it was more beneficial than anything - it allowed me to balance myself more easily and take advantage of the wind.

So, maybe if you spread the weight out as well it might help.

So mattias, are you by any chance saying that you have a kind of “butterfly” feeling. Like when you’re on a rollercoaster?

(Sorry if I’ve misunderstood)

For me Gravity works perfectly well in lucid dreams. And when I fly, it’s kind of like gravity dissapears, but only for me. And then i can push myself with some invisible force whenever I want.

Seems to be different from other peoples flying experiences

Yes, that’s it, but VERY strong and VERY uncomfortable. It’s almost like a cramp someitmes. well, kinda. But it’s not the kind of butterflies you get on the swing where you go “weeeeeee!” it’s more constant and… almost like torture! :lol:

Hmm, that’s pretty unfortunate. Something of the same kind bothers me too. So I think your right, you should just do what you suggested; put flying at the top of your lucid list and practice finding a way to overcome it. :content:

I dont have a centre of gravity :grin: Im all weightless when I fly.

I use to get this feeling as well, but only if I lose control :razz: (which ironicly has happened more frequently lately :sad: ) when I get that feeling I try to focus to control what Im doing and not the feeling :tongue:

Perhaps instant enlightenment can help. The centre of gravity in your body is not fixed. It depends on your body posture and such things. So, let go of the idea that it is stuck somewhere, it moves around all the time, and is often naturally outside your body. If you think of it this way, you can separate it from the idea of the centre for flying movement, and only as a point of pivot.

I have used props before too. They are good for feeling grounded and can take the responsibility away from you. It’s they who have to deal with staying airborne, I’m just holding on. Last time I dreamed of flying, I was not lucid, but I acted as if I were. I stood on a rock and levitated us. I felt like I was standing on the rock, but then I realized, I’m actually just flying and adding the rock. It is not helping really, it’s complicating it, because I have to push it against my feet to make it appear as if I’m standing on it. So I let it go.

since I’ve posted this topic I’ve had a couple decent flying experiences. Nothing fantastic, but the feeling seemed to bother me a bit less :wink: maybe because it was a low lucid, I don’t know… :neutral:

Hi Mattias,
What you describe makes me think that maybe you are astral projecting instead or about to, from the dream.
Many years ago when I first began to AP, I used to feel an intense feeling in my gut as well, kind of painful, and I could shift it all over my body or sometimes it just had a mind of its own. In time that “ball” of uncomfortable, intense energy began to appear while I was asleep in bed and I would wake up, it got really intense until one day I felt like my whole being was sucked into this swirling “hurricane” and my body spat me out into an out of body experience.
in the beginning I had very violent exits, now they are smooth as honey but what you described reminded me of those instances.
Many times people think they are having flying dreams when in reality they are astral projecting.

:eek: Never thought of that. But in my case at least it only happens in the stomach. I’ve been practicing flying in my LD’s and it’s slowly fading away. I don’t think I’ve ever had what people would call an OBE, or I did and don’t know :tongue:

And welcome to ld4all :smile:

Yeah, for me, when i do get in the air, I usually have a very hard time “steering” myself around. Sometimes gravity doesnt even let me up. I’ll get in the air slightly, but definately not long enough to consider it “flying”. It’s moar like I’m jumping and staying in the air for a few seconds. Like im walking on the moon or something lol