Flying to Dream Land technique

Yeah, I made it up last night, but it worked pretty damn well! I ended up having like 3 MILDs last night just because of this.

Basically, lay in your bed in any position, and imagine (and allow your body to feel the sensations very vividly of) your bed floating off the ground. Imagine what it would be like if your bed and you floated through the cieling and were floating off to dream land. You don’t need to imagine or waste any effort trying to see what the world around you looks like. But feel the feeling on your stomach of actually having your bed floating. Continuously remind yourself that you are literally floating to dream land, like the bed is taking you there. It might sound strange, but it truly works wonders.

The goal is to use this technique as WILD, but in my case, I fell asleep and just somehow ended up having 3 MILDs.

I’m doing this again tonight. I already know it works for me, but I would be interested to see how well it works for the rest of you. :smile:

it worked again. no surprise. has just one this time tho.

cool, I’ll give it a try. :wink:

Def. doing this one tonight!!! If it doesn’t work I’ll do a WILD WBTB combo

I’m for it tonight. Do you call this FBILD? (Flying Beds Induced Lucid Dream)

Hahaha, yeah I suppose FBILD would be a fitting name. Good luck y’all! I’m doing this one again tonight. :cheesy:

Remember, the most important part is FEELING the sensations in your stomach. If you know how it feels to be on something floating off the ground, recreate that exact seem feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Guess what? I was doing to do it last night, I was mentally preparing for “takeoff” and relaxing myself. I went so well with relaxation I never took off, I fell straight asleep. But I want to do it tonight.

I just remembered to try this when I had woken up for good… :sad:

It worked again!! I had a lucid dream this morning that I was at work (I work at Gold’s Gym) and when I went lucid I started flying around kissing, touching and making out with hot girls (there are always lots of hot girls at my gym). It felt soo real.

Not to worry, mate. Nothing a little bit of holosync can’t fix.
If I ever fully wake up, but still have time to lucid dream I always listen to holosync - the dive for thirty minutes and am in well enough shape to fall back to sleep. In fact, I had to do that this morning before I entered a lucid dream.

Don’t worry about relaxing too much first, man. You’ll find the ways of motion of the bed floating really relax you from head to toe. That’s what I love so much about this technique - it’s a one step process.

I’m definitely going to try this tonight.

I forgot to try it tonight! :cry: I’ll try it later today… I got it!!! I’m sleeping in a different room then mine’s tonight and somehow I’m afraid of my room… idk why… (old… hag… scary… SP… HH… scary… monsters… My subconsiousness doesn’t want me to meet it… scary… idk why…I know it’s all fake and/or Hallucinations/Dream… scary…)

Hahah, not to fear. Remember, all those scary things are just different aspects of YOU. You’re not afraid of yourself, are you? Then you shouldn’t be afraid of them. They just guard the deep layers of your mind from other things that might do you harm. They’re on your side, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride to dreamland. :wink: hahah

googles holosync :tongue:

So I should try this technique whenever I WILD? I usually only have success with WILD when I’m not fully awake… Right after a WBTB, for example, I usually just fall asleep… So I’ll try it (see if I can remember :shy: )

Yup! Well, you can do it any time. That’s another thing I love so much about this technique. You can do virtually the EXACT same technique and it has potential to work as either MILD or WILD. If you slip unconscious and fail at WILD, this technique somehow sets up a net in the dream world that increases your chances of having a successful MILD. In fact, most of the time this is what happens to me with this technique.

Well, it seems my SC doesn’t want me to LD. I was thinking this, “Well SC, I’m going there soon…” and all of a sudden a bunch of circle patterns started appearing :eek: :eek: :eek: Also, I almost got lucid once, but my mom (in my dream of course) distracted me!!! :cry:

You’re getting close, Mew!

Thanks. Should I try LD’ing right now? I woke up at six, and I’m kind of tired… but then I might not be sleepy tonight…

Interesting! Sounds cool, I’ll give it a try tonight! :happy:

Absolutely man. If you didn’t get the full 7 to 8 hours of sleep already, go for it. And don’t force yourself to sleep. Just let yourself, if you that’s what your body really wants to do.

Ok. Thanks! :content: