Flying to Dream Land technique

Wait: How long should it take for this to work? Also, do you encounter SP during this?

Anytime you go through a successful WILD, you will pass through SP first. As far as how long it should take, that varies on a large number of factors including how many hours of sleep you had prior, use of prescription drugs, metabolism and a lot more than just that.


Yep. Usually you are unconscious before you head into SP and then dreams, but you go through SP every night whether you are aware of it or not. If you didn’t you would always be sleep walking and acting out your dreams.

I tried it briefly last night, then tried to regularly WILD, but ended up falling asleep :sad: Next time I’ll try this one.

I will try this tonight! Looks promising! :happy:

definently try this. Will post with results tomarra

I tried it this morning but couldn’t bet far. I got really relaxed, but that’s it. I couldn’t “feel” anything vividly… :sad:

I ended up giving up and falling asleep. Then I had a DILD, so… :grin:

So just for control, I didn’t try this technique last night, and sure enough I didn’t have any LDs. Now we know that it’s not that I am cursed to have lucid dreams every night no matter what hahah, there is promise in this technique.

Keep trying man. Eventually you will start to feel something.

Sounds like it works. I’m going to try it.

Good luck.

I made up my own method sort of like this,
I imagined my bed floating up and inside a dream cloud right above my bed. It did get my close to WILD, but I always fell asleep before I actually got there. But maybe I should try it again without trying to create an environment around me.

I forgot again, but this night I won’t. The motion relaxation sounds good, altough I have never felt anything in my stomach while flying or falling, I’ll just think I’m flying. And would love to ask you something: How was your dream recall before this thecnique’s creation?

Trying it tonight, but I have a question… what if you aren’t on a bed :bored: I mean, I’m going to be in a bed tonight, but what if I sleep over at my friend’s house and I have to sleep in a sleeping bag??? Do I just imagine me flying off?

My dream recall was okay, not great. I remembered one dream per night on average and some nights I didn’t remember anything. I tend to always remember my lucid dreams tho, because while I am in them I burn the images into my mind affirming that I will recall all of it upon awakening.

Then imagine the room you are in is the cabin of a small boat and imagine the feeling of strong waves hitting the boat. Basically you want to feel the motion of the waves moving through your body as it would be if you were actually on a boat headed to dreamland.

I tried this last night and I recalled two vivid dreams. I’ll try it again tonight to try and get a lucid dream

Congrats! You are making progress. Keep up the good work, man.

I’m def. going to try this out tonight.

How did it go, Mew?

I didn’t have an LD, but at least I actually remembered my dream :happy: I’ll keep trying, though. :content: