Flying to Dream Land technique

Congrats, keep it up. For all you know a lucid dream is just one shot away.

I’m going to keep trying. I heard that one LD is worth one lifetime of trying. :happy:

Its funny how every time I have a flying dream I realize im dreaming, I become lucid and my dreams are more vivid and actual remeber what my dream characters are telling me which pretty good for a pot head like me…

Did you guys have any luck?

I forgot to do it last night, but I’ll try again tonight

Come on guys, I KNOW you can do this. Like someone said earlier, A life time of effort is worth one, just ONE, lucid dream. Luckily it’s not going to take a life time for you. Just by coming to these forums every day proves to me all of you have enough mental power and dedication to achieve lucid dreams.

I said that :tongue: (but I got it from another place :shy: )

Hahah, yeah well it’s TRUE.

But, I’m seriously trying this tonight.

Ha! I knew I’d get better results if I tried it in SP! Well, I didn’t get e LD, but I got some increadible vibrations. It felt like my whole room was inside a rocket. :content: The problem is that I could “see” my room, so it was hard to imagine my bed floating up… And the vibrations faded after a few seconds…

No ld last night either, but I do remember my dream again. W00T!!!

Congrats man! So wait, you waited till you found yourself in SP to try this? Usually I get TO the point of SP BY using this technique.

Yeah, I normally get to SP with this too

I might give it a shot to-night. (Or I might not.)

Well, actually what happened was I got SP accidentally and then remembered to try this. :content:

I don’t know, maybe it doesn’t have to be SP (for me, at least), I think close to it might work as well. Or maybe I just should try longer. When I normally try it I don’t feel a thing so I give up quickly… :shy:

Hey man, no offense, but I started this topic for a different purpose. I would much rather NOT have it become a topic about your god. Let’s keep this on track, and maybe you could post a new topic.

P.S. Welcome to the forums.

You always pass through SP before REM sets in. Most people aren’t conscious though. This means that if you become conscious in SP, it’s just a matter of holding on to awareness long enough for the dream to start. You are VERY close!

Sweet your method seems awsome! I am new to this site but i have been praacticing lucid dreaming for a while, though i have used methods that take much more patience. Yours seem smuch easier. Tonight i will try that. I am trying to start a “dreamteam” sort of thing so i can make friends here and study techniques and develope new and useable methods. I ish excited, lol. yours sounds very promising.

I’m going to try this when i go to bed (in a hour or so). Sounds pretty easy, I will let everyone know if I am successful or not?

Ok, Darxide, one question, that might actually help with other techniques…

When you imagine your bed is floating up, how vivid is it? I mean, as soon as you start imagining it’s vivid or does it take some time for it to get vivid?

Because when I do chaining, I imagine I’m touching a wall. At the beginning it’s completely imagined, but after a few seconds or minutes I actually start feeling the wall. So would it be something like this? Should I just keep imagining my bed is floating until I feel it?? :eh:

If so, do you think it’s best to keep repeatedly imagining my bed is lifting off until I feel it lift off, or should I just imagin it lifting off once and then just imagine it’s flying away?

These are kind of subtle questions, I guess, and they might not have a deffinite answer, but I think they might help. :wink:

It starts off as just a thought, but I still feel subtle sensations in my stomach, these eventually turn into really strong sensations, yet I still feel my bed resting on the ground in reality, and finally, when my body goes to sleep I literally FEEL like my bed is flying around. LITERALLY.