Focusing at Night

Hey guys, i’ve had a problem as of late. My problem is: whenever i wake up to attempt an LD i fall right back to sleep. My alarm wakes me up, i sit forward, turn it off and my body wants me to lay back down SO bad. I’m struck with a deep sleepiness and all i can do is go right back to sleep. I wake up the next morning a very frustrated guy :grrr: Before i go to sleep, i prep myself with mantras and such. I know i want to do this. What can i do to focus myself at night?

This happens to me. I want to know the same question. I do the FILD and it doesn’t work. I just wake up the next morning dissapointed that i didn’t lucid dream. I have an alarm for C-WILDing and i don’t even remember waking up

Count yourself lucky, most of us have trouble going back to sleep after waking up. It seems to me that you just lack discipline!

You could also use that to your advantage, using MILD to great effect. Before you fall asleep just focus on putting subconscious thoughts of lucid dreaming in your head. Given enough tries, you’re guarenteed at least a couple LD’s a month that way.

I think this induction method might help you. Besides, like wkh said, it’s mostly a matter of discipline. Best of luck to you ^^

What I do is tape a piece of brightly colored paper to the ceiling (or where er youre most likely to see it) with an L on it to remind me. I would then rub and blink my eyes really hard. Roll your eyes hard 4-5 times. Then like, literally slap yourself :ack: or just force yourself to get out of bed. This might sound a little wierd, but I always get mad when I am not able to do something, so sort of call yourself weak for not getting up. :eh: If you cant even get past the point of turning off the alarm, the set the alarm so that you either have to get up or sit up and lean over to reach it.