For lucid dreamers who still go to school

How long do you sleep every night on school days? Because in my country, school starts at 8 a.m. so I have to get up by 6. And I have only about six hours or so of sleep. This really affects my dreaming time.

My cousin who lives in Australia gets up at about 7 am because school starts at 9 am for him. So if I were him, I would get as much as 8 hours of sleep.

I wonder if any of you sleep more than six hours a night on weekdays. Thank you!

Hey dreams!

I live in Australia as well.

But I have a really bad habit of going to sleep at 1-2 am and waking up at 7.30. Since I have to catch my train at 8 and my school starts at 9.

Which leaves me to about 5-6 hours per night.

But Im looking for a way that I can get to sleep by 12am, so that’ll leave me about 7-8 hours of sleep :smile:

I start school at 8 AM too,
But I wake up at 7 AM.

So if I want to really remember my dreams - that day,
I should be at bed by 10 PM.
If i go to bed at 11, I can barely remember anything because my sleep cycle is corupted.

Lol Imagine that, but going to sleep at 1 or 2 every night.

Thats me :confused:

Thanks Madhii! Leeh!

Mahdii: That’s nice! Waking up at 7.30. Three years ago, I visited Australia and had a five-week stay at my cousins’ home. I realized every morning my cousins would wake up about 7.30 when the sky was all bright. If you sleep at just say 11 pm every night, wow, you have plenty of time to venture in your dreamworld!! :happy: So if your school starts at 9, what time does it end?

Leeh: Sounds right. I think from now onwards I’ll go to bed at 10 PM, then I’ll have more than seven hours of sleep! :content:

Hey Dreams, hope you had a nice stay at Australia, How was it like?

Yeah… I should start sleeping at around 11-12 soon :smile:

And my school finishes at 3pm :happy:

I’m a mature student with 2 kids under 5 so i go to bed very early - 10pm! Can’t handle it any later! lol

But most of my LDs so far have been when my husband has given me a lie in - which would mean that at those times (with interruptions - kids etc…) i get about 9 or 10 hours sleep. You wouldn’t want to know me if i got less than 8! :grrr:

It does seem fairly obvious to me though that dream work means as much sleep as possible! :smile:


I usually go to bed at 10pm and am usually awake by 7 regardless of the day of the week, on a schoolday, I’m then usually UP by 7.15 unless I’m feeling really groggy then I’ll push it a bit and stay in until 7.30 laughs

EDIT: Oh, forgot to mention :tongue: School starts at 8.45, so I normally leave the house between 8.15 and 8.20 :content:

Thanks for the replies, guys!

Wow, that’s a lot of time to sleep for me. :smile:

Ooo… Sounds a little scary… :cry: I better run… :help:

Yeah, I try to sleep as much as possible but on weekdays I can sleep most up to seven hours. :sad:

Wow… Sounds like everybody here is getting around 8-10 hours of sleep which is very heathly and good for Lucid Dreaming :happy:

That’s really great! You have a regular sleep schedule. You must have loads of dreams! :smile: Sometimes I sleep at 11.30, sometimes 11 o’clock.

Really fun!! I went there late November. The weather at that time was a bit cool, I just loved it. And on Christmas day, it was supposed to be 40 degrees but instead it was 16 c! Absolutely freezing, I wore four layers of clothing. During the five weeks, I went horse riding, cherry picking and also visited the Melbourne city, the Enchanted Maze( this one’s really exciting!) and the animal sanctuary. It’s a nice place to live in, Australia.

Oh no, now I remember school again. Great. -.- Now I’ll never be able to LD.
I go to sleep at 9 or 10 nearly every day (Even Sunday and Saturdays) and wake up at 6.30. Every day. I don’t even need an alarm clock, becouse my body wakes up automatically (It’s really great when I try to perform WILD). So I get around 8 hours, 9 if I’m sleepy. That’s why I can’t WILD properly when it’s school. If it wasn’t, then I’d get way more LDs than now.

I tell you what, it really helps recall having a regular sleep schedule… it’s strange, but having a routine is really really useful!!!

i have to get up at 6, and i still get 7 hours of sleep a day.

just go to bed earlier… what’s so hard about that? unless you work or something

This has been the biggest problem for me with LDing… this is the reason i used to just work on it in the summer. However now i work even earlier than i ever went to school. So… yeah basically i am screwed

Thanks for the replies! :smile:

Thanks! :wink: I’ll try to have a regular sleep schedule!


You’re right. That’s what I’ve been trying to do. Unfortunately, I have some sleep problems, especially these few days. Like yesterday, I went to bed at 10.30 PM, and guess what time I finally slept? 2.02 AM. :sad: So I ended up having four and the half hours of sleep. :help: At least I had a really cool flying dream!!So even ten hours of sleep will eventually become eight hours.

Aelyissía and R3TRO: That’s why school’s really an obstacle. Maybe the best time for LDing is probably when we work…

for me, school starts at 7:30, and i’m usually up by 5:30 [if i have homework i didn’t do], or i’ll sleep in until 6:15.

which sucks, because i dream more around 8-11. D: i’ve been thinking of going to bed earlier, maybe 9-ish.

Wow, Crooked, your school starts kind of early. I thought mine starts the earliest at 8 am.

I wish I could go to bed at 9, but I have homework and lots of things to do, plus my dad :grrr: would bash me up if I sleep too early. Mind if I ask which country you live in? Just wish to know.

I used to get that ALL the time. It was terrible so I can sympathise. :hugs: But, having a routine also really helps with that as well, not just the getting up and going to sleep at the same time, but having a small drink before bed and stuff like that :smile: The more you’re in a routine; the easier it is for you to switch off…

Another thing that would help with that is improving your sleep hygiene. E.g making sure you’re only using your bed for sleep, not for reading or anything else. In fact, even staying out of your bedroom can help apparently. Getting associations that your bed is for sleep and nothing else, can really help your sleep patterns.

Thanks a lot, Tundra! :smile: I really appreciate that. I’ve never thought about those things you mentioned. Now I see how important a regular sleep schedule can be. So, your sleep is okay now?