for madhatter(tecniques)

what I do(for me this works almost everytime) is set my alarm to six in the morning and stay consciouse while I fall back asleep. While falling back asleep I often feel like I am floating out of my body and I hear a real loud rushing sound. These are pretty much sure signs you are about to LD. I had one last night but it was short lived I was flying outside of my apartment

yeah, that is actually a technique called WILD. Interesting that you figured out how to do it on your own :content:

That’s right. And moreover, that’s WILD + WBTB. Did you find both techniques on your own, Matt-20? :smile:

Thanks for the help guys! The thing is though, If i set my alarm for 6, I probably won’t be able to go back to sleep. Normally when I wake up, that’s it - i can’t get back to sleep. I suppose I could try my hardest though. I’m going to try this tonight, hell - i’ve got nothing to lose!

Could you elaborate on the staying conscious part? Sounds easier said than done…

i think that rushing sound and other synthoms you describe are a lot refered to when one is OOBE’ing or astral travelling. i can’t really tell the difference between the two!
sorry for the meaningless post!
keep it up

yeah, i’ve been told by the kind members of this board that those were the beginnings of an OOBE.

Maybe you could try setting it earlier so that you’ll be too tired to be able to stay up, then also it will be even easier to WILD i think.
In fact i started setting my alarm clock just 4 or 5 hours after i go to bed, and now i wake up on my own after 4 or 5 hours of sleep.

That makes sense. I tried setting my watch alarm (couldnt find my normal alarm) for 6am like someone suggested, but I think I slept right through it because it’s pretty quiet. When I first woke up I did remember parts of my dream, but now I can’t for the life of me remember what happened in them at all.

You can find some tips (I hope) in the numerous parts of the BIG WILD topic.
But could you clarify your question? Are you speaking about what are the general staying conscious techniques (like counting, focusing on phosphenes, etc.) or did you already choose a technique and ask for further information about it?