For those who can currently lucid dream.

Did any of you start off learning all the techniques, and steps, just sort of in your free time, and then all of a sudden, after the first few weeks, you just sort of could lucid dream.

All of a sudden, you’d just go to bed, without having to do any techniques, and you’d just be lucid?

I’m kind of wondering if this has happened to anyone else, and why it happened to us/me.

my first lucid dream was spontatneous, but not surprising as I practised WILD only from day one. They have all been DILD after that, apart from my most recent, which i think i pretty much WILDed on

Yeah, but mine were spontaneous every night, and still are.

I just keep saying to myself that i will have a lucid dream and everynight i feel i am breaking the barrier beetween ND and LD

I find that when I am trying to lucid dream, keeping a good dream diary, practicing techniques and merely thinking about it, I usually have 3 or 4 LDs a week. I also find if i dont do my dream journal and dont do techniques, i very rarely have them. I think if you STAY dedicated to lucid dreaming, it will continue to get easier and easier.

No, I havn’t reached a point where I just go to bed an be lucid, I must use techniques but I have complete confidence that they will work. Perosnally, if I just went to sleep and had LD’s that would be scary because then I might reach a point where I couldn’t stop LDing and I certainly don’t want all dream periods to be lucid, it would be a Midas touch type thing.

:eek: Never though about it that way but it makes lots of sence… Well maybe i will become insane! :happy: Kidding.
That sounds kind of weird i would think you could loose lucidity anytime you wanted if you get to that point. :wink:

Did any of you start off learning all the techniques, and steps, just sort of in your free time, and then all of a sudden, after the first few weeks, you just sort of could lucid dream

I started off reading about the techniques. I thought about them and decided DILD would be easiest. I started practicing RCs, and they became a habit. You have to establish your dream signs, and always check when you see them (or even think about them, if you’re really determined). Eventually, in a few weeks of practicing, you will have lucid dreams. But for me, after about a week or two (maybe two and a half), all my LDs so far are spontaneous. I think only certain people can have spontaneous LDs, and that we are just lucky to have that. Unless of course, you have mastered WILD, the tech to rule them all. Assist your DILDing with some MILD, and you should eventually start to see results.

Wow. I just realized that ld4all is the only site where I type a paragraph without thinking.

That’s it! That’s waht happens, only I don’t use any techniques

But it’s not bad because I can control it simply by going to bed at certain times. Plus, I don’t have to interfere with the dream, even though I’ve learned to now.

As far as I’ve figured, 9:45 is a cut off time. Any time after that, I don’t have lucid dreams for some reason. Anyone have an explaination for that?

While i have had some spontaneous LD-s in childhood (similar dreams repeatedly), the first time when i started to have them in regular basis, was after reading about LD-s from someone in another forum. He told me that if i start to fly in a LD, i should try not “Superman style”, but to fly my legs crossed (as those fiction characters on flying carpets).

Soon after reading this i had a LD, and i did not used any technique to induce it, just because i didn’t knew any. Only few days later i discovered this forum here, by googling the subject. This is when i started to use techniques.

No one has an answer to my question, though?

The techniques never worked for me. As long as I’d write down my dreams, I managed to get lucid dreams at least once a week.

An answer to why, no I haven’t heard of this happening to other people before, I wil let you know if a run across something.