Formless shared dream, AP or something else?

I often lucid dream with good memory recall that I regularly update in my dream journal. I have had quite a few other experiences that may fall into the OBE category or FA. But there was this one time that I had a very peculiar experience.

It happened when I was falling asleep, and I suddenly found myself self aware but in a nebulous grey cloud. I wasn’t worried or anything, and overhead two voices on either side of me having a conversation. This is when I identified the voices as that of my cousin and her current boyfriend. I immediately felt I was intruding on their conversation, it was quite personal and I knew I had no business really hearing what I was witnessing (just intimate talk between lovers) So I said in my mind, “wow who would of thought you guys could be so adventurous” And no sooner had I thought this, that I heard my cousin and her bf break out into laughter. I felt surprised and sheepish for it was clear what I said was now out there and common knowledge to both of them.

During this time we were both formless and nobody could see one another, there was just this swirling cloud of nothingness. I tried to save myself, by downplaying my comment, and that I was referring to something else entirely. But they both seemed quite good natured about it, and just kept laughing and making jokes about whether I make it a habit of eavesdropping. But what got to me was how candid and naked we felt sharing our minds so to speak. I began to feel uncomfortable not long after, and suddenly it dawned on me that I couldn’t even think anything without it being public knowledge to both of them. It was like the voice in my mind or even imagery, impressions of things was open for public display. Very disconcerting indeed.

So I panicked and was trying so hard to think of nothing. But I later no matter how much I tried I ended up picturing something sexual in my mind (it felt like that ghostbusters scene when the marshmallow man was inadvertently willed into being by Dan Akroyd because he couldn’t help it) and again they laughed quite uncontrollably, which of course made me self conscious again. I later asked if they were asleep and dreaming all this with me, I told them I would call them to confirm and that is when I awoke.

It was still dawn so I didn’t call until later that evening but my cousin said she didn’t dream anything. Suffice to say I didn’t elaborate on what the dream was about. But to this day I often wonder where I was in that instance, and why their voices came across so clearly like in a waking state. And whether or not they did share a dream with me but just weren’t as capable of recalling it as I was. So has anyone had such an experience before? And what to call it? Because it really was not a lucid dream like anything I had ever experienced before or since.