Found yourself doing something stupid

Last night I waked up trying to eat my sheets (spell?, cover of the bed), I was holding a corner of it with my mouth open just about to bite it. I don’t remember the dream.

Another night I wake up trying to find a remote control for something, I don’t remember the dream couse it was years ago.

I was wondering if you ever find yourself doing something stupid like that. Just after you got up, not in a dream.

I tried to take a shower in my underwear. Took ten minutes before the cold water woke me (properly) up.

I don’t remember doing anything like that.
But I have a friend who always does funny stuff in his sleep.
Sometimes he falls asleep when we’re watching a movie and after a while he suddenly sits up, stares at me and starts asking wierd questions and talking gibberish, and then he goes back to sleep and forgets it happened. Sometimes he starts looking for something and tries to dig into the couch or the table with his hands.
Once he woke up while trying to explain something really absurd to me and and another friend, and he got really confused.
Last year, when he was working at McDonald’s, he’d wake up at night and find himself searching for burgers in the closet, or trying to use his pillow as a cash register.

My sister does strange stuff when she’s sick and has a high fever.
Once she woke up and found herself walking up the stairs to the kitchen repeting “Something lives under my skin, therefore I shall peel it off”.
Another time when she woke up she had carved her name in mirrored text on her leg.

I’ve been horrified to wake up with drool on my pillow a couple of times, lol. I don’t snore, but apparently I drool anyway.

Woooo!!, it seems the work of a demon!!, just kiding, but that must been awful. Is a little hard to write awakened in mirrored text, I mean it requires some thought, even more if it’s a large name.

When ever I’m stressed I do strange things.

Beating up a pile of laundry, running out of the room because there is a giant spider on the ceiling, carrying dream boxes around, trying desperatedly not to move (and yelling at my girlfriend when she does) because the bed might tip over.

And those are just a few examples.

Once I woke up in the middle of the night and thought it was morning, so I went up, got dressed and went down to the kitchen. When I got to the kitchen I saw the clock and it said about 2 o’clock. I did some RCs, and checked the time in my mobile phone too. After that it finally made sense why it was so dark… :eh:

I also woke up a school day and thought “Oh, I can sleep another half an hour, only the ones with the big parts are supposed be there early”… I had confused school with some kind of play or something.

Drooling all over my pillow (very common), punching the wall, kicking objects/people nearby, destroying alarm clocks, and calling out to random DCs to bring me something after waking up (but apparently not fully conscious). I guess our minds are still stuck in ‘Dream-Logic’ mode.

I’ve got a friend who sleepwalked into his parent’s bedroom and almost peed on the nightstand before his mom grabbed him and rushed him to the toilet.

My brother does some strange stuff in his sleep, too. He stood up in his sleep once, looked straight at my mom (he fell asleep in the living room) and started speaking in some strange gibberish. I dunno what he was saying, but he looked pretty mad. :crazy:

I did something like that once, except I remembered the dream. It was a while ago… I was sleepwalking, which I usually don’t do.

I had a dream that I woke up late for school. I looked at my alarm clock, and got frantic when I realized I was late. At that time, I had to put eyedrops in, then wait ten minutes until I put my contact lenses in. My dad had the eyedrops in his bedroom. So I’m banging on the door screaming “dad! I’m late and I need my eyedrops!”

Then My dad and stepmom emerged from the bedroom. My dad was like “It’s 2 o’clock! Go back to bed!” Then I realiized I wasn’t dreaming. My stepmom was laughing at me, and boy did I feel stupid! :tongue:

I was on a roadtrip with my friend and she said while I was sleeping I would laugh really loudly. Then two nights later she said I was sleeping, but my one eye was wide open staring at her and she had no clue whether or not I was awake.

I’ve also gotten up and thought it was a school day and thought my alarm hadn’t gone off and that I was going to be late. After flipping out a while I realized it was a Saturday…

Other than that, my mom says I sometimes I let out high pitched screams and she thinks I’m being attacked or something. Funny my screams come out in RL but while I’m in my dream I just can’t hear them haha.

I once woke up (from a nap, which was why I was confused - I never take naps) and decided it was important to tell my cousin “I have five.” I remember saying it, but have no idea why. She says she didn’t hear me though. I act weird mostly if I’ve been woken up by a loud noise. One time I woke up when my dog knocked over my lava lamp. My parents came rushing in to ask what was wrong. My response? “The keys… with the letters… you push them and they have letters!”
I also was once trying to use a camera in an LD and woke up poking myself repeatedly in the shoulder. But that was just annoying.

LOL… I remember doing crazy stuff but I can’t remember exactly what they were to share.

Does headbutting the wall count as stupid?

It was back in highschool, there was this kid in my year that just totally bugged me. Believe many times I just wanted to punch him in the face. Well one night he was bugging my in my dreams, I just grabbed him and headbutted him with so much force I actually headbutted the wall IRL.

Needless to say it wasn’t a gentle tap and it sure did take long for me to wakeup fully. It wouldn’t surprise me if I had a minor concusion either, it hurt. :sad:

Sorry everyone!, but :rofl:

The only strange stuff I’ve done is to wake up really early and thought it was time to get up and waking up and getting ready to go to school on a weekend…
But I think lots of people have done that.

My nephew will be sleeping and he’ll sleep up look right at you and start talking all crazy. Once he looked right at me with this really wierd look and said something about evil circus penguins are doing something.
It was strange but funny.

A few days ago, I woke up and saw a big yellow eye in the dark, like a millimeter in front of me.
My eyes were closed and all I could see was this yellow eye.

After a few seconds I realized that I was pressing my left eye with my knuckle.

i can remember several times when im kinda awake in the morning but still sorta in a dream state…the dreamish situation is usually me on the phone with someone and i keep thinking in my head trying to think whether or not im awake…and ill respond in the phone conversation only to notice that i yelled something outloud in RL…

anyone else have this happen to you?

That image just made me realise how damn tired I am, 30ish something hours no zzz but soon to, saved it as a bmp just to be sure it wasn’t constantly moving.

Worst for me has been waking up once side of face covered in drool then falling back asleep in it and waking up with even more drool and drool all through long hair egghhh was drooly

I just had a “30ish something hours no zzz” too.
I started hallucinationg a bit too, but not visually.
I was just hearing wierd things.