Funny things that make you lucid

Has anything funny ever made you lucid?
I have an example from last night:

I was in a mall and decided to try one of those claw machines. When I only had to pay 25 cents, I realized I was dreaming because they’re never that cheap anymore. :tongue:

Oh man, so many good ways of becoming lucid.

I am going to eat in a canteen, give my bike to a kid, and use a kick scooter instead. I realize the weirdness of the situation and get lucid.

Or when my DG appeared into one of my dreams one of her earliest times.
A rogue dragon throws a burning stick at us, probably to hit us, or to light up a fire trap, but there’s this companion from nowhere, who jumps and hits the stick with a rock in his hand, reflecting it back to the owner, to which I think: "Who is this guy? I’ve never seen it in this dream before. :tongue:

Or when I was in the passenger seat, and my dad slowly brought the car to a stop, and I was asking myself when the hell the dream would resume its story.

But the funniest ever were those times when I was just pretending to be in a dream :lol: and I acted it out for some time, before really discovering it was one :rofl: good times.

I was dreaming a nightmare where Zombie Gorillas were chasing me. Then somehow I managed to get lucid by thinking: “Such stuff doesn’t exist in reality”.

An angry Pikatchu made me lucid since he shot lightnings everywhere and I wanted to stop the madness :razz:

Good idea for a topic, here is one example of when I after becoming lucid started to doubt if it really was a dream:

I lost lucidity somewhere, I was a little unsure now if it was a dream so I shouted “Hello!” and since noone reacted I realized it must be a dream, (I didn’t wanted to shout “This is a dream! in case it wasn’t!”

Me and my friend where walking home to his place, when we are about 50 meters (16,6feet) from the house he looks at his door and says: my door look kind of funny and I was like "hmm, doors don´t looks funny usually :tongue: and i became lucid :content:

It was today…

I was on LD4all and I entered a a forum(don’t remember which one tho) but there were no topics, just a single text.

Then I entered quest for lucidity, but there was also one single article.
It was something about how Croatia sucks (?) and I just remember the part ‘‘Hello, Antares.’’

Anyway…I thought it was weird, so I became lucid :tongue:

From last night:

I was trying to ask a question to a French man at a store that sold a lot of cheap stuff. Mostly newage. The words weren’t coming to me and I thought to myself in frustration, “This is a dream. My French is usually better than this in dreams!”
A pause and…
Wait, this is a dream.

Double post!
I was in my Ear Training classroom talking with some friends about lucid dreaming. I was telling them that I’ve reached such a conscious state in my dreams that I no longer miss dream signs and I would catch on to anything illogical. Everyone was really interested giving examples of their own dreams and how they’d let the most ridiculous things go by as if it were normal.
“That’s usually the case.” I explained. “But let’s say, I dunno, I saw a blue man just walk by, I’d know something was up. It’s all about being aware of your surroundings.”
“Like that guy?” asked a student pointing to a blue man walking by.
“Yeah, exactly. I’d realize I was dreaming.”

“Wait a second…” I said and burst out laughing as lucidity hit me.

Not as funny as the others are, but last night I figured I was dreaming because the queue for dinner was moving too fast.

Not that funny but cool. I remebered that i read a post in the forum about that human can levitate so I tried to levitate above a stair and said: I guess I’m dreaming now…

This night I stood with my friends by the school and they saw a bike that looked like mine and we started looking at it and where the brand shoud be there was instead a logo that said: THE REALITY. I was just like “hold on, this can´t be right” so I did a nose RC and became lucid :content:

My most recent LD was the funniest, i was on a school bus on the way home from an ice hockey match :eh: (I dont play hockey so that was a missed sign!) and my friend meg pointed out the millions of fairies out of the window :happy: (obvious dreamsign missed again) and i thought nothing of them even as i waved at them! she then said “Would you look at that!” i looked and saw that the bus was flying through the air like a plane :eek: , and i was like “Ok buses dont fly” and i became lucid,

after this dream i realised that only signs i recognise are extremely obvious ones! :woo: :content: i really did kick myself when i woke up! :content:

Accidentally RC
I remember once when i was dreaming i sneezed and went to pinch my nose to stop the sneeze but it carried on going and i realised i was dreaming when i could breathe through my nose :eek: :woo: a really strange experience!

:lol: How very convenient!

Here’s one from last night that I already posted elsewhere, but it qualifies for this topic as well. :tongue:

[ND]I went online to enter some PIN numbers into iCoke and maybe win something. My annoying spoiled cousins C and A came over announcing that they didn’t need to win any contests and that their mom and dad could just buy anything I won. They were jealous of all my recent good fortune really. Annoyed, I finished entering my PIN’s and a message came up saying, “You must be alone without any deaf people within range to claim your prize.”
I gave a wtf look at the computer and looked over at C who was right beside me. Ridiculous rule and my cousin wasn’t deaf (or maybe she is. :tongue:).[/ND][LD] I regained lucidity and shoved her away. [/LD] :tongue:

Sometimes it’s the oddest details that you catch that make you lucid. One time for me I was playing MaxX Unlimited on DDRMAX2 and realized I was dreaming because heavy always shows up as green but this time was the purple color of the “challenge songs”.

Another time I realized I was dreaming because I was running but the wind wasn’t disturbing my right hand at all.

Mine tend to be really obvious, as finding myself waking up in a flying car, in the future.

I dreamed that I caught shrimps from a river. Using only my hands. And then I would eat them raw, on the spot. It was rather comic. Then I realised I wasn’t real :tongue:

I was just walking along, when suddenly my mum stepped out of the wall beside me :eek:
that got me instantly lucid :cool:

A couple of days ago I walked into my kitchen and two friends of mine where there. One of them asked me where I wanted to sit, she pointed a two charis and then at the refrigerator. I said out loud Immediately “this must be a dream!”. So I did a nose RC and became lucid :content:

In the dream, I was playing with my brother like when we were kids.
When I realized that, I got embarrassed.

Oh, damn it, I did not do that…I must be dreaming, I’m dreaming, I’m…wait a minute.I am dreaming!

The dream was quite weird.
When I realized I was lucid, the dream started fading away.
I said (or thought?) ‘‘No, I want to dream’’ and it worked, like always.

I was lying on my bed and my eyes were half closed.
I got up and it took some effort to open my eyes.

When I did that, I was back on my bed, but fully lucid, just like in real life.

I thought that I will wake up if I get out of the bed or…well, honestly I don’t know what I was thinking.
And I woke up after that.

Oh, by the way, the dream before (or after?) this one included Kava saying that he had experienced OBE or something like that.

LD4all members told him to stop lying, that lying is rude :content:
I don’t remember it so clearly…