Hi all
going to try galatamine and choline bitartrate. any advice?

I don’t have much experiences with supplements, but here’s a link to an old topic with that combination.


I did an 8mg dose of Galantamine last night (brand Galantamind) which includes 100mg of Choline per pill, so 200mg total. I added an extra 200mg of Choline bitartrate separately. I had the experience just like Ryan Hurd describes at

I recommend reading his review, and taking his advice - be prepared with “set and setting”, and if sleep paralysis freaks you out, be ready to respond.

It worked. Went to bed at 11:30, woke up at 2am. Took the doses, started a WBTB. Entered sleep paralysis, tried to stay calm and remember my intent. Woke up in my bed, in a lucid dream. Woke up again around 5am, and tried another WBTB but did not get it. Then woke up finally at 8:30 and felt sorta crappy until the afternoon. I took some Piracetam to counter the effects. I’ll probably wait a week to try again.