Get naked, no more questioning!

I’m in a helpful mood!

Never worry about losing lucidity again when you do this!
A lot of people get that dream. You know, the embarrassing dream where you’re in a crowd of people and suddenly… you’re not wearing any clothes! It’s such a dream situation so stop worrying about it!
Next time you’re lucid, take off you’re clothes because it’s your dream and you can do what you want. It’s the ultimate way to take control of your dream and remove the possibility of doubt. You won’t drift into a ND and you won’t question your lucidity. I know it sounds strange, but it really does make you uninhibited.
Oh yeah, make sure to do a RC or two before attempting. :tongue:

Sounds interesnting, and definitely do those RC first. I can already hear some horror stories forming. “… And I was already down to my boxers before I reallized: I wasn’t dreaming. DX How am I going to explain getting suspended?” :wink:

Ha ha ha! That made me laugh! :rofl:

I already have a pretty hard time keeping dreams and waking reality separate… not sure i want to add exposing myself randomly to the list of ‘weird things i do’! lol

Seriously though, that sounds like quite a good idea. Do you just magick your clothes off or actually take them off? If i sound overly interested… thats because i am! lol :wink: :tongue:

I suppose you could melt them off with dream control instead of moving to remove them, and that would be a nice self-sustaining safety RC in itself :peek: Awesome idea, Wyvern!

seriously??? :unk:

ha, I already do that every night. :happy:

nah, kidding. But it is true indeed! Once I was naked on the side walk (in a dream, please) and I did a RC and it worked. But you know those RC’s that for some reason simply don’t convince you? that was one of them. What really made me lucid was the fact that, well, I wouldn’t be naked ouside IWL :tongue:

now, if it would also prevent you from waking up… that would be great! :sad:

Wow, how good an idea this sounds! ^^
It will be like, what’s the need for a RC reminder if i can feel the wind on my chest continously, ot the fur of the animal i’m riding/whatever else?
Really, that sounds like an awesome way too keep you lucid. I guess being naked can’t be shaken off so easily from self-consciousness.
The only thing left to do now is getting DC’s to accept it. :lol:

Oh, I pity the nudist LD’ers out there.

But I respect them, just like people who play D&D! /me salutes. :smile:

Wow! As weird as this may sound, this could very well be a great way to maintain lucidity :spinning:
One of favorite ways to do so is to “create” a lucid dreaming pill and take it. Works like a charm.
At any rate, I’m going to try this tonight. Will post results for anyone interested in the morning. Take care and goodnight everybody!

Yeah!! Since you’re walkin 'round all naked, there’s no way to the LD become a ND after that!!! =DD

hah, great title Wyvern, it certanly got me to look at the topic :tongue:

I’ve never tried this, i’ll have the next time i LD. Though i find that i don’t have much trouble retaining lucidity.

I experimented a bit with it last night in mt LD (it’s in my DJ), I put off my jacket, and I gotta say, it instantly gave me a clear perception of my whole body. Getting naked is of course a little more extreme :tongue: but the undressing act, even if partial, really gives a lot of awareness. I reccomend doing it at the start of any LD, it’s way more complete than just rubbing your hands ;D

Here’s this post again! I thought I had this idea criss-crossed with ‘transformation’ :lol: so I guess I almost gave this a test run with my last LD, but got hung up on questioning why I was wearing a button-down shirt, and woke up :razz:

until next time!

Sounds like a smart idea.
I’m definitely trying this.
:tongue: Well, I mean, I’ll be laughing the entire LD, but it’ll be worth it.

It would be REALLY awkward for a while. Especially flying.

I don’t know why, but this topic is cracking me up. I used to rub my hands to gain awareness, but this just sounds like a lot of fun! :content: Wow Phoenyx, really?? Lol, next time try not to pay any attention to what you’re wearing, it’s not ganna matter anymore anyways! :happy:

It’s a fun way to exercise your dream freedom and I’ve done it before. Never figured it would be useful. Although, I’m concerned that the clothes will just reappear on my body when I’m not paying attention. What’s more I usually don’t feel embarassed in those naked-in-public dreams, I just laugh. Somehow, having a little bit of clothing, is more embarassing in my dreams. I suppose I’ll give it a go again just for fun.

This topic gave me an ND of moogle naked…

This sounds pretty effective :gni: Although my dream clothes tend to change themselves when I’m not looking.

Wow! Now that I can LD, I should do this!

Oh my God Ahahhahahah!!

Well, better luck next time. :happy: