Getting up out of bed

I was reading through a different topic when i stumbled upon someone talking about being close to an OBE. They mentioned that when you get to the stage where you start hallucinating, you have the option of getting your astral body up out of the bed and entering into a LD. This sparked my interest because i have been close to this stage many times.

How do you get your astral body up out of the bed without actually getting your real body up and waking up. How do you know if you are moving your astral body or your real body? Can you feel a difference or something? I’d love to give this a try…

I’m not so sure on this one. The closest I got to OBE was the bodily vibrations and buzzing in the ears. It was a while ago, before I joined here. I remember being quite scared at the time…

I can’t tell the difference at all, so I go by the vibrations. If I’m feeling vibrations (fork-in-an-outlet), then it means I’m dreaming/projecting and any movement I make will affect my dream body instead of my real one.

Sometimes I’ve been able to do it without vibrations, though… But I can’t really describe how I knew…

The weird thing is ive astral projected before but havent had a LD yet. Sometimes you cant tell and i guess its like a LD and you need to do something you normal couldnt do beucase the experience is real. Its not a dream. I acually floated out of my body and saw myself. Kinda scared me so i brought myself back. I was awake when i astral projected so you can ‘wake youself up’. You would still be connected to your body and its not possible to reach other planes for a beginer and the higher you get the closer you are to having a NDE.

i’ve OBE’d before… at least i think thats what it was.
it was very scary and i’ll probably never try it again… so i would suggest you dont try it. At least not until more information is released on the subject and more is known about it.

as far as i know its all to do with vibrations… you need to try and pull yourself away from your body by pushing against the vibrations holding you in.

When I did it I could only see my body lying there very faintly, everything was dark (maybe because it was dark or maybe due to something else which i will get to in a sec). I couldn’t see much very clearly, i think it may have been due to having a low soul vibrational frequency at the time. People talk about how there are low and high astral plains which vary according to how fast your spirit/astral body vibrates. So i think I may have been in the lower astral plains not being able to see much at all. It was a bit frightening and I just wanted to get back into my body, but i didn’t quite know how to… so I sort of just floated towards my body and got pulled back in and woke up.

So if i haven’t convinced you not to try it, perhaps at least think about trying to raise you spiritual vibrations before you do try it.

yeah i do the exact same thing, i let the vibrations go for a few seconds, if i do it to early i tend to move my phsyical body :sad:

I would suggest the exact opposite. It may be a little frightening at first, but I’ve found few things to be quite as inspiring on a spiritual level. Just to feel my consciousness slip free of my body… Just to know that there’s a chance, a real chance, of life after death… Just to realize that there’s a little bit of mystery left in our world… No. This is the type of experience that more people need, not less. :smile:

And people have been doing it for long enough… It’s probably safer than Aspartame or any of the other weird chemicals that people put in their bodies…

I’m going to have to agree with Dunlar on this one. More people need to open up to spiritual experiences, and yes they WILL be scary, it’s the unknown and it seems so surreal. I know i’ve had my fair share of near OBE projections, and they were scary but looking back on it i wish that i had just gone along with the vibrations and not gotten scared. I was so close on many occasions.

In the middle of the afternoon one day when i didn’t have anything else to do i decided to lay down on my bed and try to make my body fall asleep while keeping my mind awake. I tried it for about 45 minutes with the brainwave generator going on in the background. I got some really small vibrations, but nothing close to what i’ve had before. I guess I have to keep on trying…

but at what cost? there is always the possibility of tearing that etherical cord, getting lost in the astral plane, getting devoured by some evil lower astral entity… what if you were to lose your soul?

You might be lucky and not encounter any problems at all, or you could experience the worst thing to ever happen in your life that could change your destiny forever and you’d always regret doing it.

I’m not usually the one to say “don’t do this, don’t do that”… I agree with you that more people need to open their minds and experiment with spiriutality and research the paranormal. But in the case of OBE’s, I would say be careful and make sure you’ve done your homework.

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[color=darkblue]I don’t understand!? In an OBE, you don’t actually leave your body, hence why it is an Out of body experience and not simply “out of body”.

Everything you see, do and hear in an OBE simply comes out of your own mind or imagination if you will.

It is all to do with the slow onset of unconciousness- the passing from being awake to being asleep and being more aware along that process.

Do not spend your time worrying about “getting lost in the astral plain” or “tearing that etherical cord!” Did this ever happen to anyone? How do you know these things exist???[/color]

my point exactly infinity, not much is known for sure about this sort of stuff so no one can say with 100% certainty what the outcome is or even what it is.

Is there even a difference between OBE and AP? or is it just lots of people trying to explain the same strange experience in their own words.

One things for sure though, the moment you take your mind elsewhere you better make damn sure you have a way of getting it back.

[color=darkblue]Hmm… And what can you be 100% certain of then? I could make anything up! I could say, don’t dream at all because you may lose your soul! :lol: There is no evidence that that could happen, you can’t be 100% certain that it won’t happen and can anyone define or even know for sure weather the soul even exists!?

But come on! We can be pretty certain that you aren’t going anywhere when you sleep. It’s just brain waves![/color]

[color=darkblue]Why would you think you can’t get back? You are only alseep! Do you mean that you are worried about going into a coma? I don’t really understand why you would be worried about not getting back. [/color]

With that logic, you should NEVER get in a car. Think of how many people die a year in car accidents, and then look at your odds. I’m pretty sure you’re much safer exploring the depths of your subconscious mind (OBE’ing, AP’ing, whatever you want to call it).

a lot more is known about dreaming
OBE - out of body experience - your mind is not in your body.
people know the risks involved in cars.

I feel it’s like an acorn reaching above ground for the first time… Perhaps the true danger is in waiting.

We will all die eventually. I would like to learn as much as possible about it before it happens to me. The experiences I’ve had have been far, far to my benefit - and the only cost has been the time I’ve invested in learning.

Plus, I feel the out-of-body state is the same thing as the dreaming state, just tuned a little differently. More in touch with reality, perhaps - but the many similarities point to it being the same basic phenomenon. It reminds me of the whole “what happens if you die in a dream?” question. It’s a fear of the unknown.

I wouldn’t worry about that. The “cord” will only break when you die. You cannot get lost(the problem is more in getting out, than getting back in). Nobody can harm you. It’s no more harmful than a LD.

Whad i do, is imagine/visualizing the feeling/movement of getting out of my bed. If i do this at the right moment, then i will actually start to feel my dreambody and i can then start walking around blindly with it until my vision fades in. Vision usually comes like half a minute after i start walking around with my dreambody.
You can also skip the act of getting out bed/your body and just visualize the feeling of walking. I find the latter method easier.

He was talking about OoBE , not LD.

I am sorry to disappoint you, but Out of Body Experience means "a experience of being out of body, that’s point of OoBE. And a thing why i have to agree with eonnn. It is a VERY dangerous thing.



sorry to disappoint you.

Something bad can happen - being shot by astral thunder (brokes silver thread - what next ? noone knows.) , larva might get on you. That’s dangerous thing, altrough it’s a hypotetical thing. But if it happened to someone, he/she wont be albe to say about it now…

BUT ther is one thing: OoBE cannot be tested safe. Somebody just have to try it. Most of things in our modern world are tested: cars on crash-mannequins, medicaments on animals, or single cells. But that kind of things cant be tested by manequines, cells and everyting else.

If people want to know OoBE thing better, they have to risk everything, i mean EVERYthing they have, by themselves included.

But ther one thing that OoBE gave to everyone here: after death, we dont just stops to exist. We are just leaving body. What next ?

We all know it after some time…

Something bad can happen - being shot by astral thunder (brokes silver thread - what next ? noone knows.) , larva might get on you. That's dangerous thing, altrough it's a hypotetical thing. But if it happened to someone, he/she wont be albe to say about it now...

Oh well. To each their own, I guess.
There are a lot of people who OBE. I have never heard of a case of one of them dying.
Plus, many people believe that OBE IS a LD. Nothing more.

edit: and how do you know astral thunder breaks the cord? know anyone who tested it?

what’s larva? some kind of wormy insect? what has that got to do with astral planes. :neutral:

Where would you heard it ? Most of people writes about OoBE on forums, how could they write it if they already were not with us. It wont be noted, there are some unexplainded deaths. Someone, who are having a OoBE looks like sleeping. It’s easier to write by pathologist “Gone away while dreaming, reason: stopping of heard action” than invigesting police into a investigation. They’d have to search out that someone was interested in that kind of stuff. If pathologist write "Death caused by accident while deceased was out of body " he’d be taken as totally freak. Lost of job, etc.

I dont think that SO weird chain of happenings would happen.

I’ve read about it on other forum (polish-language one). That’s a hypotetical thing on “I’ve read somwhere that…” basic.

Larva is a parasite, that drinks off someone’s life (or astral) soul energy (if i got it right). The point is that someone after returning to body is having a sleeping problems, it’s totally out of life, having no energy to doing anything. I dont know that it cause death or not. Larva’s are hunting mostly on people with one complex or more, but it might happen to anyone.

I dont know too much about a thunder thing: i just recall that it brokes a silver cord. I dont know what is next.

MY GUESS IS THAT it might cause death, or even worse: another soul is entering and taking over your body. Scary.

Well, that means that OoBE is a dream thing, it takes back some fun, because then person is not out of body, but just dreaming about it. But i dont belive that OoBE is LD.