Gigantic Question Mark!!

I readed, and if i recall it correctly, that every night we enter SP we can’t move right ? Right, Okay then if we enter SP every night, we can’t move when we sleept at all right ? Right, then why for example if a person is sleeping and a mosquito lands on them, they push it away, unconsciously ? If they are sleeping they are in SP, and if they are in SP, they can’t move, so… please explain this to me… Also some of them are talking in their sleep (me being one of them) so how can you move, and sometimes talk if you are paralysed, please, explain ?

Talking is possible, i couldn’t explain why. Even when your in a LD it’s possible. I don’t think SP could stop you from talking but guys, correct me if i’m wrong.
For the SP question, it’s simple. When a dream is over, you are awake for some seconds. That’s how you could move in the middle of the night without remembering it, and that’s why your not in the same position as you were when you wake up too. The DEILD is based on that to LD. You are in SP just when you are dreaming to prevent yourself from moving IRL. (Unfortunately, sleepwalkers don’t have SP.) So when it’s over, you get out of SP.

There you go ^^

SP is active only in the time you dream.
That’s about 25% of the time you sleep.

So what you say, is that when we are dreaming, we indeed can’t move, but when we are in the border between dreams we don’t have SP so we can move. Thank you, i’ve been thinking at this question since a long time ago now, Thank you

It even makes sense.
Think about it, if SP was active while we are sleeping, there would be no moon walking phenomenon…

I knew we are dreaming 20-25% of time of sleeping but i didn’t knew (or knew and forgot) that we are in SP just during the REM cycle