Good ( Lucid ) Dreaming Music - Post your own!

Hello, fellow dreamers -

What music do you listen to before going to bed that helps to have deeper dreams, or get to sleep faster?

Here are a few of my own: ( Spotify Links, Youtube .ect)

Some of the more peaceful ( and more awesome Radiohead )
and a few personal favorites of mine:
“Optimisitic” -
“Morning Bell” -

The inception soundtrack :razz:

Also, ANYTHING from the Vitamin String Quartet

Goodnight. :happy:

I listen to soundtracks quite a lot, got my own library. For me the soundtrack of The Shawshank Redemption (by Thomas Newton) stands out as a good one at night.
The soundtrack for the game ‘Braid’ works for me as well, especially the song Lullaby Set by Shira Kammen.

And I also enjoy listening to acoustic guitar music, my favourites have to be Andy McKee and Don Ross.

Oh and Apocalyptica’s cover of Nothing Else Matters, especially the long version.

Vitamin String Quartet for the win, I also enjoy “Full Sail” by Ryan Farish, his other stuff is quite good too!! Full Sail

check out J-Dilla too. :spinning:

Radiohead for me as well. Soft ones like Videotape or How to Disappear Completely. Um, Coldplay, some Muse.

I’ve tried many sleep tracks with different sounds and tempos that are supposed to put me to sleep, but to be honest, they sound kinda creepy, so I find real music helps better than that stuff.

I like to listen to jazz, classical, anything kinda soothing and relaxing that puts a good image in my head :content:

I listen to metal if I sleep to music :tongue: which I rarely do nowadays.

Chillout Dreams - Di.Fm
Dreamscapes - Sky.Fm
Space Dreams - Di.Fm -
SomaFM: Drone Zone
MajorUrsa - Broadcasting from MERAK (Beta UMa)

I listen to anything by Eric Whitacre, particularly
Lux Arumque
Water Night
Go, Lovely Rose
Or for something a little darker:
Nox Aurumque

They’re all on spotify

I listen to anything by Andrew Lloyd Webber, beautiful and relaxing. (I am a theatre nerd)

This pop song seems to quite obviously be about Lucid Dreaming.
It’s also a great tune and creates a nice LD excitement, because those “dream” landscapes in the video really do look a lot like dreams.

And of course it doesn’t hurt that the female singer is really pretty.

I created a topic too:

Fired Earth Music - Waltz with Vampires
It’s a little sad, though…

There’s this really unique song called “Alice is Dead” after an eponymous point-and-click adventure game i found on newgrounds based on an alternate take of the alice in wonderland universe. it’s like… well i can’t find a name for whatever genre it would be in. Neo-jazz maybe? Singing is beautiful, the artist is an indie composer for soundtracks & games i think… The song is very dreamy itself and the lyrics are somewhat mystical like the game was. You can check it out here, and please do!

Boards of Canada

The best thing for me is Hans Zimmer… His musics are very deep, it puts me in a good mood for Lucid Dreaming :cheesy:

Psychedelic music is similar to a dream :happy:. A very good example of that kind of music is The Doors. Many of their songs are dreamy:

And recently I came up with another similar band named Candee Train:

I Do listen to Peacefull musics before going to sleep actually!
I do have a bunch of Musics about Lucid Dreams that i really love !

Here some:
Knocks - Dreaming:
Empire Of The Sun - Walking on a Dream:
EMBRZ - Make Your Way:
Roberto Cacciapaglia -Lucid Dream:

The music on this site sounds awesome

The track plays automatically in the background, so just open the site…
If I could, I would listen to this, but unfortunately, it’s on the background of a site.
It does seem like it would boost my imagination though…

[color=olive]Haha yes! I was thinking about posting that one but, you beat me to it.

-A little Vocal Chillstep
-Inner Universe (Ghost In The Shell Intro)-One Republic- All The Right Moves
-Rustie- Dreamzz
-Rustie- Slasherr(Sometimes)
-Pixies- Where Is My Mind
-This Chillstep Collection
-Usher- Climax and an alternate acoustic version
[center]:om: [/center][/color]